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      EQ and distortion are available in the master section for broad shape control. An 8-voice implementation of the Analog oscillator designed to facilitate the rapid layering. Each voice utilizes the same basic engine found in the Analog oscillator, substituting the Unison and Sync sections for Pan and Gain to facilitate spatial and level mixing and a pitch section for subtle to extreme voice detuning. A four operator FM oscillator which can be used in either ratio or Hz modes and is arrangeable in one of 11 configurations.

      Dynamic shapes provide additional control such as Static Density and Logistic Chaos. A drawbar-style organ oscillator with 8 bars representing different harmonics traditionally used on pipe organs. Pair with the rotary effect for a classic organ sound. A physically inspired string synthesis module, Pluck utilizes both algorithmic and sample-based excitations to create rich harmonic sounds with natural decay. Choose from a selection of factory impulses or load your own samples, modulate sample start time and tune, adjust the initial excitation, coupling of multiple strings, and finally contribution of sample, synth and noise generators.

      A fully-featured wavetable oscillator provides multiple phase distortion modes and a robust unison section with wave and stereo spread across up to 8 voices and FM support. Modulate the Wave Index to sweep through wavetables which can be chosen from a large selection of factory content. Wavetable can also import a variety of user files including WAV files single or sequential , user tables or graphic image files which are converted pixel-rows to cycles, brightness to amplitude. Additionally, you can select multiple files and batch them all at once.

      A no-frills workhorse sample oscillator, ideal for basic soundboards and traditional sample playback. Ideal for rhythmic and percussive material, the Slice oscillator can divide samples into discrete keygroups to be resequenced. Adjust transient sensitivity manually or use embedded markers like those found in REX files. A realtime, low-CPU pitch-shifting sample oscillator.

      Freely adjust sample start time, playback mode and tempo analysis. Use the Solo Mode button to switch between discrete monophonic and polyphonic pitch-shifting algorithms. IRCAM's premier granular oscillator, divides an audio sample into grains and recombines them for realistic pitch shifting or soundscape generation. A multi-voice implementation of the IRCAM Granular oscillator which can be used to great effect to achieve a range of complex unison sounds.

      Includes the same control set from IRCAM Granular with an additional section to control voice quantity, position and spread. Similar to the Stretch oscillator, but implementing IRCAM's high-quality phase vocoder for time-stretching and pitch-shifting with transient and envelope preservation.

      Requires more processing power than the standard pitch-shifting algorithms used in other oscillators but with a significant quality improvement. With effects suited for nearly every need from creative mangling to precise sound sculpting, mixing and analysis, Falcon provides a tremendous sound design facility. Effects within Falcon can be instanced as sends on effect busses, at the program, layer or note level and allow for extensive control of your signal and an unrestricted approach to sound and instrument design.

      Additionally, effects can be racked in an EffectRack for parallel and multi-band processing, or as a central, reusable multi-effect with macro-driven controls. A versatile delay module with with discrete channel controls for creating time-based effects. A sophisticated display visualizes changes to time, stereo and phase.

      A highly-optimized convolution-based reverb module. Includes a large library of factory impulses with support for user samples. A versatile algorithmic reverb capable of producing an extremely broad range of spaces with a minimal control footprint. Uses the same engine as the stand-alone effect plugin. An ensemble chorus effect inspired by the ensemble effect section of a popular vintage synthesizer.

      A classic flanger effect, mixing the input signal against a variable time-delayed version of itself. Shifts all frequencies in the spectrum by a set amount Hz for interesting morphing effects, widening, sound thickening and repitching inharmonic sounds like drums. A variable order automatic phaser with LFO-based sweep between adjustable high and low frequencies. Visualizer displays filter shape at low and high frequency positions.

      A variable 8-voice chorus effect specifically designed to reduce artifacts for enhanced depth and clarity. A unique filter inspired by the filter section on a popular American analog synthesizer. A classic comb filter module.

      A time-delayed version of the input signal is fed back into self and added or subtracted. A crossover filter with selectable low-pass, band-pass and high-pass modes and variable crossover frequency. Configure in EffectRack chains for multi-band processing. A screaming lo-fi take on formant filtering, ab using a resonant filter and a bitcrusher to generate vocal formants; a perfect fit to spice up your talking basses! The most efficient of all filters by far. A variable order manual phaser with sweepable frequency and filter shape visualizer.

      A unique filter inspired the filter section on a popular Japanese analog synthesizer. A circuit-modelled second-order single opamp nonlinear Sallen-Key lowpass filter with controllable asymmetric clipping and power supply starvation. A multimode 37 variant on a 4th order ladder filter with built-in saturation and oversampling.

      The Mid band is a bell curve, while the Low and High bands are shelves. A convolution processor specifically designed for emulating EQs and cabinets. Choose from a large selection of factory impulses. Supports user samples. A distortion effect with 3 different saturation modes and internal oversampling up to 16x.

      A specialized convolution effect designed to emulate signal reamping. Emulates various amplifiers and the characteristics of subsequent capture microphones including dynamic, condenser and ribbon mics. Ab use the saturating hysteretic behaviour of famous inductors to shape and add punch to bass sounds while leaving high frequencies clean.

      A distortion effect with many saturation modes, input and output filters and internal oversampling up to 16x. A multi-band variant of the Studio Limiter module with adjustable crossover frequencies. A 2-stage dynamics processor, a compressor stage tames signal peaks over a variable threshold then an expander gates the signal below a second variable threshold. A look-ahead limiter with graphical timeline visualizer that displays dynamic range of the input and output signal.

      Mono signal is represented by a vertical bar. Out of phase stereo signal is represented by a horizontal bar. Displays the frequency content of the input signal. Frequency is mapped across the X-axis, amplitude along the Y-axis. A chromatic tuner with needle-style meter, accurate to 1 cent increments. A helpful tool when adjust a sample's pitch with its keygroup Fine Tune parameter. Feedback Machine now allows introduction of a feedback loop to your FX chain.

      A typical vinyl simulation effect outfitted with year, speed, wear, electrical and mechanical noise, dust and scratch simulations. A delay effect utilizing multiple delay lines and diffusion to produce a dense delay tail. A general purpose delay module with delay time, feedback, cutoff and mix parameters. A delay module with discrete delay paths for the left and right channels. The Mid-band is adjustable while the Low and High bands have fixed frequency assignments.

      An 8-band parametric EQ with variable filter shapes and an interactive graphical display. A typical wah pedal effect, with its filter frequency set automatically by the module's input level. A two-stage filter effect, low-pass and high-pass applied in series. Simulates the vowel shaping filtering found on classic talkbox effect pedals.

      A standard limiter module, compressing the input signal with higher ratios than those of the Compressor effect. A precision mastering processor ideal for stereo mixes, such as Falcon's main outs. Provides a multi-band compression, limiter and tube saturation stage.

      A standard reverb effect fed by an optional low-pass or high-pass filter. A classic chorus effect, mixing the input signal with multiple time- and pitch-modulated variations for a shimmering unison effect. A phaser with an integrated auto-panner, produces a wider and more varied phasing effect. A classic phaser effect, mixing the input signal with a phase-modulated version of itself. A multi-stage effect made up of a filter sandwiched by two drive stages.

      A dual-speaker emulation of a rotary speaker with adjustable crossover. Slices the incoming audio on a variable grid. When activated will repeat the most recent slice. Useful for glitch effects and variations in a live performance or looped samples. Combines the input signal with a modulation frequency and both subtracts and adds the modulation frequency to the input frequency. A resampler and bit reducer with optional overdrive and filter stages.

      Modulation generators can be instanced at any level in a patch allowing them to control nearly any parameter, be it on an oscillator, effect or even on another modulator. This system allows you to paint motion into your sounds almost effortlessly, from subtle variation over time to complex on-demand sequences. Every modulation generator in Falcon can store presets, providing a quick way to save and reuse configurations that you find useful.

      Falcon ships with over a thousand preset wave shapes for the Multi Envelope generator alone. DRUNK Generates a random walk signal which simulates the natural randomness of pitch and amplitude drift found in sustained notes.

      You can also draw your own custom wave shapes for precise control. Allows for long and highly-expressive modulation sequences and can be looped for LFO-like behavior. Falcon's Event section provides control over pre-synthesis data, namely the manipulation, analysis or generation of MIDI. Event processors can do anything from arpeggiating incoming notes or strumming them like a guitar to applying micro tunings, playing back MIDI files or creating generative sequences.

      Euclidean Keys : Generate discrete euclidean-based sequences for each key in the chromatic scale. Probability Arp : Arp with chance-based octave, ratchet, skip, accent, direction, pan, and harmonization. Rain Sequencer : 12 note-based vertical sequencers with discrete speed, velocity, and pan modifiers. Wave Sequencer : 12 note-based clocked event generators with poly aftertouch output.

      Warp Sequencer : Generate chord-based sequences with hand-drawn speed curve. Velocity Test : Note velocity monitor with mono and poly modes. Falcon is built to be an efficient, versatile and powerful hybrid instrument. Its user interface is presented in a single and flexible window that is resizable to fit any screen size. EDIT The central columns EDIT tab provides a comprehensive visual representation of your entire instrument split into varying levels of detail from the Program instrument level all the way down to the keygroup note level.

      A Layer level resides between the two that lets you easily organize and modify selections of keygroups.

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