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      swiper favorite things episode torrent

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      It's amazing and we can do this virtually. It's not a TV show where you have an in studio audience and you have to be there live. This we can do all over the Internet. So thank you. We're very grateful that we can keep the show going. Yeah, and it also opens up our guests. I feel like we are so lucky to be joined by our cease and open our guest, layer torrent. You know, I remember the day when we were doing Skype calls and we didn't even have video on to see our guests.

      So what a world of a difference this has been. And this is such a great way to kick off the season because we're all talking about what are you bringing to your dates? Sure, there's two people and two people bring each other on the date. But did you know that when you go on a date, you're actually bringing a whole team of people with you.

      It's your energy. It's your vibe. It's what you experience before going on that date. It's your limiting beliefs. It's all of this extra stuff that you're bringing on a date, so the question is, what are you bringing on your dates? And we want to bring in that good energy on the season of the data podcast. Big D energy, the D is for dating. She's been waiting to say that all day folks.

      She's like, that was UA's line. I stole it from her. She wants to say the big D energies so bad. That's so bad. The biggest compliment I've ever gotten was someone told me that I brought big D energy to a call. Damn you a. No, I mean, I think the energy is real. And it's not just dating. I mean, this episode to layer talks about how it shows up with his wife of years. There is still many sides of you that you're bringing different types of energies at different situations.

      I actually was in a work training today, which was so relevant to this that was all about your energy in the workplace and it was based on colors. Have you ever done this before? No, I'm so intrigued. I was trying to find like a free test online because we had to do one that the company paid for that was really insightful. It was like a full on profile of yourself.

      It was nuts. And I feel like they should be doing these for dating, so it's like buyers brings on steroids. I don't understand it. So it's energy. So it's colors. Basically, there's four colors. There's cool blue. You know, your objective, your structured, your consistent, your factual, your fiery red, your bold, your fast paced, action oriented, sunshine, yellow, which is like, you're very friendly, dynamic, optimistic.

      And then the last one is earth green. So you're considerate supportive, reliable, trusting. In all of them have the inverse qualities. The thing is you're not just one color. You're not defined that way. But you have a prominent color. That's your energy and your aura that you're putting out there. But other ones show up too, and in different situations they may. But then there's like the reverse feelings of it.

      So I'll just give one example because there are so many, but let's say like, okay, I am a sunshine yellow is my dominant one, but the downside of that is when you're in kind of a bad mood, you could be hasty or frantic or excitable, like different flip sides to it all.

      So it was really interesting because I feel like it ties so much with this conversation of just different things provoke different sides, even the same side based on other external factors going on for you can make you show up at a different way. So just to clarify, is this an assessment where you're looking at colors to identify what color you are or do you questions and then it tells you what colors you are.

      It's just like Myers Briggs, but instead of getting the letter combo, you're getting a color combo. I would guess you were probably, you know what? Actually, I was thinking about it, 'cause one of the things was to think about celebrities and where they fell in, or people you knew. And I was trying to guess what yours was because I wasn't able to find you a good test. Am I the celebrity and the person you know?

      You could be whatever you want to be, you a. I'll let you decide how I viewed you. I won't say it. A little bit of both, okay? A little bit of both. But I was trying to think about how you would show up. And I was thinking about it that for our interactions, then on this podcast, I would put you at like a red, like fiery.

      And having more of the fast paced bold. You know, a lot of people say that you're feisty in the best way possible. That was something that people said. But then I was thinking about you at work. And I actually think you're probably more of the supporter, like the earth green. And then I was thinking about how you showed up when you were a dating. And I actually think you might have fallen into either the sunshine yellow or the earth green there too, especially in early dates.

      So it's really fascinating how we can really show up very different based on the circumstance and who we're with, how comfortable we are, all that. That's fascinating. I like that because it's more visual so that when you go on dates, you know your dominant color is yellow and you go in, maybe thinking, I want to be a dominant yellow on the state, or I want to be a dominant red on this date, and you can visualize that.

      It's interesting though, because I texted my partner and I was like, which ones do you think I was? There were two that were dominant. And he actually guessed yellow, which I was. And then also the more supportive one, the earth green because I'm very nurturing to him. But again, I was taking this under a work context.

      That's why I showed up less of that. So it really is the fact that you have all these factors of your personality and I think for so long I just thought of it so black and white of do I show up as real Julia date Julie and I think this episode really helped open my mind up that were so dynamic at all times and then this training was kind of the cherry on top.

      There is a mic drop moment in this episode and you'll get to when you get to it you'll know and that was an eye opening moment for both of us where we both thought oh my gosh it was like people always say be your authentic self. What does that mean? In this episode you'll know exactly what your authentic self is and I think you'll be relieved by the answer. Even vibe and energy. I was trying to think of I was actually Googling you too.

      How do you define that, right? Like I think we all can define it in the sense of we know what it feels like, but it's hard to put that actually into words what it is. It's a certain feeling that you're getting from people's body language, the way they're interacting. And I think it's so interesting why we just jive with certain people and why we don't with others.

      And what this training was basically saying was the people that are opposite of you are the color wheel. It's going to be a little harder to find that common ground sometimes. Oh, so is this saying that yellows would attract yellows? So I mean, this wasn't done in a romantic setting, so I would love to see if there's more research on this. I have a question trader. Does this mean that I'm more compatible with other yellows? They're like, you're missing the point.

      This is not the point of this. I mean, basically what they were saying is that everyone has some aspects of every color. Some strains will come out more than others, but the predominant color is primarily how you show up, how you communicate all of that. And with people, for instance, I'm a yellow, so the opposite on the wheel was a blue.

      So for those people that I'm very gregarious and talk a lot with by hands and maybe talk a lot in some of those people might be more introverted and they're thinking things through a bit and it's fascinating because I actually think a lot of times in dating sometimes opposites attract a bit with that stuff, but then there's also the side of it that the barrier to understanding each other and something that the energy you're putting out might be overwhelming for the other person or vice versa.

      Okay, well, I'm thinking back on a time where Julie absolutely did not get along with this one certain person when we were trying to organize something. And oh my God. That I do. Not a blue. I was saying he's probably a red. You know that's interesting because I do have a bit of red in me, especially when it comes to work type settings. And I think maybe that's where I clashed with him war is that I also had it. Where you were kind of just like let him do his thing.

      He'll move on. You were kind of more like go with the flow with it. You're like, he's gonna forget about it in 20 minutes. Just let him be. I'm so glad that interaction is over. But maybe that speaks to your energy bore, right? Especially when it comes to work settings. I think you are a little more like cooling and calm. I would say I have no color at work. I am just clear. No, I think you're greed. I think you're more on the green side, the supporting side.

      Okay, well, maybe I should stop doing that because that takes a lot of energy. I see elsewhere. Anyway, this is fascinating. I think Julie, if you can find a quiz for us, even as a paid work quiz, maybe we can link it for people because I feel like a lot of people would be interested to know. And then we could have like a color party, you know, just like an Instagram Live, everybody show your true colors.

      Oh, show your true colors. I like it, or maybe there is an expert out there that can speak to this on the dating context. Like I mentioned, this was on the more professional context and I think that would be really cool to learn about like does the same stuff carry over or are you actually compatible with people that are opposites? I would be so curious to know and that kind of brings us to this next part of our discussion because we really want to talk about this is Julie and I are kind of like fed up with bad dating behavior.

      We feel like the last couple years we've normalized bad dating behavior and we're letting this bad energy come through and take over dating culture and that's why so many of you are frustrated, you're fatigued, you're trying to take a hiatus. That is exactly why you feel that way. So we felt like because we keep hearing terms for bad dating behavior, which normalizes it, why don't we have terms for good dating behavior because we sure as hell know, people in our Facebook group are carrying out good dating behavior, but there's no term for you all.

      So we decided to come up with some terms for good dating behavior and put up a poll on our Instagram. And this has been really fun because, well, step number one is Julie and I had a really fun brainstorm. And there was just some names, let's just say that we left off the last week's episode. There were some, I know there's no bad brainstorming, but there were some bad. I admit that some of them were mine.

      But yes, I think with the episode last week you heard a lot of these terms that we were floating, but it was fun to do the follow on to see what are the terms that we want to carry through. So we picked three of the most prominent bad dating behaviors.

      And then we thought, what the opposite of that? What's the good of that? And then thought of some names for it. So the first one is ghosting. We all know what ghosting is, but just as a reminder, is when someone disappears on you without any warning and maybe you've already engaged in some sort of relationship or situation ship, maybe even may plans, but they just poof disappear and the opposite of this behavior is when we can use radical honesty to close the loop if you're not interested or you're not in a place to date.

      Instead of leaving people hanging or leaving them to guess what is going on in your mind, right? Okay, so the two terms, we have people vote on. Dalai Lama, okay, radical honesty, kindness, and closed looping. I like majority, but closed looping is what we're going to be using from now on. The opposite of ghosting. I love it. It's straight to the point. I mean, I think Dolly was funny, but it takes a little more.

      There's a few more hoops to jump through to understand the context where closed looping is pretty much. This is what it is. Well, I feel like with Dalai Lama, I think many people may feel like maybe that's not attainable. Like, well, I'm not the Dalai Lama.

      So that's true. Closely faking as a better starter one. Maybe less intimidating. But we'll ultimately work up to Dalai Lama. And the second term, bad dating behavior, is roaching. This came out with last year. I said brand new term, right? And it's about you discovering that the person you've been seeing or where you thought you were seeing was a monogamous relationship, you discover that they have a ton of other lovers at play.

      Thus, the roaching, multiple people in the situation. And the terms we thought of for the opposite behavior would be maybe taking more time with each person. One person at a time or giving people the respect and effort to get to know them instead of trying to get a groupie going, right? I don't know if you watched the alley Wong special, but she talks about fan dick like fan pussy and fan day. He get like fans when you're a stand up comedian and you get more of it when you get famous.

      So she was talking about fan dick. You have to watch a special because she was a lot to say about it. So this is like getting rid of that fan dick phenomenon. You don't need all those fans around. And the two terms we came up with are fan deck energy. It just doesn't hit the right way. So the two terms are woven and nesting. Woven as we discovered wolves are some of the most loyal and monogamous animals and nesting really just means like trying to create something with someone in a very intentional way and it takes effort to do that.

      And I think both of them can be a little bit interchangeable because wool vein can be the next step, right? When you're trying to, when you're trying to get to that monogamy with someone, DTR, and nesting can be like the first intention. I'm trying to create a life with someone. I like it. I like nesting a lot too. I mean, they're both going with the animal theme, but a nicer animal than roaching. They're both a win for that reason alone.

      I still like exterminating and fumigating. She'll find a use for those at some point. Just for the sake of not over yet. They're not over yet. Yeah, getting rid of the roaches. Okay, third and final term. Benching is when someone is string you along, they're benching you on the sidelines. You're never a starter player, but they sure want you in the game still, just to watch.

      And they want to keep you on the sidelines the entire time. So what is the opposite of this behavior is when you can invest more into someone. When you can make them your universe, per se, when you can focus more attention and energy on someone before you decide that you don't want them in the game anymore. So universal is one term making someone your universe and match sticking, which is focusing on that one matchstick at a time.

      And also with matchsticks, you can't just leave one burning and just let it without watching it because it's going to burn your house down. So you have to really take care of the match. So we have some new terms that we're going to try to use throughout this season, and we encourage all of you to use those as well.

      We've got closed looping, closing that Luke guys. Just stop leaving people saying you're ghosting them. Nesting the intention of creating a life with someone and match sticking, focusing your energy on taking care of and catering to this one person at a time. I love this so much. And for anyone that missed last week's episode, you can clearly go back and get the whole rundown because if you haven't done it yet, we all pledge to date the way that we want to be dated.

      And I think that's so important with this episode two of how are you showing up because even let's say you're a yellow, you're the sunshine personality to the core. If you have too much data trauma and you are down in the dumps about dating and you're showing up thinking, well, this is going to go nowhere. That's not the energy that you want to be putting out there. And I think the more and more we focus on all these bad terms, I mean, this is psychology one O one, right?

      The more you focus on something, the more it's bound to happen. So if we're always thinking about if we're going to get ghosted, most likely we're going to get ghosted. Instead of thinking about, okay, well, you know, I really want to settle down with someone.

      I want to find that person. I'm going to find someone else that's down to nest. That's such a different energy that you're just bringing into that date right there from the words alone. So fucking true. I am so behind all of that. Because also, we've heard a lot of you say, I started dating someone, they're doing everything seemingly right, but I'm scared because I feel like maybe it's too much too soon, but that's sometimes it's because we don't have terms for that kind of behavior.

      When you're like, oh, they haven't ghosted benched or roached me. What is wrong with this person? So now we can say, well, this person is match sticking you, obviously, and then you can recognize the good behavior and accept it. Well, history is being made people.

      Witness this. Well, before we get into it, should we do a quick listener question that came in that I feel like is right on par with everything we're talking about. Here's the question, why is it that I am only attracting the wrong people on dating apps and the people I am attracted to don't seem to write back to me.

      Well, first and foremost, there is no way to see someone's energy out of data gap. And I think that is the biggest downfall of dating apps, is that we're making all these assumptions based off of a 2D photo. And text that someone's put again. And we hear this all the time. It's like until I met them in person or I thought it was going to be amazing and then we met in person or wow, I was surprised when we met in person.

      And that's what dating apps are missing, and that doesn't mean you can't use data gaps. It's just understanding the limitation of them. And using them in a way that you get what you're seeing. So I think first and foremost is don't get hung up on the matches that you're getting, get to phone calls, get to video calls, get to meeting in person, seeing that energy because when we talk to people that met their partners, so much of it is the vibe that that person had.

      The holistic view, it was not just the things that you judge on a dating profile. So that's number one. I think the second is sometimes it's the energy we're bringing, right? If we think that there's no one good out there, we're like, why aren't we attracting anyone good? That's something that's coming from what you're putting out in the world too.

      So I would probably take a step back, take a reset if needed. I think personally being off dating apps and taking that breather is better than keep plowing through with negative energy. So the quicker we can kind of reset and get ourselves to a place that we're happy with how things are going and our lives, that's when we're going to attract someone that's radiating the vibe that we're looking for.

      Spot on. This is just a limiting belief. Think about the question again. Why is it that the people on attracted you on dating apps aren't communicating back? Well, you don't know that. There's dead profiles on those dating apps. How do you know you're attracted to them? You've only seen their photos and bios. We just do not know that that is a fact, but your brain is telling you that's a fact.

      It's giving you evidence for the self fulfilling prophecy, which is the, it's not the truth. And then the second part of this question is, how come the people I'm not interested in are the ones interested back? Well, if you're not interested in them, then why are you matching with them in the first place? Obviously, you swiped on them because you had some initial interest. So again, our brains play tricks on us. This is a limiting belief.

      Don't let your brain convince you of something that is so not true. The dating apps are just a starting point like Julie said, it's a vehicle for you to meet. It's not a vehicle for you to find the love of your life right away. It's just a contact point. And then the next goal is to get off the dating apps to gauge real-life chemistry.

      I mean, my partner and I talked about this that we both almost swiped over each other. We're both like worms on each other. He was saying the stuff that he was attracted to me for was all the intangibles that he would never have gotten out of dating app. It was just how I showed up, basically, and the vibe of how it was on the date in the energy that was coming in.

      I'm gonna use all the three buzz words in one sentence. But that is what it is. That's what makes people attractive and, you know, I think you can be the prettiest person in the room, but if you're down in the dumps about dating or you're just only talking about being ghosted, people aren't gonna want to date you, right? Yep, exactly. Dating apps, they're just a vehicle to meet. Let's not put all this pressure on them. And think about it in this limiting way. It's not, nobody started dating app to make your life miserable.

      So stop thinking that these dating apps are out to get you because they're not. We always say a maybe as a yes. Just take them with a great assault. I really believe wholeheartedly, the best hidden gems on data gaps are not the people that are have the best, most flashy profile. It's so true. And my partner did swipe left on me. That's a little different because he knew you before. No, he was like, no way. I don't know. He's like, I've seen that fiery energy out.

      I can't handle all that red. Little did he know that you would be a green in the relationship? Little did he know? He almost missed out on this big green energy. We talk about that in this episode, so we're gonna get into it, but you know, you just can't tell right away either. People have so many sides to them, including yourself it's so true. So true. Before we get into it, a few announcements love in the time of Corona that is our dateable Facebook group.

      We're sticking with love in the time of Corona until Corona is officially over because we don't want to jinx it. So find us on Facebook. And at dateable podcast is Instagram. That's where it's at. That's where you can vote in these calls. This is where you can make history. You are part of these new terms because you were following us and engaging on Instagram. So if you're not there yet, then come on over. And then the last announcement is share this with a friend. We all need that good dating energy.

      The big D energy, right? And our Friends would benefit from this likely. So if you have a friend that you think would enjoy this conversation, that maybe down in the dumps about dating or maybe not even down in the dumps, but just wondering why things aren't working out.

      Maybe they're not bringing the full self that attracts people and other aspects of life. So share this with a friend sharing is caring. And on the DL we do have a TikTok account, okay? It's that dateable podcast. Listen, we're doing it for shits and giggles. Do not have high hopes for it. But if you just want to see something, entertaining, go there. Look, you've been trusted some great videos about to TikTok.

      Let's not undersell it totally. We don't have any followers, though. So build us up, people, please. Yeah, yeah, please follow us. We'll pay you, please follow us. Maybe not, but please follow us. We'll pay you. We'll pay you in love coins. And last but not least, let's take a minute to hear from some of our partners for this episode. This episode is brought to you by murad's skin care, a line of clinically proven cruelty free products that meet the meticulous standards for safety, efficacy, and care you'd expect from a doctor.

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      Okay, let's get into it with layer. So it's hard for many of us to articulate how we feel after a date. It's hard to say why we're attracted to certain people, why certain days just don't go as well, and all of it really boils down to this overall energy and vibe that people bring on dates. But there's also this other part, which is beyond energy.

      There's like the many sides of you that encompasses like the multi dimensional person that you are. But who is showing up for these dates, that is what we're talking about today. So that's why we have you on our show today, lair, who we think that you're going to help us bring another layer to data. Thank you. I'm sure you know for that one. Nice pun. And whatever plays with that name.

      So who is Larry? He is a marriage and family therapist who specializes in mindfulness. He's also the author of the practice of love, break old patterns, rebuild trust, and create a connection that lasts, which just came out in February. He's 51 years old currently in Charleston originally from Ithaca and lived in New York most of his life. So that must be quite a change to go to South Carolina.

      And he is married. Yes, I am. Thanks for having me. This is the first time I've heard anyone say the author of the practice of love other than myself. So that was kind of fun. Oh, great. Do we get a medal? You do. In my work. Well, we're super excited to talk to you because we think there's so much of your book and just the conversations you have that apply to people that are in the dating scene, but also that are in relationships.

      And I think kind of a double down what UA was saying before as we see this all the time that there's some people that almost take like too much accountability that they play the victim that they're to blame of why dating isn't going well for them. And then we see others that seem to blame all the external. And this could also be people in relationships too.

      Why do you think some people kind of process it different than others? Well, I guess that's up to the individual. You'll probably see that tracked within their history either a willingness to take perhaps too much blame or a personal responsibility or maybe not enough. And I think that's probably just unique to that individual and how they show up in their lives. You'll see that with their relationship to their relationship, their relationship to dating their relationship, perhaps, to what they do for a living.

      And I talk a lot about how we show up. And I talk a lot about personal responsibility, either taking on too much, or taking on too little, right? And being able to find that fine line of just kind of where you want to live with respect to that kind of thing. So if I'm working with someone, I'll notice there's an inability to take accountability throughout perhaps.

      And so, you know, especially in individual counseling where perhaps I'm not putting as much of a shoulder into people as I would normally. I'd let it meander a little bit more. And the process sort of unfold. Carefully let them know. I think I see this happening for you a lot. Like we're putting a lot of power in the app's hands when perhaps you are a particularly powerful person. If you started kind of looking at what you're bringing, what you're coming to the table with and you're on your own unique and innate gifts, maybe we can take some of that power back.

      And maybe some of this our listeners may be thinking that's easier said than done. They might be saying, well, you're married, okay? You haven't been on the apps. Let me tell you the apps are so frustrating. They are. I message a thousand people, maybe I'll get two messages back. And of those two messages, I might see one person in real life. And then when I see this person in real life, all my eggs are in this one basket because it feels like a diamond in the rough.

      How can we actually put into practice what you're saying and show up the way that we're meant to show up as? Personal work, right? I noticed that for my people when we interface with the apps and that's particularly frustrating, I'll say, look, let's just let's shut them down for a minute. Let's shut them down and just take a look at what we're coming to the table with. And very often, it's energy.

      And I know this is going to be getting out there a little bit for people in the whoo whoo, but that's kind of what I do. We love the world. Yeah, so here we go. Look, your energy counts, how you show up energetically matters. And you are a tuning fort, right? And so like energy attracts like energy. And I personally think computers and apps tend to kind of fall in line with that energetic pulse that you're sort of sending out there in the world.

      And so the question I ask is, are you coming from a deficit perspective or are you coming from an abundance perspective? Are you turning to yourself and are you finding the innate abundance that lives within you? Like, why are you amazing? Because look, there are people who are most people are a pretty amazing inside.

      We have to find our gold and show up with your gold and know why you're awesome and very often when we go away and then come back, we have to play with it a little bit, but very often the apps do respond. Or they find love somewhere else. I mean, UA, I agree with that whole heartedly. We always say that you don't what we've observed eat with ourselves, that with people are listeners is once they're good with who they are and life.

      That's when it usually starts to get a heck a lot easier. I want to turn it to your story, I guess from your point of view. Were you always radiating this energy? Or was this something? You had to learn. No, no, lots of personal. I call myself a recovering angry person.

      Lots of wounding. My mom was 15 when she had me. Very, very impoverished upbringing this version of the life that I've created thus far. It was not in the narrative early on. So, you know, I had to do a lot of work. I moved to New York City and I wanted to be an actor. Not because I loved acting so much as I was just I had this hole in my heart and this ego that needed repair. And I thought becoming rich and famous, of course, would fix everything.

      Of course. To do that. And what I also did is simultaneously I got myself involved with some individual therapy. And I became a real convert in that respect. I looked at my bookshelf one day and I saw that there were about 70 books on health and mental health and healing, about four books on acting and I decided it was probably time to change course. And yeah, and so the energy that I bring to the table, or at least I try to comes from my work, digging into myself daily.

      How did you meet your partner? I walked into my bar job. I was a bartender in New York City because, you know, I was an actor, so of course I was a bartender. So I walked into the manager's office in the basement of the bar that I was working in, and I opened the door, and there she was. And I looked at her and I literally said out loud, there you are. And she kind of looked at me. Like, who's this weirdo? I always say, I always say, I'm not sure. She had the experience that I had. And so I collected my stuff in my drawer, and I tried to get out of there as fast as I could.

      And I was like, oh my goodness, that was a strange experience. I'm not saying that everybody has that experience, but I did. I had a lot of not great experiences prior to that. Fumbling my way through. But, you know, and it wasn't perfect when we met by any stretch we were both working in the food and beverage industry in New York City. There were quite a lot of tequila filled, not so awesome evenings, but we both were dedicated to working on ourselves and we were both dedicated to the program we ultimately went to to both become a therapist.

      And so we healed ourselves and each other along the way. That's a really interesting point. Sometimes we think we have to be fully whole too. A track that person and what it guesses, yeah, I see you shaking your head. What is your take on that? How do you still get to that good place, but not be fully healed in any way?

      What are you trying to create, right? Is it this, we're going to come together and it's this romantic comedy right off scenario? No, we are it was horrible Hendrix has said, you know, and I'm going to butcher the quote, but we are drawn to our romantic partners.

      And we recreate our wounding from childhood, right? But for a very good reason, so that there can be healing. And so people immediately go, go dependence, and I go, no, no, not codependence, an opportunity, right? Like we show each other things. We reflect pieces that need to be healed within each other. Now, most people just battle it out over those things.

      And that's why I have a job. That's true, that's why I have a job as a therapist because people don't get beyond that top layer of why are we battling this out here? There's a secondary conversation happening below the surface of the sex, the money, the kids, whatever it might be, these top of the mind conversations that you see in the top ten reasons people seek couples therapy or get a divorce.

      The below the surface conversation, that's the interesting one. And so when I work with people, I mildly interested in the story you're telling me about why you came in. What I know is there's something underneath that conversation and for you it's going to be different for me that's going to be different from you than you.

      It lives in the area of, am I safe? Am I loved? Am I enough and do I matter? We're trying to answer those four very primordial questions and if we can we come to the table with a wounding and one or two or three or four of those areas and we are trying to heal that with each other. And so I'm trying to say in my wife's case, thankfully I was looking through a textbook and reading and learning, I realized that the world was an unsafe place for her because of her upbringing. I'm not talking to the adult woman all the time that I see staring back at me.

      I'm talking to the little girl in her that needs to know that the world is a safe enough place. Yeah, let's go back to that because you said something that I've been reading a lot about is this coupling in addition to the attraction and chemistry. It is joint healing. So you find your right partner who is willing to heal with you or who wants to heal with you.

      I had a friend who says something to me the other day, she was like, oh, I saw you write this thing on your Instagram. It sounds like you're healing. And I was like, oh my God, how does she know that? But how do we know what we're trying to heal?

      And I think that's kind of the question I have been dealing with is what specifically of those four questions you ask, how do I even know which one I'm trying to heal here? Well, a lot of the time, and I don't know this if this happened for either of you two, but when I start naming those questions, you'll feel it.

      So people cry in my office for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is because I've named their truth, right? And so when you have something that is been with you, whether you're aware of it or not, like, I am unsafe in the world. Come on before you. I see it all the time. It'll hit. And sometimes it doesn't, but you'll see people going to go, oh, I'm not enough. And so, but now we don't always have the answer immediately, but we have the four questions and when I first found those four questions, I sort of pieced it together from a bunch of different research.

      I tried to look for a 5th and there wasn't one. If anyone has a 5th, please let me know. I'd be happy to entertain it. But you start toying around with them. You start asking yourself as you look across the expanse of your life from birth till now. Do you see it? If we look from the 60, foot view of your life, you know, we stand over any M1 person's life, and we ask those questions, you're going to see it.

      It's going to come into stark relief, like in all of those scenarios. I never felt like I was enough. That was my. There are a few recurring animal friends that are normally rescued by Diego in their first appearance but appear later to return the favor and help Diego out. The most common of these is Linda the Llama voiced by Laura Abreu , who has appeared prominently in four episodes and made a cameo appearance in "Three Little Condors. Whenever a carnivorous predator such as anacondas is featured on the show, its diet is not mentioned, unlike when herbivores are shown such as marmosets.

      Notable exceptions to this are when an octopus helping Diego is explicitly shown and discussed eating live crabs, when a baby river dolphin who had tickled Diego eats the crabs heading toward a waterfall; [14] when Tuga Leatherback Sea Turtle eats jellyfish and when Jorge little Hawk eats grasshoppers, however, these prey are not anthropomorphised in the same way that other creatures typically are in the series.

      Whenever a featured animal is threatened with being eaten by a predator, the prey is described as being "afraid" of the predator. Diego's diet is also not mentioned, however, in at least one episode it is suggested that he is not a vegetarian [15] an issue as the majority of animals in the series are portrayed as anthropomorphic. In addition to Rosie Perez as a regular, several guest voices appeared throughout the series.

      Olga Merediz voiced Diego's mother in her first appearance, but was replaced by KJ Sanchez afterwards. Seasons of Go, Diego, Go! Animaux Sauvages Region 2 - France. Nickelodeon , with Paramount for Region 1 released a number of DVDs featuring one episode from a variety of the animated television series they have produced, including " Go, Diego Go! Go Diego Go! In Australia, the show aired on Nickelodeon , Nick Jr. In India, the show aired on Nickelodeon , and Nick Jr.

      The show also aired in the United States on Spanish television network Univision on its Planeta U Saturday morning children's block from its debut on April 5, to June 21, This is also the premise of an episode of the series that aired on January 15, A touring live version of the series was staged in , starring Richard J.

      Portela as the role of Diego. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American animated children's television series. For the Japanese rock band with a similar name, see Godiego. Jake T. Main article: List of Go, Diego, Go! Nick Jr. Retrieved April 14, Knight Ridder. TV Guide. The Hollywood Reporter. January 19, February 14, Archived from the original on June 30, January 6, Archived from the original on July 25, Hispanic Business.

      July 25, Archived from the original on April 19, Young Artist Awards. March 25, Cast and Details". Season 2. Episode 2 Season 4. Episode 12 Event occurs at Retrieved March 4, Foxtel Now. Retrieved 3 June Microsoft Store. DVD Empire. Retrieved 8 April JB HiFi. Retrieved 14 April Retrieved 27 April Fish Pond. DVD ". July 6, Paramount Home Entertainment. Retrieved 11 April Retrieved 29 April Best Buy.

      Retrieved Retrieved 5 April Empire-SKU Archived from the original on DVD Planet. Retrieved 30 April Retrieved 4 April Retrieved 2 May September 5, Dick Smith. Opens July 17". Greater Tulsa Reporter. June 26, Retrieved August 2, CenturyLink Arena. Retrieved May 10, Former Nickelodeon original programming. Cartoons — You're On! Meaty — Wonder Pets! Current original series template Game shows template Made-for-TV films template.

      Children's programming on CBS in the s. All Grown Up! Just Ask! Playful Parent Nick Jr. Presents Nick Jr. Show and Tell Nick Jr. Dora the Explorer. Dora and Friends: Into the City! Home media releases. Categories : Nick Jr. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file.

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      Photos Add photo. Top cast Edit. Fatima Ptacek Dora as Dora voice. Regan Mizrahi Boots as Boots voice. Marc Weiner Map as Map voice …. Jean Carlos Celi Tico as Tico uncredited. Ashley Fleming Isa as Isa uncredited. Rosemary Contreras. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. User reviews Be the first to review. Episode User Score. More From Metacritic. Our fall TV preview concludes with a comprehensive guide to the new and Get a detailed look at every new and returning show coming to broadcast Our massive preview has details on the most promising new shows and your Get a list of the best movie and TV titles recently added and coming Current TV Shows.

      By Metascore By User Score. Play Sound Please enter your birth date to watch this video: January February March April May June July August September October November December 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Enter You are not allowed to view this material at this time.

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