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      He produced Haim and Vampire Weekend and is breaking big. He is a really good writer, and I think he will make his mark on music this year. Mike Selverne, our longtime counsel, possesses daily wisdom to a degree unheard of in the music business. Roger Faxon has given me great advice and been very helpful to me in my career. He helped me get my frst industry job. Ralph Peer is the person I turned to most for trade-wide issues. He has great experience and a young mind.

      Name a desert island album. He sits on three volumes of bound copies of Billboard. She made it herself. A bar in the office comes in handy from time to time. My first industry job that I got paid for is playing with New York hardcore band Judge. I then interned for East West and Atlantic Records, and then started an indie label with some friends.

      Invest in them early and often. To submit photos for consideration, send images to backbeat billboard. For a while it was on the downlow. Heard Musical chairs: Less than two months after parting with Lady Gaga, Troy Carter has picked up two high-profile artists, Billboard has learned.

      Though neither deal has been finalized as both artists terminate their previous deals , the two would join an Atom Factory roster that includes John Legend and Priyanka Chopra. New year, NewTube? Many labels have so far rejected it, leaving YouTube with the prospect of launching with less music than Spotify and Pandora. Billboard reached out for comment but got no response.

      From Jan. In addition to the high-altitude mix of screenings, press conferences, swag suites, A-list star sightings and hot tub parties think after-hours condo soirees , the hottest tickets are the artist and songwriter showcases from ASCAP eight days of performances by Sondre Lerche, KT Tunstall and fun. Viewers of the short flm will fnd out what it feels like to rock along with Beck onstage and ponder whether digital may just kill the video star.

      Last year, there was a barista just feet away from our broadcast setup, so it was easy to fulfll our cafeine cravings. Other than that, just jeans and tops. Like most festers, I bring my urban angst and black clothing with me [laughs]. Just ask the locals. Great food and whiskey in a bit of a posh Wild West setting. Go quickly before the fre marshal shuts down the door.

      Stein Erickson Lodge for dinner is a highend, star-sighting feast. Having dinner with Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers when Sting showed up, which was where the seed was planted for the Police reunion tour. Help us finish our lovely film! The hurricane also agrees. And that symbiotic relationship between sound and celluloid is a central part of this indie incubator. During the day, Billboard will host interviews from the Home Theater Lounge with performing artists and talent.

      And at night, the area will double as a VIP space for the hottest celebrities in town. Not only is music integral to flm, it has grown through the types of novel platforms gaming technology and social media that Sundance explores and embraces. And sister publication the Hollywood Reporter is partnering with American Airlines for the Hollywood Reporter Studio, which will engage directors, actors and emerging talent in video interviews and portrait sessions.

      Starting Jan. Gear Music City Goldmine Guitar legend Steve Gibson returns to the hit-making studio he built 30 years ago and reignites the console 2. I could go on and on about that. Gear does not have to be expensive to be effective. I love trains. I love riding and looking at trains, being around trains, smelling trains.

      You capture all the effects of recording. It did get wet, but it was salvageable. With a last name like his, Peoria, Ill. But one of his greatest credits is OmniSound Studios. The wood-paneled walls are fabled, too. Awards and on and grow. Still, he claims, manning the controls at Omni is its own reward. If you have a great song with a great singer and you cast your musicians and your engineer wisely, you are best to sit back and stay out of their way. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

      Access the best in music. Photo Galleries. Cover Stories. Special Reports. Fifty years ago, it took six weeks for the Beatles to go from unknowns to the biggest pop stars in America. Kennedy Airport in New York on Feb. They came out of England. And England was where the frenzy that was Beatlemania began.

      The band was huge locally in its native Liverpool, even before the group had begun to make records. The frst whispers of mass hysteria wafted out of the north of England in late spring, just as Please Please Me moved into the No. With the Beatles touring relentlessly, the screaming girls, the frenzied chase scenes, the whole carnival spread steadily, town by town.

      At frst, the press took a bemused stance. The term itself was a play on Lisztomania, the s frenzy that had accompanied the concerts of Franz Liszt. The frst two No. Vee-Jay might have been a good home for the Beatles, as it was having considerable.

      Still, it had sold fewer than 15, singles by the end of Meanwhile, Abner was dismissed from his post. Yet on Feb. The explosion of the Beatles in America was the result of combined forces—artistic, social and technological—as well as persistence, showbiz rivalries and more than a bit of luck. In spite of British buzz growing to deafening levels, Dexter turned down the Beatles yet again, reasoning that the Vee-Jay fops proved he was right to have passed on them in the frst place.

      Swan had even less success with the Beatles than Vee-Jay: The song failed to chart at any station, and was roundly rejected by audiences when it was played at all. He continued to play it every night for a week solid, but got no reaction. Louise took her brother to a radio station in West Frankfurt, Ill.

      On Oct. The New York Times reported that even the sound of the taxiing jets was no match for the screams of the crowd. He began to contemplate booking the Beatles, perhaps as a novelty act. On Nov. As with all acts on the bill at the annual charity event, the Beatles performed at the invitation of Queen Elizabeth, although the Queen herself stayed home that evening, pregnant with.

      Prince Edward. While the Nov. Despite the undeniable phenomenon of the Beatles in England—which was growing by the day—Capitol U. Ostensibly the trip was to promote one of his other acts, Liverpool singer Billy J. Kramer, who was signed to Liberty Records and who accompanied him on the journey.

      Pritchard called Sullivan and encouraged him to meet with Epstein. The three episodes would ultimately be broadcast on consecutive weeks. Sullivan had done something similar with Presley in , when he booked the singer for three appearances in a four-month period. But the Beatles were fying in from England, and the time frame for their appearances was condensed to avoid the expense of repeatedly fying them in and out. Sullivan had quite a reputation for being budget-conscious, but in the case of the Beatles he was particularly parsimonious.

      THE U. Livingston grudgingly agreed to press 5, copies of the next single. That this decision would remain entirely in the hands of Dexter, with no oversight, in spite of all the mounting pres-. The Beatles arrive at John F. Kennedy Airport top , where they later held their first U. Getting three made Epstein feel like it was a lock. He tracked down Epstein and in early autumn pitched his Carnegie Hall idea over the phone. Epstein was hesitant to commit to anything before the Beatles were famous in the States, out of fear of playing before an empty house.

      For its part, GAC was equally hesitant to book an unknown pop group. Bernstein thus made the audacious ofer to rent Carnegie Hall at his own expense, leaving out GAC, with a proposed concert date of Feb. Within the course of a week in mid-November, the band experienced intense U. This left them with airtime to fll, allowing for the kind of light features the evening news had never previously aired. Instead, everything came to a standstill with the news that President John F. To be a young published the following month, visits to music publica- American right after the assassination was to be aficttions, plus the Kramer promotion, which culminated ed by shock, giving way to sadness and disillusionment.

      But the top 40 airwaves were no place to fnd Show. By some signifcant encounter was with General Artists Corp. As a booking agent by day, his eyes in- as the Singing Nun. Due to the assassination, CBS was late to the story. The CBS piece, reported by London bureau chief.

      Alan Kendrick, ofered more of the same: screaming teens, the Royal Variety Performance and eye-rolling on the part of a bewildered correspondent. Although Sullivan had already committed to featuring the Beatles, he still viewed them as a bit of a joke. Three days later—a month after the meetings with Epstein—CBS announced in a press release that the.

      As an extra treat, James invited Albert to the studio. And so, on Dec. Why was it that the Beatles connected so powerfully when James gave them one spin on Dec. Additionally, the U. Madonna No. The week of April 4, , they ranked at Nos. It bowed at No. The soundtrack spent more weeks at No.

      For 20 nonconsecutive weeks in , the Beatles concurrently had the Nos. The Beatles on Vee-Jay Records was the runnerup. Meet the Beatles! The Beatles from hitting the top. Thus, it was stuck at No. The latter Capitol release claimed the No. The music business was still many years away from releasing singles to radio in advance of the retail date in order to build demand. Airplay without records in stores was seen as the equivalent of an uncapped gusher spewing wasted oil. And so, Capitol called.

      Smaller and portable, the transistor radio transformed listening in the s. In , 5. The station responded with an emphatic refusal—this was the hottest record in ages, and WWDC had an exclusive. James, meanwhile, kept circulating tapes of the song to more and more DJs in other cities, with every station getting the same unprecedented reaction. Finally, Capitol relented and decided to move the release up to the earliest date possible, Dec.

      By this point Capitol understood it was sitting on a monster and that it would need to manufacture far more than the , singles the label had originally planned. Factories worked overtime as Christmas approached. Capitol even did third-party deals with manufacturing plants owned by rival labels.

      Moving up the release date would prove to be the key decision made by Capitol in the entire campaign, making possible everything that followed. But now it all unfurled very quickly. As was standard in those days, almost all marketing eforts targeted the industry, not consumers: A two-page ad set to run in the Dec. It would be reproduced as an easel-backed cardboard point-ofpurchase item, intended for placement on record store checkout counters. Also for distribution at retail and radio, Capitol created a motion display diorama, with the heads of the four Beatles shaking back and forth in unison.

      The display was quite elaborate, and can be. When you hear the Beatles, you scream. Fans were learning how to react to the band before they had ever heard the music. Make arrangements with some local high school students to spread the stickers around town. Involve your friends and relatives. Suspending all sales and promotion staf vacation during Christmas week, Capitol sprung into action on Dec.

      Before the morning was over, top 40 stations around the country were hammering the record. Record stores were immediately besieged, as teens rushed to spend their Christmas money. In , the average American teen listened to the radio for more than three hours per day. With kids out of school for Christmas week, that number was undoubtedly even higher.

      And, equally important, the most common stocking-stufers received by teens that Christmas were transistor radios, which had become cheaper than ever. While 5. Like the Internet in the last decade, it was a vehicle of public music discovery and sharing. One could take it anywhere—the schoolyard, the beach, wherever—and share music with friends. Prior radios had neither portability nor the earplug. Subsequent technologies—the boom box, Walkman, iPod—enhanced the public or private listening experience, but not both.

      In a meta moment, they do a face-to-face interview with a DJ in their hotel suite while simultaneously listening to the interview being broadcast live on their radio. Beatlemania made it easy for American teens to know exactly how to respond to the band. The frst few Beatles singles had appeared in a vacuum and fopped.

      But to call the level of U. But in , radio airplay, coverage in the teen magazines and the occasional wire service feature were the most that pop acts could hope to receive. Yet the Beatles were suddenly everywhere. Tales of British Beatlemania were becoming common knowledge stateside, priming the U.

      And when it turned out that the music was actually terrifc, the choice between American depression and British Beatlemania became a no-brainer. So imagine, if you will, teenagers across America turning on their new transistor radios during Christmas vacation in , listening for hours, everywhere, alone and with their friends, and hearing —over and over again—a new sound that excited them even more than their new piece of hardware.

      DJs were quick to inform their listeners that the band would be coming to America in February, heightening the sense of excitement. And by his attempt to mock the group on his Friday night variety show on Jan. Paar had been in attendance at the Royal Variety Performance in November and thought the hullabaloo over the Beatles was ridiculous. Top 40 DJs throughout the country breathlessly conveyed the news to their listeners that the Beatles—who had never been seen by most of their U.

      The Fab Four were the first kings of all media— radio, TV and print. But with the Beatles set to appear, viewership swelled that week to 30 million. Then, as promised, he presented the frst full-song performance by the Beatles on American TV. It was also a revelation for Swan Records. In a Jan. It was the Beatles with whom teens fell in love, not just a Beatles single. A week after Paar, Vee-Jay also released the frst U. Beatles album, Introducing.

      By the time Vee-Jay was able to get Introducing. The Beatles back on store shelves, Capitol was already there with Meet the Beatles! Thus, within a three-and-a-half-week period, the market had been deluged with three singles and two LPs. The Beatles quickly rose to No. Cashbox listed it at No.

      This was the frst week since the release of the single that was not interrupted by a holiday, and for which full data was reported and processed. Billboard listed it atop the Hot the following week. Therefore, the only way teens were able to follow the rise of the record was on their local radio station charts. WABC had a nighttime reach that covered much of the county, helping the record spread like wildfre.

      The following week, it debuted at No. Basically, stations placed the song at No. The instant ubiquity of an unknown band, which had yet to set foot in America, defes all accepted precedent. In the United Kingdom, the band had toured incessantly, playing live in 34 cities in the fall of alone; released numerous singles; hosted its own weekly radio show; and appeared numerous times on TV, all before Beatlemania erupted. In America, the group reached the same heights upon the release of the frst Capitol single.

      Pop histories often suggest that the Beatles were welcomed by U. Kennedy Airport. The Beatles made their U. Capitol made sure to provide specifc information to the DJs in advance, with scheduled arrival time and gate number.

      In those pre-airport security days, it was no wonder that fans began to fock to the airport as the Pan Am jet drew closer to the Eastern Seaboard. At p. The crowd was larger and louder than that which Sullivan had chanced upon three months earlier at London Airport. In stark contrast, NBC had de facto positioned itself as the anti-Beatles network,. So, good night from NBC News. Throughout their historic Kennedy Airport press conference, the Beatles had been peppered with private questions by a strange man in a straw hat who had squirreled his way to the front of the crowd, sticking his own microphone up to the band at the podium.

      Late-night talk show hosts were peppering their monologues with Beatles jokes. And Life magazine, which reached up to 40 million readers per week, ran a seven-page photo-flled essay in the Jan. Then, last week, Paris surrendered. Now the U. The Beatles are coming. In late January, Capitol distributed a prerecorded interview with the Beatles to stations.

      No doubt about it, the Beatles stood at the white-hot center of the culture. By the end of January, they had already sold 2. And then things really took of. The new owner inched its format away from top 40, but was required to keep some of the old broadcasters due to an existing labor contract. Luckily for Murray, he was close with Veronica Bennet of the Ronettes, whose group had just returned from a U. As soon as the press conference ended, Murray called Bennet the future Ronnie Spector and asked if she and the Ronettes would take him to the Plaza to meet the band.

      By Sunday, there was no one in America in close proximity to a TV, radio or newspaper who could have not known that the Beatles were going to be on Sullivan that night. On the day of the show, further pandemonium reigned in front of the Sullivan Theatre, egged on by the local top 40 DJs. The show had received 50, ticket applications for tickets. Thousands mobbed the streets, shutting of Broadway for eight blocks, everyone carrying their transistor radios and reacting in unison to the prompts of the DJs.

      On the night of Feb. The Internet is traditional word-of-mouth on steroids, amplifying a message by making it easy to quickly share information. But gossip, recommendations and opinions have always spread from person to person.

      The job of business is to both build and capitalize on that word-of-mouth. The Beatles went viral by creating word-of-mouth and turning the buzz into mainstream media attention. The U. A standout song or artist may have success in one market but will need help breaking into others.

      With music more of a global business than ever, great music will need a strong, global company and good leadership to maximize its potential. Timing And Luck The necessity of good timing and luck is hardly a nugget of wisdom that professionals can implement in their careers. Ed Sullivan happened to be at the London Airport that day in when 1, screaming fans met the Beatles on their return from Sweden.

      But the next steps came from having a manager able to recognize the opportunity and exploit it while in New York with another one of his artists. But it all had unfolded as if in a fairy tale, and when the evening of Feb. Of those, 35 million were between the ages of 8 and And it would appear that virtually all of them were watching. Lawrence R.

      Fellenz of E. Groveton St. The Washington Post regrets the error, and District Liner Fellenz regrets that somewhere in Alexandria there lives a hipster who is too poor to own a TV set. Right now, and again in the second half of our show. Ladies and gentlemen, the Beatles. And can streaming save the day?

      The cause? It appears the bottom has fallen out of catalog sales of both, as streaming picks up steam. To be sure, current digital sales for both albums and tracks also were down in the fourth quarter, and these declines might be an indication that current will soon follow digital catalog trends. But their declines are still far below catalog downturns. For the year, track catalog sales were down 9. And the decline accelerated every quarter of , with the frst quarter seeing a 4.

      Current track sales, on the other hand, had two quarters of growth followed by a downturn in the last two quarters of the year for a total decline of 1. Overall digital track sales declined 5. Things started out well for digital catalog albums with year-over-year gains of 5. For the year, catalog had an overall decline of 3. Current digital albums started strong with a Then the decline kicked in with a 1.

      Overall, current albums still posted a 3. But the weakness in the second half of the year for the category will remain a cause of concern in Overall, album sales in all formats were down 8. While industry executives initially refused to attribute the early signs of weakness in digital sales to the rise in streaming, in the second half of many conceded that ad-supported and paid subscription services did seem to be cannibalizing digital sales.

      But the good news is that so far streaming seems to be ofsetting the decline in digital sales revenue. According to Nielsen Entertainment senior VP of industry insights David Bakula, there were billion streams last year, which, on a basis of 2, streams per album, adds up to 59 million stream-equivalent albums.

      So But the incremental streams revenue is still not large enough to ofset the decline in physicals product. Last year, overall albums plus TEA dropped to That means that the incremental 15 million SEA units is less than half the overall decline of 34 million album units, leaving the industry at a defcit of 19 million units, when everything is converted to the wholesale cost of an album.

      Still, the industry has reasons to be optimistic. In , songs hit the million-unit mark versus titles that achieved the feat in Likewise, the top best-selling tracks in scanned In terms of market share, Universal Music Group came in frst with While these market-share totals are by distribution ownership, independent labels collectively garnered a The only other genres to outperform the U.

      Despite the decline in digital album sales, download stores like iTunes gained market share—growing to Album sales at nontraditional CD merchants like Amazon, Starbucks and concert venues increased by 2. Respectively, the former comprises Source — Nielsen SoundScan Figures are rounded. In a year flled with event albums from blockbuster artists, how did Republic Records break through with a roster full of new artists?

      For each release, Lipman says, the playbook will be custom-made. Computed by Billboard, based on Nielsen SoundScan marketing reports for current albums and current tracks. But after almost a decade on the reunion circuit, the group is putting its legacy on the line by releasing new music for the frst time since , aside from a one-of single. For version 2. The former arrived Sept. EP2 debuted Jan.

      But the band says that manager Richard Jones has been just as instrumental to the relaunch as any Pixie. Jones, a lifelong musician and native of Manchester, England, has managed the group since its return in , when it toured the world and played its frst shows in more than a decade.

      Bassist Kim Deal, after years of well-publicized feuds with Francis, quit the band in June Even as just a touring member, Lenchantin has her work cut out for her. On Jan. Next up will be dates in South America and Europe through early June. The group still performs surprise shows between announced tour stops, with Jones emailing the most dedicated fans in each city and urging them to keep the news to themselves.

      The band says its heavy touring, fanengagement tactics and new music seem to be reaching a new generation as well. Paslay has also recorded recent duets with Kenny Rogers and Dionne Warwick. After an album-launch party in Nashville on Jan. Mabe says UMGN has been promoting the trek heavily to fans online, and also partnered with Fandango for a gift-certifcate giveaway so fans can have their own great Friday night. Everybody thought Willie [Nelson] was just a songwriter.

      Everybody thought Bob Dylan and Kris Kristoferson were just songwriters. I think so! Having come up with the formula, Sean Paul reinvented himself with this track. After picking up blog buzz through work with producer cook classics Freddie gibbs, Aloe Blacc a few years ago, she went back to school, graduating from UcLA in June.

      I thought if I learned about the busi-. Are you the publisher? Claim or contact us about this channel. Viewing all articles. First Page Page Page Page Page Page Last Page. Browse latest View live. Disclosure Feat. Calvin Harris Feat. Duke Dumont Feat. Robin Thicke Feat. Pharrell - Blurred Lines Bondax - Giving It All Clean Bandit - Dust Clears Lxury - J. Dennis Ferrer Feat. Janelle Kroll - Mind Ur Step Example - All The Wrong Places 3.

      John Martin - Reload 4. Armand Van Helden Feat. Armin Van Buuren Feat. Bastille - Pompeii Kat Krazy Remix Afrojack Feat. Chris Brown - As Your Friend Rihanna - Diamonds Congorock Remix Monsta - Messiah Dirty South Remix Zedd Feat. Foxes - Clarity Pryda - Layers Malin - Safe With You Sander Van Doorn - Neon Dominique Young Unique - Earthquake 2.

      Sub Focus Feat. Alpines - Tidal Wave 4. Naughty Boy Feat. Redlight - Switch It Off 9. Friend Within - The Renegade Tourist - Together Artful Dodger Feat. Wretch 32 Feat. Shakka - Blackout T. Williams Remix Dillon Francis Feat. Shadow Child Feat. Takura - Friday No Artificial Colours Feat. Alex Mills - Crying Wolf Wookie Feat. Eliza Doolittle - The Hype DJ Snake Feat.

      Alesia - Bird Machine Wiley Feat. London Grammar. Ellie Goulding. Pharrell No Rap Version. Janelle Kroll. Williams Remix. MP3 Size : Angerfist - Street Fighter Angerfist - From The Blackness Angerfist - Temple Of Disease Anime - Cracks Miss K8 vs. Angerfist - New World Order AniMe feat.

      Tha Suspect - Hands Up The Supreme Team - Carnival of Doom DJ Mad Dog feat. Art of Fighters — Apocalypse Korsakoff feat. Tha Playah feat. Alee - Menace To Mankind Miss K8 — Breathless Partyraiser - Like An Animal AK Industry feat. Billy S. Meccano Twins vs. Art of Fighters - Electrogod I:Gor - Total Confusion Ophidian - The Rain Wasted Mind - Become A Master N-Vitral - Kombat Aktion Nosferatu — Strength Wasted Mind — Alliance Re-Style - The Conquest of Fury Art of Fighters — Bad Ass Alee - Tijdbom!

      Dyprax - The Future Re-Style - Renovation Angerfist remix DJ Mad Dog — Psychotic Murda — Rocket Yellow Claw feat. Art of Fighters feat. Mello Bonds — Resurrection Andy The Core vs. F-Noize — Sentenced Noize - La Bomba Noize Suppressor - Like My Status Crossfiyah — Rage Partyraiser — From The Westcoast Gunz For Hire - Bolivia Endymion remix Unexist feat. Satronica - Burn It All Down Tymon - [censored] You Pay Me Re-Style — Mastermind Mad Dog feat. MC Jeff - The Future Ophidian — Kraken Wasted Mind - Reason Alee remix Tripped - [censored] The Millennium Amnesys - Death Line DV8 Rocks!

      Miss Hysteria - Particle Physics Ophidian remix Endymion - Make Some Noise DaY-mar - Black Widow Lowroller remix Lowroller vs. N3ar — Badass Catscan — Modular Capacity Alee - Time Bomb! Drokz - Bang Bang Alien T — Hydra Dyprax — Exorcism Amnesys feat. Catscan - Gates of Hell Ophidian — Spoken Phaze - Cosmos feat Kamashe Gold Fang - Outrageous Original Mix Dj Yox - Parametrik Original Mix Cosmic Zebra - Dyla Original Mix Phaze - Triplet Skanker Original Mix Cosmic Zebra - Woodbury Original Mix Exist - Destruction Original Mix Gold Fang - Reaganomics feat Tee Goody Breezer - Distorted Reality Original Mix Kombot - Ravers Original Mix Spwee - Kung Fu Original Mix Sqeepo - Module A feat Cameron Mcmillan Modigs - Lygyrophobia Original Mix Pyrax - Vanilla Spice Original Mix Stellar - Vortex Original Mix Phaze - Get Real Original Mix Modigs - Rad Racer Original Mix Spwee - Technique - Original Mix Exist - Push West Original Mix Paste - Flauschrausch XV Kilist - Junge Charasmatix - Purple Bass Prime Time Plastix - Neptune Paste - Play Off Antix - Rainstick Audiomatic, Phaxe - Pineapple X-Press 2.

      Morten Granau - New World Order 3. Neelix - Little Stevie 4. Durs - Loosing Control 5. Day Din - Breaking Dread 6. Kularis - All Around 7. Vaishiyas - Arped Aviation - This is Dub Grimez - F Word Krama - Forever More Coming Soon - Bring the Action Jiser - Some B Kronfeld - Short Life DaVinci Code - A to Z Alter Nature - Satisfiction Royal Flush - Sub Zero Divino - Nada Ha Cambiao J.

      Mambo Remix 12 Don Chezina Ft. Dyland - Pierde El Control. Anthony Santos - Prefiero La Soledad. Kada,Alex Matos, C. Teamband - Maldito El Dia. Suchard 52 Javi Slink Feat. Blackka - Reina De La Tarima. A Summer Place?? Desafinado - Marco Rizo One Note Samba - Marco Rizo Dreaming - Marco Rizo Portrait In Blue - Marco Rizo Pianologue - Marco Rizo Lucy Bossa - Marco Rizo Nadine - Marco Rizo Rio Bossa - Marco Rizo Fantasia Inca - Sabicas Castellana - Nostalgia Castellana - Sabicas Danza Arabe - Damasco - Sabicas Ritmos Del Paraguay - Sabicas Carcelera - Reflejo Andaluz - Sabicas Sevillanas - Sabicas

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