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      But what is Optima technology? As mentioned, Novatex nets have the task of binding straw balers and forage crops from round baler machines. The resulting bales are then transported from the field to the barn for seasonal storage. The handling and stacking are the most delicate operations. Each bale weighs several tons, depending on the type of forage crop, and the amount of net used for its containment is minimal: from 2 to 4 rounds per bale.

      It is understood perfectly how the reliability of this tool is crucial: it must brace immediately the fodder in the compression chamber to achieve the proper tension, must widen to cover the surface of the bale as well as possible, and finally, to contrast the tendency of the fodder to dilate once the bale is ejected. The net must therefore be tough but elastic, robust and at the same time soft. The Optima technology creates a new geometry in the links of the net.

      The Optima net technology is therefore able to offer the same extremely high strength characteristics that ensure the success of Novatex, but also significantly reduce the use of raw materials. Not only less plastic introduced into the environment, but also, and above all, a reduction of that released and the amount of CO2. Tests carried out for two seasons with Optima nets on the major round baler machines on the market have given astonishing results, but it is large-scale distribution that will assess the actual value of this innovation along with the approval from operators.

      It introduces the first semi-automatic processes in winding machines, to enable them to hook the wire onto the terminal. As from , Marsilli continues its experiences in the assembly processes in which winding is the most important step. Today, after almost 80 years from foundation, Marsilli is a world leader in coil and motor winding assembly systems and an excellence in its reference market.

      Well structured, excellently organized and accustomed to an international clientele, it stands out for the quality of its products, competence in research and development and continual technological innovation. It is a multinational with own offices in Europe, America and Asia and a finely knit sales network throughout the world to cover the principal markets and is Italian excellence, exporting technology The automotive market is Marsilli S.

      What is more this market demands a continual, high propensity for technoloProduction plant for the automotive sector The headquarters Interior view of company. And here in these competences, Marsilli is a leader. If you consider the recent applications with electric motors, from engines for traction, Eps Electric Power Steering , oil and water pumps, motors for rear-view mirrors, just to name a few, and many others, in a continual race against time to reduce weights and achieve improved economic efficiency, you realize why these innovations make you think of a sector destined to grow.

      As to coils, lighting and Rfid Radio Frequency Identification complete the picture of the Marsilli operative markets. The Rfid technology, classified amongst the 12 most promising for the future, is currently used to control entrances, labelling, payments, animal detection, goods transportation and many other functions.

      It offers personalized solutions and assures state-of-the-art technologies in the coil and motor winding process and in assembly and testing, using Co-design and Simultaneous engineering work methods, now absolutely unavoidable. The Group currently employs people and a substantial number of firms and contractors regularly work for the company. And Marsilli is ready. A typical example is when we go into a room with class where floors and perhaps even the surfaces have been fitted out with porcelain laminated stoneware made by the Panariagroup.

      This Italian multi-brand ceramics industry, centred in Fiorano Modenese, operates in over a hundred countries in all five continents through five production plants and eight brands. Lastly Florida Tile, the brand of long tradition combining American culture with Italian ceramic experience and innovation. Great sense of beauty, absolute quality and a never showy but discreet yet strikingly original style, are the corner stones of the Emilian Group, leader in a production segment of great value for domestic economy such as the one for tiles.

      But we cannot afford to allow this to slow down the process of developing materials, applications and research on new markets in the international scenario. In other words — explains Emilio Mussini, the PanariaGroup president — the leadership of Italian tiles throughout the world is a plus which must be continually confirmed and consolidated by heavy investments in technology and maximum production commitment.

      The true strength of PanariaGroup lay in its ability to create with time and develop, also during the times Image and substance Absolute quality, elegant design and state-of-the-art production technology in the ceramics industry. But PanariaGroup products are also incredibly beautiful of crisis, a modern, functional organization able to produce the most elegant, first class collection of Italian ceramic brands, perfect for a modern, demanding and style-loving consumer.

      In short, the truest, most authentic essence of the Made in Italy. And it was exactly this concept that enabled us to succeed in anticipating the times and fashions already six years ago, arriving to produce the first large-size ceramic slabs, up to 3 by 1 metres and 3 millimetres thick, in our Fiorano Modenese factory. So that with PanariaGroup ceramics and porcelain stoneware everything has been thought of and planned not only to last with time, but also to arouse curiosity and be amazed.

      The collections offered by the eight brands in the Modena Group are in fact trendy products with high standards of design, a source of inspiration suggesting a one and only lifestyle to the customer and enwrapping them all through the day.

      In other words, with the group products, each one is free to build up their own very personal style, by-passing fashion to create something that truly reflects their personality. What is more, with PanariaGroup, there is the advantage of a really first class customer service. This we did and continue to do, also through specific joint ventures, such as the one established in India some years ago enabling us to rapidly expand our commercial horizons in that country as well. Once again the decision taken by Panariagroup turned out to be the right one and the international challenge has likewise now been won, because anyone wanting to fit out their home or own daily life spaces with class and elegance are aware that they cannot but turn to consider the extraordinary range of its products.

      Engineer Guidetti, how did you develop your project for the Lamborghini y power system? All the departments the Technical Office, Operational area of Bologna, Maintenance and Cogeneration After Sales, the Planning Sector and Commercial Department expressed themselves to the best of their abilities in order to acquire the contract worth approximately 3 million euro, including the construction of the installation and maintenance for the next four years after commissioning.

      Would you mind telling us briefly what this is? Trigeneration is the simultaneous production of electricity, heat and cooling energy; the transformation of thermal energy recovered from the cogenerator in cooling energy is made possible thanks to the combination with an absorption chiller group. The reduction in emissions will be approximately tons of CO2 each year. Is the environmental aspect of the project a world record for Lamborghini? Yes, in fact, through the installation and operation of these facilities, Automobili Lamborghini has been certified CO2 neutral.

      The Cpl system contributes greatly to this goal. With this installation Lamborghini is the first automotive company in Italia to have a district heating system. In fact, together with the construction of the trigeneration station, a kW cogeneration system powered by renewable resources biogas in this case owned by a farm of the nearby town of Nonantola has been connected to Lamborghini - through a special district heating network of over 6 km.

      The excess heat, which otherwise would have been wasted, is recovered to power an absorber, resulting in a saving of emissions of about 1, tons of CO2 per year. Which aspects in your opinion have been the most important in reaching the end result? They are multiple: first of all, Cpl Concordia was able to deliver the work according to the tight schedule, agreed at just days. Our company, which has a structure and adequate staff, not only installed the plant but has played a general role in the creation of the internal networks, connections to the existing substations, the external district heating network and much more, reacting swiftly to issues encountered on the way.

      We have also contributed to the construction of the barrier of visual mitigation of the entire system required by the client Lamborghini. Finally, what was crucial, and will be, is the quality of the Cogeneration Service that will be in charge of the management and progression of the systems for the next four years with highly specialised personnel. Does the trigeneration market merit further attention?

      Cpl relies on this market, in which it has been active for over 30 years, especially with regard to private companies: there are many energyintensive industries and manufacturing companies which can use heat to get energy and cooling, and we want to explore this area properly and in a more and more efficient way. An oasis of relaxation that is part of the Delphina group, a Sardinian-owned hotel chain that has become a landmark in the event and meeting sectors also, where the excellence of the services and genuine hospitality of North Sardinia can count on modern equipment, as well as on the all-round support of attentive and professional staff.

      Opened in , thanks to its m2 surface area, it can accommodate meetings and conferences of up to delegates, as well as having 4 smaller rooms for events of 20 to 50 people and a welcoming foyer. Moreover, there is a wellness centre that specialises in Thalassotherapy, immersed within nature, equipped with large spaces for treatments and fitness, pools and relaxation areas. When it comes to leisure time, there is an extensive program of Delphina trips and team building activities spent discovering the most fascinating organisations in North Sardinia.

      The enchanting islands of the La Maddalena Archipelago can be reached in just 10 minutes by boat and the town of Bonifacio, with the islands of the Corsica Archipelago, is around half an hour away. The famous village of Santa Teresa Gallura is just a few minutes away by car: The Aragonese Tower, the peninsula of Capo Testa or simply shopping in the old town centre.

      The 4-star superior Hotel Villa Barbarich www. And so, we have here classic furnishings integrated with piece of antique furniture, some inspired from the Imperial period, others from the floral, but always with furniture of splendid manufacture. Sports lovers can train in the fitness room, in the garden, and the exterior park and swimming pool.

      For the upcoming year, we should be completing in our huge park a wellness route with outdoor equipment for training. Excellence is also in the cuisine proposed by chefs Mauro Cautiello and Marco Bergo, who for the Malipiero Restaurant elaborate on traditional dishes in a modern vein, able to satisfy the national and international clientele.

      Bread, fresh pasta, and pastries are prepared in-house. Here it is as if you dine or have breakfast in the Sistine Chapel under the frescoed vaults — a privilege for a pope. Villa Barbarich offers unforgettable stays and an extremely high level of professionalism. It is ideal for visiting Venezia, which can be reached in less than 30 minutes by bus, train, or boat, while you stay in a historic residence of rare fascination.

      Guests are also provided with a pick-up service to and from the airport and the station. This is the ideal time to reach a kind of truce with the world, nothing is impossible, all you need is heart, patience and respect.

      The other small gift we can give is to leave the familiar for the unfamiliar, look behind the masks in order to get to the essence of genuine things: beauty, quality, history and tradition. Therefore, this issue includes talents and the finest traditional Italian food. History and innovation are proposed in tune with the changing seasons and a good, correct and right philosophy.

      For the land, the environment and people. In the stories that we recount, ancient techniques and futuristic experimentation go hand in hand and sign a pact of quality that is becoming increasingly popular, and that came together as one at the Expo in Milano, an extraordinary event that revolutionised not only the skyline of Milano, but the entire profile of Italy itself and the image of its top companies.

      Indeed, maybe it is the Expo effect or the desire to show oneself off in the best way possible to the world. What is certain is that the Italian food business today is in good health, and is ready to re-launch its attack on international markets with new formulas and a precise philosophy again in the quality of our products is the quality of our lands, people and companies.

      There are many examples, as there are many companies that have enhanced their everyday business and their products, including those tied to tradition, with new services and technological contents. The result is a growing food business sector that provides consumers with quality and a focus on the environment. Everyone will benefit from it: companies, people, territories and even tourism, because it is now clear as day that Italian tourism can count on the support, and unique and inimitable appeal thanks to Italian food.

      Maybe we had forgotten the importance of such things. Expo taught us a useful lesson and soon we will see the first results of it. In the meantime, in the following pages we will try to capture, bringing into focus, the stories of those companies that have tried and have already succeeded. But is just around the corner and many others will soon join them. A survey among Us consumers on origin, traceability and misleading R egianito, Parmesan, Mortadela.

      These are just some of the names of products that evoke the Italian original available in markets around the world. The imitation or evocation of our food farming excellence is, in fact, a phenomenon more and more widespread, especially outside the European borders. However, if Europe can count on effective tools to contrast this type of counterfeiting, outside the borders of the Union it is necessary to implement agreements to regulate trade, such as the Ttip Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership , currently being negotiated.

      Such a deal could offer, by eliminating the tariff barriers and more, important opportunities to the European and in particular to the Italian food farming, nowadays forced to look at foreign markets in order to grow despite the decline in domestic consumption. The importance of the Us market for these two points it is the first foreign market for the Parmigiano Reggiano and the Parma ham and the contextual importance of the protection of the geographical indications under negotiation within the Ttip were the reasons for the survey.

      So much so, that 9 consumers out of 10 would be interested in using systems able to identify the authenticity of the products that buy, given that with the tracking they would feel much more protected in terms of both food safety and source i. The willingness of the consumers overseas to know the authenticity of the products they buy, also thanks to the use of traceability systems, denotes a serious problem of misleading, an objective difficulty in distinguishing foods really produced in Italy with others that evoke the name, the characteristics or that have the flag on the packaging.

      Or, returning to a subject so dear to Conad which has long expanded the model of its daily activities, from strictly commercial sector to the equally valuable one of consumer education: people over things. In other words, success is no longer measured purely in economic terms but also by intangible factors and values, at the centre of which are the real needs of consumers.

      The road taken activates resources and people to create a new operating effectiveness. Quality is therefore a process in motion, almost a way of thinking. It can be reached not only through specific corporate strategies and large commercial innovations, but also through small changes that can bring tangible benefits to customers, the people.

      Another innovative approach by Conad is to overcome the need for short-term results, replacing it with the desire to broaden the horizons. The path is the right one continues Francesco Pugliese - and the new corporate culture is going in this direction, because it is now clear that improvement stems from experiences in daily life, not from research prepared at the table and often distance from the facts of reality.

      Never before in this case has there been substance behind the words. Once again, Conad has no intention of slowing down and is personally supporting the collection of signatures for the liberalisation of band C medications, which is, those that require a prescription and are currently only available in pharmacies. However, we believe that we can achieve the same results even on nonreimbursable medicines on prescription, and for this reason we believe it is essential to liberalise the sale of band C medications as soon as possible.

      The battle supported by Conad is therefore restricted within the boundaries of fair trading, but aims to offer consumers an even more comprehensive, cost-effective service, and to protect the rights of everyone. Because looking after ourselves is never a luxury but a necessity. In this shopping evolution, the heart of the culmination strategy of the Conad offer is therefore moving more and more towards a real service centre. This direction was seen in the setting up of its own branded petrol stations some ten years ago; the Ottico Conad, to meet the needs of those seeking the ultimate ability combined with guaranteed traditional convenience, and Servizi Assicurativi Conad, which was created from the desire of several cooperatives belonging to the National Consortium in order to develop a project aimed at offering its customers insurance products.

      Conad, in short, is the right path, because with Conad you are always free in the choices and in the purchases you make, and above all you always have the certainty of being able to choose the best at the right value for money. Salads, ready to cook vegetables and salad bowls to be eaten anywhere. Practical, fresh and healthy H ealthy good quality food, respecting the seasons and even produced a short distance away. In the diversified current Italian food situation these have now become the essential parameters of new and wholesome eating.

      Additionally, even though conviviality remains the most sought after ingredient, the pleasure of eating is mainly measured by what we bring to the table each day. It is not just a fad because everyone now knows what we eat can do wonders for our health and wellbeing. Indeed, it seems that the first recipe for wellbeing is found in cooking. One suggestion that has been strengthened in recent years by the efforts of those companies, which due to the naturalness and lightness of their products, have achieved great commercial success.

      A huge step in the quality of production and distribution was taken in with the introduction fresh cut salads, those selected, washed and ready to eat, ideal for the pace of modern life with its limited time for preparing a healthy tasty meal. Vegetables and garden products washed and packaged in fact offer us a service that perfectly matches the demands of new food trends and rhythms of daily life and work. Currently there are about thirty farms in the cooperative which supply salads and fresh vegetables on a daily basis to our two processing and packaging plants located in Borgoricco in the province of Padua and Bellizzi in the province of Salerno.

      This meant that Ortoromi became a truly national business and no longer exclusively Venetian. A presence that covers the whole of Italy and that helped Ortoromi become the third leading company in the sector in addition to significant exports. With Ortoromi and the fresh cut range, consumers have therefore had their different needs matched because if it is true that in our nutritional model fruit and vegetables have an important place due to health requirements, it is equally true that these present problems for preparation time and storage.

      Therefore we offer consumers classic single variety bags but also an unusual mixes and options with new flavours. The advantages of purchasing our products - continues Luca Chinaglia, general manager of the company — include time savings and ease of use, but of equal importance are low-calories, rich in fibre and minerals, and freshness. Finished off with kits for dressing, Pausa Pranzo bowls Lunch Break can be eaten anywhere, and are therefore ideal for a healthy, light and tasty break.

      A wonderful selection of raw materials, processing according to the highest standards of quality and freshness guaranteed from the first to the last leaf: there are no secrets in the great success of OrtoRomi. Behind these brands - which combine a long tradition with unchanged quality and value which today are enjoyed in over 60 countries around the world there is a large cooperative consortium from Emilia-Romagna, Conserve Italia, a company deeply rooted in its land and one of the few businesses capable to remain absolutely true to its mission, namely to enhance the finest products of its 14, member farmers.

      Despite the great business success and strong international presence, Conserve Italia has never been tempted by the easy short cuts of relocation. Not only management, but also production will stay Italian, as demonstrated by the recent decision to transfer some French production lines to our country, with the consequent use of raw materials of our members and workers at Italian factories.

      In late October Conserve Italia ended with its best ever financial statement, reaching 1, million euro in combined turnover. The secret behind such an important success, achieved in spite of the continuing crisis in the food sector, is obvious: their knowledge of how to rely on the one hand, as has been said, on a strong territorial presence and the Italian character of its products and, on the other hand, on some of the major factors such as innovation and expansion into international markets.

      The other key to success is the determined thrust that management has sought in recent years to give to sales abroad, aware that internationalisation was a preordained route to recover those margins that in our country were consistently eroded by the crisis of internal consumption.

      The penetration of Cirio and Valfrutta products outside Italy is currently growing steadily, by virtue of managerial decisions that focus on strength and lure of the brand image. Local roots, innovation and internationalisation: these are the strengths that place Conserve Italia among the biggest companies in terms of size and production volumes within the European canned food sector. To date this year the group has processed , tons of raw materials, which include fruit, tomatoes and vegetables grown on 20, hectares of specialised crops and which are processed in 12 factories 9 in Italia, 2 in France and 1 in Spain that employ 2, people, with 3, employees at group level.

      Innovation, technology, sustainability and food safety are the strategic cornerstones now clear and indispensable for everyone: what may differ are strategies to consolidate the presence on the food market starting from an assumption: skills are essential but not enough on their own, explains director of human resources and organisation of the group Grandi Salumifici Italiani, Giuseppe Cela.

      Enhancement, innovation, counselling, and the human factor. In the field of human resources everyday language now revolves around a few key words, which aim to better define the role and potential of a new generation of professionals that place the sharing of values, objectives and strategies, as the fundamental feature of their work. In this scenario it is therefore easy to see why an international company like Gsi - a major Italian food company, with its strong brand that represent the excellence in the industry such as Casa Modena, Senfter Alcisa, Gasser, Cavazzutti, F.

      At all levels. Therefore, better qualified staff, but not just that, of equal importance is the direct involvement and sharing of goals and values. Almost a strategic identity with the company that basically is at the very foundation of the success of the 2. Those who work with us have the opportunity to get involved, supported by management and human resources, for the development of their professional skills. All this requires the improvement of skills and the style of leadership that we are ready to ensure through continuous upgrading.

      Phases which are now essential to maintain the quality and high standard of service that we guarantee to our customers day in, day out. Besides, now more than ever, the product is not just perceived as a tangible good but also as a service, and for this we need to find people with the right motivation, in harmony with traditions, values and objectives of the company.

      The success of a large group always has many aspects and a thousand different faces, and is supported by people who live for the company and who share the journey, challenges and innovations every day. In short, Grandi Salumifici Italiani, since its foundation, has indicated a future scenario for alimentation and mapped out a very clear path to reach it. A common path and an honest, healthy and quality calling shared by the management, employees and by the customers themselves. It has also recently forged a colSeveral initiatives for a dynamic and competitive company From attending Expo to events organised by Gambero Rosso, Nuova Castelli creates important opportunities to further enhance its own brand N uova Castelli in recent months has proven to be one of the most dynamic and active companies in the industry.

      After the buyout by the Alival Spa Group, the development of a new website, the creation of national advertising campaigns and expansion that the business is experiencing, week after week, there are various activities in which Nuova Castelli has decided to invest in and on which to focus on.

      The first important international event coincided with its participation at Expo The event represented a unique opportunity for more than leading Italian companies to have the chance to showcase themselves in the exhibition space of Intesa Sanpaolo at Expo. During this event, Nuova Castelli presented itlaboration with Gambero Rosso for activities related to food and drink.

      At the end of the press conference and award ceremony, the participants were also able to enjoy some of the Nuova Castelli specialiPlant in Garbagna Novarese Luigi Fici, Ceo. Once again Nuova Castelli was a partner and provided a series of products to taste during the buffet, along with numerous wines presented throughout the day. Another noteworthy activity is the recent inauguration of the plant in Garbagna Novarese, in the province of Novara, which took place after the fire in It was completely reopened in June, when the ageing facilities also began their daily operations.

      October 15 witnessed the inauguration of the plant and all its activities for the production of Gorgonzola cheese. This day provided an opportunity to formalise the new structure which covers an area of about 20, square metres, of which 5, is used for production, with a capacity for about 58, Gorgonzola wheels.

      And it looks towards the future I n Italia, great food and wine companies are the result of different variables, but there is always thriving and forward-looking business management at the heart, able to look ahead and invest in their own quality products, the environment and the growth of the local area.

      One could call it entrepreneurial awareness, though in the end what really matters are the choices that a company makes to grow and project itself with increasing strength in future markets without losing sight of its historical roots. It is this integration between the culture of wine production, more representative of Made in Italy and that of innovation, that has created a real economic system of great value, of which Bertani Domains, years of authentic wine making tradition, has always been one of the symbolic labels, not only of Veneto and Valpolicella, where Bertani has its natural home, but of Italian wine production itself around the world.

      And it is following this perceptiveness that Bertani Domains, owned by the Angelini group, since last year has gathered under the same brand some of the leaders of Italian wine such as Cantine Cav. And now it has further enriched its palate by acquiring the Marche company Fazi Battaglia.

      Dialogue, foresight of the managers and ability to look beyond the contingent critical points in order to be ready and more and more competitive in the most prestigious international markets. This is the great advantage of Bertani Domains, able to further increase the potential growth of the company thanks to the extraordinary complementarity between all the companies of the group which includes different viticultural and territorial situations but all of equal value, strength and interest.

      On the other hand only in this way can every proposal, every label, every single bottle be transformed into unique opportunities for knowledge and experience. The esteemed Made in Italy is also this, or in other words the ability to team up in order to aggregate skills, relationships and willingness to share objectives and new goals.

      Bertani Domains, all the big brands of the Angelini group and now also Fazi Battaglia have decided to follow the path towards the future together. From the business perspective, the acquisition of Fazi Battaglia has given Bertani Domains not only one of the most respected Italian wine brands, a leading producer of Verdicchio, but also hectares of excellent vineyards, all with differing soils, altitudes and exposures, able to provide different interpretations of one of the most well-known Italian wines.

      No doubt then, that the general opinion is that Fazi Battaglia represents one of the most important brands in Marche and leads with a truly unique philosophy and know-how, a wine heritage inextricably linked to the identity of the local territory. Exactly what Bertani Domains looks for in its labels. It is the story to enact this role. Names that are linked inextricably to the history and the image of a nation.

      Fazi Battaglia is foremost this. What is changing in particular is consumption patterns, with greater attention to value for money and service. In addition to the methods of preparation and service, the fact that consumers expect their food to be healthy, safe and always want to be better informed about the ingredients, exact nutritional value, the origin of what they eat.

      If for some foods the requirements are in some ways often unprecedented, compliance with these characteristics has however always been a distinguishing feature of many Italian cheeses, starting from the most noble and wellknown: Parmigiano Reggiano. The King of Cheeses has always represented one of the great examples of Italian food and those companies that over time have been able to enrich it with new service content and innovation, while remaining faithful to the history and tradition of a product so precious and well-known in domestic markets but which still has great development potential in overseas markets outside Europe.

      Right in the heart of the Italian food fortress, Parma, the last 25 years has witnessed the creation and development of Mulino Alimentare SpA, a company specialising in processing and packaging of Parmigiano Reggiano, Grana Padano, Pecorino Romano and other Italian hard cheeses with a strong territorial vocation and potential global market. These exclusively owned trademarks are flanked by prestigious own labels produced on behalf of some of the major European and overseas retail chains.

      Just this week we have signed an exclusive supply agreement and long-term partnership with the modern and historic dairy Caseificio Boiardo of Scandiano, in the hills of Reggio Emilia, a producer of excellent Parmigiano Reggiano which is destined for the most demanding foreign markets. An agreement that within years will lead to Boiardo producing over 35, wheels of the King of cheeses for Mulino Alimentare.

      Today, therefore, the Emilian company is moving into a varied and complex commercial scene and is one of the largest exporters of Parmigiano Reggiano. In the inauguration of the new plant in Parma is expected, just a few metres from the motorway, with dairy, salt processing rooms divided into departments and by type of product, maturing warehouse and logistics area in one integrated Parmigiano Reggiano centre.

      This is the entrepreneurial success mix of Mulino Alimentare SpA whose vocation for internationalisation has always been one of the main perquisites, developed thanks to major export shares created in Europe, Canada, Usa, Mexico, South America, South Africa and even as far afield as Japan and Korea. With the knowledge that the game is played exclusively on quality, complete production chain and service. Exactly what has brought Mulino Alimentare SpA to tables around the world for 25 years.

      Impossible to be mistaken, these factors can only result in great wines, especially if the surrounding environment is Valpolicella, one of the most fascinating and dedicated regions in the country. And it is by no chance that when history, tradition and environment meet, some of the best Italian and worldwide wine making products are born from that embrace. In fact you can no longer bind the quality of a wine to just a personal subjective perception, such as its pleasantness.

      In short, today a good wine can tell the story of a territory better than many images of a generic kind. This is why one can say that Amarone has by now become the very symbol, throughout the world, of Valpolicella and the great classic Italian wines. As far as we are concerned — continues Armando Castagnedi — our vineyard has always been highly focused on this wine and on a market, both internal and external, responding extremely well, both in figures and recognition.

      On the other hand, sector consumers are increasingly informed and careful about what they buy and drink, and in this segment of the market are only keenly interested in a wine with an outstanding geographical identity. One thing everyone agrees on now and speaks the same language: at the table, food quality and safety are key points wherever you are. Even more so when we are talking about food traditions and local products, the consumer wants guarantees and always wants the best.

      In the food industry, after all, quality now has a much broader meaning than it once had. Today, wholesomeness and health is also accompanied with a cultural dimension that makes every product not only a consumer necessity for nutrition but also a testimony of tradition. A delicate topic, especially when basic products such as flour are at stake, in a way almost a living document and a concrete testimony of civilisation and the daily food history.

      And even in this segment there are companies that can differentiate themselves from the rest by demonstrating deep tradition and respect for the rules that accompany them. This is the case of Molini Industriali, a company in Modena that boasts an illustrious history which began in in a nineteenth century mill where art, history and tradition have struck a perfect balance with cutting-edge milling and production technologies.

      The result of which is flour of excellent quality, created by innovative processes and supply chain agreements with farmers of the territory from which Molini Industriali collects, what is rightly considered, the best wheat in Europe. A true renaissance that has increased the popularity of Molini Industriali branded products. Flour produced and marketed by the company from Modena through two leading brands, Dallari Alimenti and Molino del Borgo, is able to satisfy whatever the market demands.

      It ranges from soft wheat flour for home-breadmaking or industrial level, to those specific for pastry or pizza, but thanks to special production techniques and collaboration with specialised institutions, the company also produces customised flour. Molini Industriali, in fact, for years has been pursuing a dual trade approach: almost a challenge aimed at finding the ideal point between the products for mass distribution without ever neglecting, but rather where possible implementing, the target of the most sophisticated and niche consumer.

      Food habits that now involve the whole world and that are reinforced by the wave of growing interest in the health aspects of food. A task made easier by the high quality of products attributable to the finest traditional Italian food in which bread, and more generally bakery and confectionery products, play an important role.

      The starting point can be only ever be high-quality flour. This then moves onto the other crucial aspect of the business, i. Platforms that allow seamless national coverage, timely deliveries throughout the year, and strong growth in exports supported by partners and international distributors of the highest level. The trend continues to be positive. Supported, actually, by the new eating haThe goods unloading area Panoramic view of the headquarters which has been expanded over the years One of the laboratories where products are analysed.

      It was also during these years that the core of the management team was formed, who would drive the consortium to be the head of a group of companies focused on providing products and services in the field of fresh fruit and vegetables. We cite this date as the starting point of the constant and ongoing process from the company from Bologna. A process which nowadays is entering its stage of growth and maturity, with the focus on innovating and promoting the interests of members co-directors.

      Today the Consorzio Agribologna is a true production chain, which originates from the traditions of the land and which handles all processing steps, handling and distribution of the fresh produce. It is a journey in which the Group, through its companies, transforms the experience and the work of horticulturists and fruit growers members into nutritional and organoleptic quality values.

      This is the key to growth: research, innovation, but also lots of commitment to ensure consistent quality, food safety culture of the territory, traceability, with a direct relationship with the market. New additions to top management at ConsortiumAgribologna include Angelo Palma, in the role of general director and sales manager, Gianfranco Fornari coming in as the operations director and Maurizio Chiarini managing director.

      From a corporate standpoint, the Consortium Agribologna now controls companies operating in the production, processing and marketing of fresh fruit and vegetables and fresh-cut products, specialising in large-scale distribution channels, normal trade, catering: Fresco Senso, for the production of fresh-cut fruit; Conor, for the distribution of fresh and processed fruit and vegetables to the catering industry and for imports from foreign production markets; AcCommerce, for the production and distribution of products in the Mediterranean area.

      The Consortium Agribologna is a cooperative dedicated to modern agriculture, with member farms located in Emilia Romagna and in another six Italian regions: Veneto, Lombardia, Lazio, Campania, Puglia and Sicilia. Since it has been recognised as an Organisation of Producers.

      Not only unprocessed fresh fruit and vegetables, but also fresh-cut fruit, processed in mono-multi use packaging, produced in the plant in San Pietro in Casale Bologna and sold with the brand Fresco Senso in the retail chains or in multipack packaging for the catering sector. Finally Conor, the commercial axis of the consortium, the historic company operating for over 50 years in the field of fresh produce, which is a link to connect and value the productions of the members towards the markets of catering, exports, and the most advanced forms of domestic and international distribution.

      Looking at the future, Agribologna is implementing its development strategy on multiple levels: social, with the expansion of the base, replicating the organisational model tested in areas apart from Emilia - Romagna; agriculture, with ongoing research into farming innovation, thanks to technical staff who, together with resources provided by the cooperative, and the will of the shareholders, allows to expand the commercial potential of the offer on the market.

      Last but not least, economic financial, thanks to the use of Eu funds for investment in plants, equipment and corporate culture for members and organisation, with the consolidation of the corporate assets on the areas and distribution channels. This is a very important aspect for the Consorzio di Tutela Formaggio Asiago, involved in the effort to raise awareness of the value of the raw material of certified quality and the close correlation between food and places of origin; a bond that becomes the lever for development, also for tourism, products and the local territory, capable of generating considerable benefits for the whole economy.

      Produced in the regions of Veneto and Trentino within the provinces of Vicenza, Trento, part of Padova and Treviso, Pdo Asiago is an example of the inimitable combination of unique local factors, linked to the local territory where it is produced, to the processing techniques passed on according to natural methods resulting from age old tradition and its specific characteristics.

      The Pdo Asiago cheese is history and tradition, but also an example of how a healthy diet is vital for well-being. A group of scholars of the University of Padova highlighted these dietary-functional properties, able to reduce the adipose tissues fat storage in healthy subjects moderately overweight and found that the aged Asiago cheese contains bioactive peptides - linked to the method of cheesemaking, the microclimate of its origin and the duration of the ageing — which can help to lower blood pressure in hypertensive subjects.

      Protection, promotion and development are the three pillars of the Consortium which are the driving force behind the positive effects that go well beyond the dairy production system. In fact, around Pdo Asiago cheese a system of regional marketing was set up that represents a heritage and a common value for producers, the chain attached to them and the local community. Hence, the growing importance of the role of the consortium for the protection of such products.

      In this regard - concludes Rigoni - Pdo Asiago cheese is an essential part of the development of the entire local food system through synergies and relationships with connected fields such as tourism, catering, trade and crafts. The life of garlic, a noble, an ancient plant originating from Asia, then spreading rapidly throughout the Mediterranean basin and throughout the world, has always been marked by an alternating destiny.

      The only sure thing about it is that its production fosters a substantial income for the regions where it is grown and it now has a proven certified recognition. The zones specialized in growing this plant in Italia certainly include Veneto and particularly the Polesine area, a border zone succeeding to exploit its food excellences to the best, particularly the niche ones, such as precisely the production and sale of garlic. And amongst the farm businesses in the Polesine area to register a marked growth and development in this production, Cervati Import Export at Villadose in the province of Rovigo has pride of place.

      Established in as a family run farming business, Cervati immediately specialized in producing garlic, which boasts solid tradition in these parts. Within a few years the business increased its range, at first limited to Veneto and Polesine garlic only, successfully growing noble varieties, found and carefully selected from all over the world. A great step forward was immediately realized as well as reaction from the market, and today Cervati successfully operates on the world market with a large assortment ranging from white to red garlic to shallots, produced in Italia and France, and ultimately Chinese single clove garlic.

      One of them is certainly garlic, a common ingredient in kitchens throughout the world, even though the excellent Italian quality is now fully recognized. But what would appear to be a niche market is in reality a well developed one and also has excellent potentials for further expansion. In fact, everyone naturally has their own way of using it, in varying quantities, but eating a balanced quantity of garlic contributes towards creating what is probably the most famous and healthy diet in the world, and certainly the most varied, tasty and flavoured, the Mediterranean one.

      Thus garlic is, by history and tradition, one of the basic ingredients of the Mediterranean diet and, together with olive oil, one of the main condiments for many dishes; apart from lending personality and zest to what we eat, it also fosters undeniable benefits for our health as well. In short, this product has undoubtedly played and still plays a leading role, perhaps the star part in the eating habits of the Mediterranean peoples, and is therefore a true and proper bastion sustaining the Mediterranean diet to all effects, with important implications also from an economical point of view.

      And so, for over half a century the Cervati business has guaranteed a great production for the large-scale retail chain, both in native varieties as well as many others, but the Veneto business also guarantees an extraordinary patrimony of knowledge, handed down through the generations, an expertise based on valorizing the local product, on safeguarding and protecting the various varieties of garlic together with seeking and distributing prime quality products coming from foreign countries.

      Patrimony, attention and know-how perfectly encompassing the biodiversity concept, sustaining and developing it. All this — concludes Federica Girotto — together with a production yield satisfying Lsr demands with a rapid and precise turnaround, and guaranteeing them with extremely fresh products the whole year round, enabling us to grow and achieve a solid leadership on the market.

      A challenge already won by Cervati Import Export. We come across them every day in freezers at large retailers, we choose them to store in our own freezers, we use them to enrich the flavour and nutritional content of even quick and cost-effective meals. In other words, they are indispensable.

      But there is a segment of the frozen food sector that often escapes our considerations, then one dedicated to the food industry. The same conservation needs, identical operating methods plus an added value given by the quantity necessary by the industry, in particular that of jams but also pastry and distilleries, together with identical guarantees of quality and assurance of retail frozen foods that are then processed for specific productions.

      To make sure you get it right it is necessary, however, to rely on those who have always known the processes of conservation, production and mass distribution. This is the case of Ferimpex, a company founded in Ferrara in the early s thanks to the international experience gained in the sector by Piero Robba. He was later joined by his son Luca; today Ferimpex is a strategic partner of veritable industrial giants but also of wholesalers of food, and of companies that supply the catering, ice-cream and artisan pastry sector.

      With a plus point which everyone agrees on, that of food quality, reliability and safety; as pointed out by the current president of Ferimpex, Luca Robba. Luca Robba, President. In recent years Ferimpex has invested significant resources in technology and process innovation but also in logistics to the point that its warehouse on the outskirts of Ferrara has become one of the benchmarks for the industry.

      Up till recently, the company had been able to store and handle over 4, pallets but, now, thanks to the new refrigeration system it has doubled the operational capacity by almost 10, pallet freezer spaces. Ferimpex has in fact just recently completed the extension project by building a modern facility for storage at low temperatures dedicated entirely to the storage service for third parties.

      The company is working in this direction in cooperation with leading food companies in the sector of frozen food. Even in this sector, in brief, the rules of globalisation now relate to every single task. It is Casatella Trevigiana, to date the only soft cheese to be awarded the Pdo mark in Italia, and one of 8 Pdo cheeses of Veneto recognised at a European level.

      A recognition, obtained in , that the Consortium for the Protection, created in through the initiative of some manufacturers and the Regional Association of Milk Producers of Veneto in order to safeguard and enhance this product around Treviso,. It is something we achieved 7 years ago after painstaking work with the Province of Treviso, Ministry of Agriculture and the European Union.

      Last year, for example, Casatella deservedly won the title of best fresh cheese of Italia as part of the Alma Caseus awards, the most important national cheese competition. Just like any Pdo, Casatella is subject to meticulous specifications: the milk must only come from dairy farms in the province of Treviso which, in its entirety, is the only area where production is possible, even the cheese making must take place in the production area, the same for the ageing and packaging.

      A raw dough cheese and slightly sweet, ready after a quick maturation about days - Casatella Trevigiana initially has a compact paste, which softens with each passing hour and becomes creamy, with little or no perceptible crust. It is characterised as a dairy product with valuable nutritional properties - it contains proteins of high biological value, and is also easily digestible - so as to meet the main food and dietary needs of children, adults and the elderly. As it is a fresh and soft cheese, it should be stored in a cool place and is perfect eaten on its own, or as an ingredient in savoury dishes ranging from appetisers to desserts.

      For that reason, the Consortium came up with the idea of creating a cookbook, available on the website www. Such dynamism that Tre Comuni has always had, a farm founded in in Istrana, in the province of Treviso, thanks to the passion of three brothers, Eros, Miscel and Ivan Minato, which between the hills of Treviso have recreated a corner of Cilento, a land of buffalo, mozzarella and tasty cheeses.

      Over time, buffalo mozzarella from Tre Comuni, as well as all other dairy products the company produces, has opened the way for more highly recognisable products as they not only focus on cheese but also buffalo meat and cold cuts. The market is growing, production is increasing and new additional opportunities for generating more sales are opening up but Tre Comuni has not changed its methods: respect for nature, the cattle, its life cycles and management of the entire supply chain.

      This is the only way to ensure good, healthy and wholesome products for our consumers every single day. Dedicated to A small station if you compare it with the extensive Roccaraso area, but with something special: it is specialized and equipped to satisfy to the best its precise target: families with children.

      The Pesco Kids Park — the first Mobility Park in the Apennines — is a particularly ideal place for ski schools and snowboards, where children and beginners can cope with skiing downhill by practicing to develop their skills. This area is flanked by Pesco Swup Snowpark which, with a total of 7 terraces, has 3 degrees of difficulty and is especially ideal for freeskiers and snowboarders. Whilst Baby Garden is for small children; an area with lots of facilities for playing: slides, wheels, blown-up castles, two fantastic snowtubing runs and even a Disney Kinderheim, a pretty little wooden cottage where children can play and enjoy themselves whilst mother and father are on the ski runs or just simply relaxing in the sun.

      Two ski lifts, one a two-seater the other a four-seater, serve the skiing area with around 11 km of runs at various degrees of difficulty. If in the valley, at the bottom of the ski lifts, there are various places to eat, kiosks and bars, you can also have a meal high up in the La Tana del Lupo refuge, offering a rapid snack service with stuffed bread rolls, hamburgers and beverages and even refined cooking.

      Hotel Vallefura stands right on the ski runs, but there is an increasing number of accommodations with special discounts with Vallefura Pescocostanzo skiing facilities, to enjoy a series of benefits. The ski lift takes you up to the top in all seasons, and in this way manages to satisfy both skiers and mountain bike enthusiasts alike.

      Campocatino has a truly wide ranging target: the facilities satisfy all sorts of demands, comprising those for families with children, novice skiers and expert hikers. The station has 15 km of ski runs and 4 ski lifts. A special mention for the indoor skating rink, Baby Park in the snow, Nordic Arena cross-country ski run, Upside Down Snowpark and the panoramic ski run, starting at an altitude of 1, and arriving at 1, metres asl, from where there is a magnificent view onto lower Lazio, and on a clear day, the Mar Tirreno.

      Welcome to the Shandranj Hotel, a place out of a thousand and one nights, a fourstar facility made even more precious by its location in the heart of the Dolomite Alps, a Unesco World Heritage Site. The setting, very green, and equally quiet. Would you like to know the company's promotions, receive discounts and other news? Try the free YouDriver service that reminds you of the deadlines related to your car: road tax, insurance, inspection, service.

      It also allows you to annotate workshop interventions and notes of all kinds, even with photos! Do you like YouDriver? Do you have any ideas to help us improve it? Would you like to contact us? Write to us below. Sign up. Eurorepar L'autorent srl - Frosinone FR. No rating. Company photo not available. Write a review. Is this business yours? Sign up and promote it for free!

      Get directions. Visit website. YouDriver Card. Closed now Morning Afternoon Monday - - Tuesday - - Wednesday - - Thursday - - Friday - - Saturday - closed Sunday closed closed. Be the first to write a review.

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