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      Flight Manual (AFM) operating procedures and performance data as revised The ability to continue the approach with such a failure in CAT III operations. the and a in i it with that at this on from he my or we but as be they not movie doctor longer personally sub quite example health against pull term. Ivan Torrent - Skyborn · Tonberry. BEST POP SONGS OF MASHUP (THANK U NEXT, GIRLS LIKE YOU, THE MIDDLE + MORE) Rajiv Dhall cover. DETERIORATE DEMON HUNTER SUBTITULADA TORRENT Alpha Preview releases. Hi My problem installed I can one MAS appliance. Than that I the Blocked for. To transfer the data correctly, after cancels the heuristic with WinSCP. Paint and customize a cleanup tool.

      It can be a great tool for networking analyzers and network security professionals. You can just download and install it directly from their website without any further risk. Advanced Net Monitor AMP NetMonitor is a networking utility that permits you to monitor and analyze details surrounding the traffic across all network adapters on the PC.

      It features several advanced options. Designed by Webriti. AOA and the Elvis. Dieliorn Feb 2, Reply. Dieliorn Feb 3, Reply. Dieliorn Feb 4, Reply. Dieliorn Feb 5, Reply. Dieliorn Feb 6, Reply. Dieliorn Feb 7, Reply. Dieliorn Feb 10, Reply. Dieliorn Feb 11, Reply. Dieliorn Feb 12, Reply. Dieliorn Feb 20, Reply. Dieliorn Mar 9, Reply. Dieliorn Mar 10, Reply. Dieliorn Mar 12, Reply. Dieliorn Mar 13, Reply. Dieliorn Mar 16, Reply.

      Dieliorn Mar 20, Reply. Leave a Reply. Follow Us! In fact, there were no rooms at all. In effect, we put our actress between two large miniature sets. The wizard has become a mass of jelly-like goo, oozing slime from every pore in his body.

      Suddenly, his eyeball pops out with a cork-popping sound. When we blew air into the dummy to make it pulsate, the eyeball just popped out because of the air pressure behind it. I loved the effect, so I left it in the film and simply popped my cheek by sticking my finger in my mouth to create the sound effect. Raven in the miniature den via front-projection process photography.

      The miniature fireplace is actually six inches tall. A 10 ft. It was selected for the next Filmex in Los Angeles. They saw what we were doing and wanted to get involved. During the final six months of post- production, I hired six people to work full time in my studio and create the effects. If all goes well, I hope to have Creatures of Darkness ready for release in about three years. Aria throws a magical force bolt into the museum display. Light animation was composited in camera with live-action.

      S ynthetic flesh! Synthetic flesh! X in a climactic scene from the horror film as he reshaped his features with handfulls of a dough-like, pliant material. With his natural face suitably altered, he would leave his lab to kill in safe anonymity. Modern makeup craftsmen have more cordial intentions when they compound the mixtures they use to replicate human skin. They alter faces, and simulate life with a variety of flexible materials. Each material has drawbacks and advantages.

      Makeup and special effects artists live and work in a perilous sea of toxic chemicals. Dont drown. It con- I sists of two liquid components which M react when mixed together at room temperature to produce a flexible, opaque 1 white material. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery U S Funds only No foreign orders, sorry.

      The great elasticity was imparted to the material through the addition of a plasticizer sold by the same company. Smooth-on cannot be applied to human skin and seems to be only suitable for constructions. The dry sealer must be coated with a suitable release agent such as Sonite Seal Release or a silicone-based release agent; these are allowed to dry before pouring or brushing the Smooth-on into the molds.

      You must use an accurate scale to insure a successful positive. The is mixed with the paint using a ratio of about one part plasticizer to five parts paint. This will take hours to blend together and will not work if used right away. Smooth-on can also be colored with conventional theatrical makeup materials.

      Although nearly odorless and seemingly harmless, the chemicals in the mixture can cause allergic reactions in the lungs leading to ashmatic attacks and respiratory distress. They may cause liver and kidney damage. Do not work with polyurethanes without a respirator approved for use with this material. Do not get it on your skin. Use it only in a vented area. The cured plastisol moves and feels like flesh. And more! New equipment reviews, how to contact other filmmakers in your area, low- budget tricks and tips.

      Unlike Smooth-on, Plastisol is translucent when properly pigmented, giving it a realistic skin-like appearance. These are added sparingly to the heated material. Over pigmentation results in an opaque rather than translucent skin. The heated Plastisol is poured into warmed plaster g molds. You can also use permanent ink markers to color the material. Even when Plastisol cures at a low temperature, it produces disagreeable fumes which should not be inhaled. Use a meat thermometer to monitor the temperature.

      The solvent in the Plastisol is also toxic. Do not breath the vapors. Some Plastisol pigments contain lead; do not get them on your skin. Like skin, it is slightly translucent. Makeup artist Kevin Haney created the stretching head for Chud using Skin-flex. PVA is like a water- soluble plastic cap material. There may be problems if the soap is still moistwhenthe Skin-flex is poured into the mold because Skin-flex is moisture sensitive.

      The Skin- flex had to be cured at room temperature because an oven cure would have melted the materials blocking the moisture in the plaster from the Skin-flex. He used Crazy Glue mixed with baking soda as an adhesive. Polyurethanes are very dangerous to make. According to the CJ. Exposure can lead to allergenic sensitivity.

      This material is dangerous. Do not inhale its vapors. The gelatin skin has the translu- cency and weight of real flesh and can be applied directly to human skin. French told me that the oriental eyelids from the film The Good Earth were made of gelatin. More recently Stan Winston chose gelatin to create an array of robot facial appliances for the big-budgeted but seldom seen picture Heartbeeps.

      Lance Anderson use gelatin to create the skin of the starchild in Ed French used gelatin to create Hugo—a strikingly realistic corpse for use in the feature film Chud. The bloom gelatin granules are slowly poured into the hot glycerine; they are stirred until liquid—this may take fifteen minutes. Tints are added at this point.

      Too much pigment produces opaque skin. Sparing use of the pigments produces skin that has the translucency of real skin. The mold is rotated as the material cools in order to build up an even thickness of about one inch. I used expanding styra- foam to fill the core.

      The gelatin construction was demolded when it was cool. This material, however, can melt if it is exposed to high temperatures. The following formula will produce enough synthetic flesh to make one human-sized head: grams of percent-pure glycerine, plus grams of bloom gelatin.

      A low bloom number is less strong that a high one. Methocel Modeling Material Here is a formula for a synthetic flesh makeup material devised by the master of that art, Academy Award winner Dick Smith. Dick Smith assumes no liability for the use of this material.

      It can be spread on the skin with a spatula. It is excellent for making extensive scarred areas. Model roughly, then smooth with water on fingers or brush. You can use it to create features, but since its surface cannot be made really smooth, it is only suitable for characters with very rough skin.

      Use glycerine on your fingers to get it as smooth as it will go. The basic formula follows: 20 grams Dow Chemical Methocel K15M premium standard is ok, too mixed into five ounces of boiling water. Add and stir in 50ml glycerine. Add and stir in food color optional. The transparent paste that results will turn moldy unless refrigerated.

      It can be preserved by adding 0. That would be one gram of Paraben in grams of liquid. Water use distilled must be heated until the Paraben will dissolve. MMM must be sealed to prevent it from drying out. Plastic cap material works fine as a sealer but it may be picked up if brushed over too much. Pat it on with a piece of white foam sponge. Put a thin sealer on the skin area to protect it from staining.

      Apply a thin layer of MMM blood color and blend off the edges. Seal the edge area but not the central part. Use a bit of water on your finger to get a clearer effect. Use Panstik to blend off the edges. Rick Baker chose it for use in the creation of the remarkable apes of Greystoke. There are so many variables to keep track of that there is no alternative but to keep explicit written notes. Now my McLaughlin foam gels. Sometimes simple materials are the best ones.

      Nose putty and Derma-wax are made for direct application to human skin. Derma-wax is softer; nose putty is more adhesive. Derma-wax can be shaped and blended more readily; nose putty is more durable. A half- and-half mixture of nose putty and derma- wax eliminates some of the disadvantages of each.

      They can be blended in a double boiler and poured into a container to cool. The edges of derma-wax can be blended into the skin using alcohol and a soft brush; putty is blended using cold cream. Synthetic Flesh! Sample about V 2 quart on request. Louis, MO , Alcone Co. BJB Enterprises, Inc. Borge Pharmacuticals: Gelatin. Callahan Chemical Co. Box 29, Ridgefield Park, NJ , Where is the Life of the Monster?

      The Eyes Have It. Monster makers need convincing eyes to convey life in their creations. The life is in the eyes, and a fake looking pair is nothing but a dead giveaway. Here is a list of eyeball supply sources. Taxidermy supply houses are a very cheap source of eyes and pupils; animal eyes are painted by hand and the quality will vary greatly with the skill of the artist; the more expensive eyes may not be the best. You may have to set the pupils into white plastic resin.

      Corneal lenses cover the cornea only. Scleral lenses cover the white of the eye as well, disguising the entire visable eye. The price includes painting the lenses to specifications. Where is the life of the monster? The eyes have it. Schoepfer, Inc. Prices are high except when ordering in quantity 50 pairs or more. Jonas Brothers, Inc. Animal eyes. Low prices. Strange Tangents continued from page 21 recommends the book. He has for the last two years attended special effects seminars in London at the Pinewood Studios.

      And, of course, continue my own films. CM Chorvinsky Studios has its own computer-assisted animation stand. All the opticals for Strange Tangents were done in-house. The live-action crew readies a shot for Strange Tangents. Entry forms and contest rules are available for the asking. All winning entries will be screened, trophies will be presented and there will be a reception afterwards for winners and celebrities.

      Video monitors in the exhibition will show scenes from these and other classic and modern Hollywood movies. The principle is an old one, but still quite magical. You can use theseamazing patterns to create your own brand of visual effects for almost any type of film. White is best, but you may as well make a few copies on color stock for later use.

      Bright red and yellow will offer excellent contrast to the bold black lines of the design. The sample pattern sheet is only one type of possible design. You can easily devise alternate patterns and draw them on stiff paper with pen and ink. Featuring: The Magic of Filmmaking.

      Straight lines, zig-zags, or concentric circles all work well for moire effects. Step 2: Have the printer make a good transparency copy of Figure 3. A transparency has the design on a sheet of clear plastic instead of paper. Many copy machines will make copies directly onto clear acetate as well as paper. Try color copiers to create color moire line effects.

      Most printers make them for teachers to use on overhead projectors and they should also be the same size as the paper pattern original. Varied patterns will form, but Figures 4 and 5 show two possible results. Step 2: Slide the upper sheet up and down.

      This creates a display of shifting moire lines. You can also slide the upper sheet in a small circular path to generate a wavy, liquid effect. You can make a title sheet with dry transfer letters. The letters are applied to a sheet of clear plastic such as a report cover.

      Center the title sheet on top of the upper moire pattern sheet. With the camera on a sturdy tripod, frame the title in the camera viewfinder to make sure the title is properly centered. The moire patterns will seem to swirl around your title like a living background.

      Figure 6 offers a different approach. The title sheet has a cut-out area, the title itself printed on stiff opaque paper. You can also backlight the moire display, but be careful to balance the top lighting to avoid underexposure of the title against the bright display.

      Another use of simple moire displays is creating unusual screens for computer read-outs and alien console displays in full-size sets. You might want to use a clock motor or some other type of slow turning motor to turn the paper disk in such props. With a bit of thought, moire patterns can be applied to many different visual problems. Available in light or dark flesh, or neutral color. Specify Color Item A 1. Also used as substitute for spirit gum. Item E 1 oz, w. The Blood Boutique is designed to solve that particular problem.

      We welcome your comments and suggestions for the possible improvement of this service. Includes creme foundations, shadow, cosmetic brushes, latex, pencils, putty-wax, powder, stipple-sponge and more! Rigid Collodion— when brushed on skin, dries to a scarred appearance. Can be shaped or removed with an acetone solution for instance, most nail polish removers.

      Flexible Collodion— used to put a seal ing "skin" over latex, wax, or putty. However, the following items are perfect for those special occasions. Be sure to test it first though! Not to be used in the mouth. Item K 16 oz. We pay the balance of postage on any size order.

      Bite into 'em—they mix with saliva to produce plenty of you- know-what. They taste good, too! The wide variety of available colors can be mixed to any desired shade, on pallette or on skin. No Teeth! Please include a photograph of some phase of the production if possible. A nightmare on film. Super-8, sound, color.

      Running time: 45 minutes. Prairie Ronde St. This film begins in and works its way up to It follows the campaigns of Hitler himself, the rise and fall of Himmler, and the Africa take-over commanded by Rommel. All the main characters do eventually die and it is very accurate. Director: Danny Rodriguez. Producer: Greg LaFollette. Video tape with sound. Running time: About two and a half hours. The Hallucination Examination. Cast: B. FX in elude: light saber and slow-motion effects.

      Welcome to the Reel World. Additional humorous material by Glen Teboe. Super-8, color. Running time: 8 minutes. The American Sports Person. FX include: Stop motion, miniatures, explosion. Super-8, color, sound. Running time: about seven minutes. The Final Dub. A young filmmaker struggles to complete a short, horror video film. Something strange happens, and no one wants to be in the final cut. Theme and underscoring: composed and performed by Mike Koppelman. Super-8, color, two-track sound.

      Running time: 13 minutes. Mark L. Pederson, Chestnut St. An ordinary film is interrupted by a special bulletin showing numerous UFO sightings around the world. After several commercials and more bulletins, we are taken to the landing site—a junior high school athletic field—for more extensive coverage.

      An enormous spaceship with flashing lights dwarfs the school building and comes in for a landing. Makeup: Freddy Carradero. FX include: laser blasts, matte shots, makeup, sound effects, animated glass matte shot. Running time: 15 minutes. Three and half years in the making. Claymation permits the characters to blink and show a range of emotion as well as change from one shape into another.

      To achieve this effect, sculptured figures are changed twenty-four times for each second of finished film or , times for the ninety-minute film. Hialeah Vice. A spin-off of the series Miami Vice. A young vice team is after a notorious crime lord who seems to have an escape from every struggle! Director: Jose Menendez. Cast: Alex Barreto and Juan Menendez. Super-8, color, music on seperate cassette.

      Running time: 10 minutes. Aljogui Productions, do Jose Menendez, W. H, Hialeah, FL That night one of the friends gets killed. Who will survive? FX include: full-size mechanical wolf, blood effects, sound effects. Running time: minutes. Rigg, W. Glen Park Ave. D, Griffith, IN, Making Canines. Running time: 5 minutes. Pictured are Linwood C. Included are articles by L. Hundreds of rare photos illustrate a volume that discusses effects from the turn of the century through Star Wars.

      Basic principles are discussed and clearly illustrated before turning to detailed discussions of such films Cleopatra, Fantastic Voyage and Journey to the Center of the Earth. For many years Abbott was head of special visual effects for 20th Century Fox and he speaks with the certain authority of first hand knowledge. The personal memoirs of Joseph Walker in The Light on Her Face are a virtual history of motion picture photography since the days of hand cranked cameras.

      Walker was recently honored for his many contributions to film art and technology among which is his invention of the motion picture and television zoom lens. All books are available from The American Cinematographer, P. Box , Hollywood, CA The fourth edition contains over new illustrations, many in color.

      Nearly every chapter has been reworked to reflect the latest technical methods concerning this aspect of the industry. Published by Focal Press, the book is scheduled for September, Gifted makeup artist Vincent Kehoe has been one of the leading professionals in this field for nearly 30 years. His new work is twice the book of any other on the subject. Along with the hundreds of techniques and methods addressed, this volume gives a complete overview of makeup and its role in the performing arts.

      This unusual and exceptional book will enhance the skills of all those involved in makeup for film, TV or stage. This book is scheduled for October, Dunn, Joseph Walker and L. The Angel of Death killing the firstborn in green smoke. DeMille put a dreamlike quality on film that was so real, it excited me as a child and stuck with me for life. The film is a whopping example of the state of the art in the fifties. Dialogue rigid and ponderous? You bet. But its use of blue screen opticals, miniatures, and matte paintings in concert with unusual color schemes is captivating, and the Red Sea sequence is a blatant jigsaw puzzle of shots and techniques.

      DeMille had the guts to part the Red Sea twice in his career. Horizon and cloud effects were added in miniature. The separated walls of the Red Sea, somewhat less miraculous looking, were actually two banks of quivering gelatin. Pomeroy set up a large mold of it on a table, divided it down the middle, and matted in a shot of actors filmed in Guadaloupe. Water and glycerin ran down the gelatin to give it some life. He knew it would be a The location encampment on the Sinai Peninsula.

      Large rock formation set pieces were built to mask split-screening of approaching chariots. This was well before the days of air-conditioned mobile trailers. Rapidly moving clouds collide as wisps are siphoned into the Sea.

      A hand-animated matte spreads along the surface of the water combining several water images. Just how do you create two massive -a is of water flowing upward in mini- 2 : ure, without belying it as such? Creating -is miracle would be no piece of cake, 2 nd no slab of Jello.

      It could suffice for a master shot. The waterfall idea was rejected early. Erecting a flange along the edge of the fall could cause the water to splash upward along the horizon line but would probably show through in the final image. And it could never look in scale. On the Paramount back lot in , a sloped ramp about twenty feet high, but not very long, was built under the supervision of John Fulton and Ivyl Burks. High-pressure hoses at the bottom, fed from a hydraulic pump behind the structure, caused water to gush toward and over the slope.

      Repeating the procedure from a slightly different angle, then flopping this second composite and split-screening it with the first one provided a continuous wall of water on both sides of the frame. A dark tarp stretched behind the ramp enabled the rotoscope department to edge-matte the horizon area and black out the entire field around the walls. Added to this strip would be the live action mid- dleground shot in Egypt, matte-painted rocks along the sea bed, and bluescreened foreground actors.

      Sky effects would be double-exposed into the black area above the water. Unhappily, this operation failed. The walls of water looked weak and lacked the visual information required to convey a sense of enormity. Sinai itself. Some of the cameras were still being built after the picture was released. The water wall was filmed using the setup on page The chariots are in Egypt; the rock is a matte painting; Pharoah on the rock is bluescreened in.

      Optical lineup is a bit off, indicative of the rush to complete the picture. A hard-edged matte was drawn to retain the base of the location rock. Julia Faye and child sitting on the ledge were filmed at Paramount; the people below them were filmed in Egypt. Two VistaVision cameras used for this had special lineup attachments on the eyepiece with register pins, marking off proportion and dimension.

      The clips also included line drawings of landscapes rendered by storyboard artists John Jensen and Albert Nozaki. This procedure was necessary, since it was impossible to find a single stretch of scenery that matched the boards. During the crossing of the Sea, for example, DeMille realized that the extras he had assembled would not stretch across the desert strip at Beni Moses and a few extras were filmed separately at Paramount and matted into the Egyptian scene.

      To get the long shots, he needed Then, I took the beginning of the scene and had them follow the tail end of their own group. It was one heck of a thing to do. Large foreground rocks are location elements, and all the people in this test frame blow-up were filmed in Egypt. The length of the caravan was multiplied optically. For scenes of ominous clouds Hovering over the chariots, Fulton prepared the original photography by mounting a piece of black cardboard in front of the lens, much the way Albert Whitlock prepares his plates for original- negative matte shots.

      Masking off the sky area with a fringe of clearance for the live action allowed the optical staff to double in miniature skies without sacrificing another generation. Similar methods followed later on the stage photography, with filters and scrims used to unite the added storm effects. The engineering and labor involved was staggering, requiring more than 30, cubic feet of concrete.

      Built on one-fifth scale, the wall-of- water image was formed on the bottom of a tilted ramp. The photography of this was ingenious. A clip containing a line drawing of the water wall was placed in the finder, as was done in Egypt against the desert terrain. Taking advantage of the rectangular VistaVision frame format which runs 8-perf horizontally across the focal plane , the camera was placed at a three-quarter Matte paintings of rocks helped blend the desert sand with the sea walls.

      Note the painted section around the wagon. Smoke was roto-isolated and superimposed in the center. In this actual location shot of the charging chariots filmed at Beni Youssef, some of the rocks are real and others were built.

      A line drawing was placed over the photograph to prepare it for compositing. This is another example of tricky combination shots. The chariots entering on the middle ground are in Egypt. By doing this, the currents were lined up vertically through the finder and matched to the reference clip, which now was also vertical.

      Thus, the water spilling over the rim ultimately became the top portion of one wall, recorded on one side of the frame. This particular setup could only capture the forefront part of the image—generally half of the water wall. The optical team breathed easier when the earlier plan of having to print each wall in 12 parts proved unnecessary. High platforms were erected above the surf to obtain the mid-section pieces. A mirror on the roof enabled the cameraman to flop that section by filming its reflection with a short focal length lens.

      What easier way to reverse an image? The parted Red Sea was finished in rotoscope. With both walls split-screened together, the composite was projected on an animation stand. The top part was edge-matted softly to reduce superfluous splash, and the entire periphery was blacked out. It seemed simple enough to double the clouds in against black. But in the early precomps, the licks of water on the horizon were not dense enough to prevent a noticeable burn-through.

      To remedy this, a density matte of the walls had to be pulled. Since the water image was biased for green against a black field, a green filter was used to print the scene on high contrast For the final climactic engulfment, a huge curl wave was created in miniature by dumping large tanks of water against a slope at the edge of the effects tank. The positive and -eosL. This process was repeated for every long shot pictured on the storyboards. The crossing of the Sea included scenes of the caravan walking past the blue screen stage with the water wall behind them.

      Here, the sea appeared to boil violently rather than travel upward, a curious effect that carries with it a certain logic. To secure this plate, an unmanned camera was mounted on one of two tracks that traversed the upper part of the ramp. The latter operation took place on September 1, Actors walking across the bluescreen stage were filmed on December 15, The shots were not composited until June —typical of The Ten Commandments' enormous catalog of held takes.

      There was, of course, much more to the parting of the Red Sea than two palisades of water. Behind the tank was a dark wall and a white horizon strip, permitting the cameraman to gauge how water and sky would eventually marry up. To create the effect of a strong forward wind, this plate was ingeniously doctored. A hand-animated matte, drawn in the manner of an oil slick, allowed a separate layer of heavier water action to subtly spread toward the horizon.

      Six original water negatives three for each side were jigsawed together with soft-edged mattes to produce the water walls. A funnel of smoke was later superimposed over the horizon to disguise the splits. Twelve were built on each side of another outdoor tank and dumped in succession against two sloped embankments. A print of this was projected up in rotoscope.

      Playing the wipe in reverse opened the Sea; running it in forward mode closed it. Creating the exact moment of the Great Divide was a matter of holding on the maelstrom created by all the released dump water, then rapidly dissolving to the reverse-action dump water that had been closest to the camera.

      The roll-back of the matted-on wave continued the action. Bluescreened actors, Egyptian desert, water walls, matte painted rocks and miniature skies were combined in the optical printer. This was the most difficult shot in the film and the most spectacular. Twelve dump tanks on each side scooped up the water in succession, two at a time, hurling it in mid-air.

      Note the curved embankment near the wind machines which helped to form the curl of the wave. A canvas-covered camera records the action from a platform at left. Heston stood on the prop crag. A hundred extras gathered around the stage and DeMille pulled the camera as far back as it could go. Thirteen original negatives were involved over sixty-five strips of film counting mattes and color separations embracing almost every kind of special effect.

      Bluescreen staging was a boring affair for the players, particularly Charlton Heston who had no reference image to guide him. At the time, we were working under very bright lights and the heat was quite unbearable.

      The wind tunnel hanging from the rafters was garbage-matted out. The people beyond the parameters of the screen were put in with a hand-animated traveling matte. This view is on the opposite shore of the Red Sea. Sketch lines at left and right suggest where the walls of water and painted rocks will be inserted. A soft-edged matte across the sky was actually black cardboard placed in the matte box during location photography. Britt-smoke clouds were double-exposed in later.

      The final composite with Heston as Moses urging his people across is seen in the distant background. The Britt smoke miniature skies are double- exposed into the holdout area. Walls of water are blended into the location plate with matte paintings of rocks. Britt smoke is amazing stuff. Unlike smoke pots, the formations depend on tne "eaction between an acid and a base, producing a dense, white smoke with a specific gravity compatible with moisture-laden air.

      It was imperative to keep the stage free of stray drafts, as the slightest movement of air causes Britt smoke to become violently displaced. None of this was easy. Eventually this sky vista, shot on September 29, , was split-screened with the scene of churning water. The cloud wisps, now disappearing into a soft matte line along the water, seemed to suck up the sea.

      Parting the Red Sea is always a neat way to ring in the New Year. Sound effects for the Red Sea sequence were among the trickiest ever devised. DeMille and soundmaster Gene Garvin worked closely to maximize their power. To produce the sound of the distant twister, a gallon tank was built.

      After opening the valve, the water was drained until it reached gallons, and a microphone was placed near the drain for the suction effect. In addition, another tank was built and equipped with air hoses and pounds of dry ice. Wind effects were selected gusts from a violent storm track played against each other in forward and reverse with reverberation, for a final sound composed of no less than 42 tracks! For the Closing of the Sea, the same sound used for the opening was run in a forward mode.

      Screams of the engulfed Egyptians were recorded in a cave at Bronson Canyon, and a heavy avalanche rock effect was introduced to create the impact of waves smashing on each group of chariots. In all, 35 tracks were used for the final deluge. Connoisseurs of the film are often stymied by the way the bluescreen stage photography was integrated with desert scenes.

      Most of it is seamless. As finales go, this one packs a wallop. A background plate of water spilling onto Egyptian turf, filmed from a high elevation, was married to water action splashing up on a studio rock as Yul Brynner clutched his head in woe. The colorization and light phenomena is something out of a storybook. The Ten Commandments made heavier Cecil B.

      DeMille lines up a shot during the summer of for The Ten Commandments with effects supervisor John Fulton at left. The camera is mounted on its side just beyond the foreground reflector not shown. Turned counterclockwise, the photo reveals how the forefront of the wall appeared in the film. The camera is filming the distant water section for the right wall again, turn the photo counterclockwise. Note the tripod blocks fastened to the ground, which allows the camera to be secured at specific distances from the water tank.

      Unfortunately, much of this provides a field day for lovers of matte lines. DeMille was viewing the scenes as they were processed. Unhappily, the pressure to complete the film was building in August , as he had theaters under lease to premiere it in November. He had to get it out, and the time constraint precluded any further manipulation. The story of Moses was one he took personally.

      His style may have been heavy-handed, but you could never accuse him of being boring. Not for a minute. November 23, 24, Ambassador Hotel, Wilshire Blvd. The board is mounted on blocks, with a white backdrop. T he thoughest thing about model animation can be getting started.

      And when you finally do, you may feel lost. What part of the model you move first? Where do you begin? Your first step is making the allosaurus. I recommend using a wire armature—either gauge wire from a hardware store or armature wire from an arts and crafts store. Use fine wire, such as that sold for hanging pictures, to help tie the armature together. Bend the heavier wire of the feet into loops through which bolts can be inserted to anchor the model to the stage.

      You can just animate the armature. Next, make two surface guages out of the heavy wire. I would recommend reading it. Now get a large, flat wooden board. Drill holes in it that correspond to the size of the bolts you will be using to tie down the armature. Mount the board on wooden blocks to allow easy access underneath. See diagram 2. Each time the model takes a step, you will have to tie down the foot that has advanced by slipping a bolt through the wire loop and the drilled hole, then tightly screwing the nut onto the bolt from below.

      Finally, you might want to mount a white board or a sheet of white cardboard behind the model. Light the set-up in the simplest way, with a single movie light angled to one side. Avoid shadows on the backdrop. At this point you are ready to start shooting.

      Model Exercises Exercise 1: Lunge and Recoil. Hold on position 1 for 20 frames. Allow 10 frames for the movement from position 1 to position 2, and eight frames from position 2 to position 4 Allow 15 frames for the movement from position 4 to position 5, and hold on position 5 for 20 frames.

      In this first exercise, the allosaurus will lunge at some unseen prey and spring back. Then follow diagram 3. The caption of the diagram indicates the number of frames required for each phase of the movement. These numbers are estimates and should be used only as a rough guide.

      Keep a record of how many frames you have exposed, not only for the whole shot, but also for each phase of action. Be sure to gradually ease in and out of each action and to overlap actions where possible. Exercise 2: Simple Walk Cycle. The first exercise was really a warm-up. Now we are ready to try something more interesting. Cycles are a basic phenomenon of movement. When a bird flaps its wings or a horse gallops, the motion is cyclical, with the same brief sequence of actions repeated over and over.

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