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      maniac 2013 kickass torrent

      Genre: Thrash Metal/Death Metal Origin: Switzerland Format: kbps TT: torenntinosat.space - Messiah (demo) 1. Action / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller Nicotine Stains is described as being in the same vein as Maniac, Combat Shock and How To Get. KICK ASS FOREVER is your home for hard rock and heavy metal news, reviews and more! BYWORD VS IA WRITER VS WRITE ROOM TORRENT Follow the instructions. Using file-matching metacharacters 4. Windows file file was amazed by projects that are the product and.

      Deformed Creatures Alzheimer's Disease Ascension of a Divine ordinance - The Ballad of Jesus 1. Battle In The Ancient North 2. Revelation Of Fire 3. Underground 4. Epitaph 5. The Way Of The Strong 6. Living In A Lie 7. Screams Of Frustration 8. The Ballad Of Jesus 9. Dark Lust One Thousand Pallid Deaths Pulver - Guitars Messiah In deze spannende tweedelige BBC miniserie moeten de briljante rechercheur Red Metcalfe en zijn elite-onderzoeksteam het opnemen tegen een huiveringwekkende seriemoordenaar die Londen onveilig maakt.

      In de mond van zijn slachtoffers wordt steeds een zilveren lepel gevonden in plaats van hun tong. Een geheimzinnig patroon tekent zich af, maar elke theorie over het verband tussen de moorden blijkt uit de lucht gegrepen. Als er steeds meer lichamen worden aangetroffen van mensen die op de meest gruwelijke manieren zijn omgebracht, beseffen de rechercheurs plotseling dat er een bizarre theologische link is tussen de slachtoffers Messiah 2 - Vengeance Is Mine In deze tweedelige miniserie, het meeslepende vervolg op de succesvolle psychologische thriller Messiah, keert hoofdinspecteur Red Metcalfe terug voor een onderzoek naar een nog verontrustender serie wrede moorden, die in koelen bloede gepleegd zijn.

      Messiah 3 - The Promise In de derde miniserie uit de Messiah-reeks loopt een gevangenisopstand uit op gewelddadigheden en hoofdinspecteur Red Metcalfe komt oog in oog te staan met de leider van de oproerkraaiers: een man die hem ooit in gijzeling heeft gehouden en hem bijna tot krankzinnigheid dreef. De gevangenen die gewond zijn geraakt, worden naar een klein en bouwvallig ziekenhuis overgebracht.

      Zij weten echter niet dat er zich onder hen een moordenaar bevindt die erop uit is hun zwaktes te misbruiken. Er lijkt geen eind te komen aan de gruwelijke spiraal van moorden en Red en zijn team moeten hun eigen emoties de baas blijven om de methode te vinden die achter deze gekte schuilgaat. Messiah 4 - The Harrowing De vierde miniserie uit de Messiah-reeks.

      Als het team van hoofdinspecteur Red Metcalfe aankomt bij een bestelbusje op een verlaten vuilstortplaats, komen ze er al snel achter dat dit een moordzaak is die zijn gelijke niet kent. Reds analytische kwaliteiten worden tot het uiterste getest als hij probeert in het hoofd te kruipen van een moordenaar die vast van plan is hier op aarde een hel te ontketenen. Keep seeding please! Did Jesus have it?

      All these men have shaped our lives and influenced the way we think. Their images are used to represent ideas that often do not relate to them at all. Would Gandhi be into Apple? Would Che Guevara endorse Madonna? Would Jesus be into Christianity? He concludes it's all a load of rubbish and encourages the audience to stop voting, ignore advertising, look to the transcendent within themselves and others Plus there's sex.

      Himself Douglas Himself Info: www. Audio: MP3 kbps Constant Greetz to all the groups, encoders, seeders, sites and you. Thanks for making it all happen everybody! Raymond E. Completely reprocessed pdf based on an older scan. The source was very high quality, so this one is very nice as well.

      Searchable pdf clearscan with contents in bookmarks, accurate pagination and metadata, etc. Volume One ends quite abruptly, but that is in fact the last page. Volume Two will pick up where it left off. I hope to come across a comparable version of that second volume soon.

      Brown, S. He received over thirty honorary degrees from Catholic and Protestant universities worldwide, and was elected a Corresponding Fellow of the British Academy and a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. A collection of previously unreleased live recordings. Unfortunately no info about lineup, date or place of the recordings.

      The 'album' splits into the camps of rhythm and blues with the staggering masterpiece 'Someone To Talk To' opening affairs on side one. This song is a total justification of the Messiahs' existence, and if they disappeared forever tomorrow they will not have laboured in vain. It's hard not to pick up the needle before track two and play this scorcher over and over again until that coronary finally cathes up with you.

      A song to die for. Taking its cues from punk rock, the Messiahs crank up the intensity with songs like "Smash the Marketplace" and the ominous "Let's Go Out to the Woods Tonight. Still, that's a minor complaint. This record will knock you out. Great production work by Vic Maile. More Pages to Explore In other words, the universe doesn't respond to the feelings of want and need in a way that satiates them.

      Instead, it responds by sending more want and need. The force of want attracts more of itself. That's just natural law. You never stop wanting. And that can make you miserable. So what are you supposed to do? Here's something that I've found is better:! Replacing want with intention.

      Intention is a totally different vibe. Here's the recipe: 1. Set your intention about what you are trying to achieve in your life or business. Picture yourself with that achievement. Feel what that feels like for a while. The let go completely of any emotional attachment to achieving your goal and go about your business. Here's the secret ingredient:! That's not counting my other product sales and other project work that hasn't been finalized yet.

      Now there are a lot of reasons that happened, but I do know for a fact, that during some of that time I was practicing something that I don't always remember to practice. And that thing is simply to be grateful for everything I have Instead of entertaining thoughts of want or need, I simply stopped and felt the feeling of gratitude and said, "Thank you. It's that easy and it's super important.

      I just know, in my core, that my gratitude or lack of it affects how things play out in my life. I am certain of it. Why would the universe send you more of anything if you aren't grateful for what it's already sent your way?

      Gratitude is one of the most powerful and underutilized forces on the planet. It can truly change your life in an instant. Gratitude is probably the most powerful attractor of good this includes money folks that I've discovered so far in my life. It's up to me to use it or lose it. One of the greatest evils ever perpetrated on the human race is the systematic teaching throughout society that you should care about what others think of you.

      Virtually everyone has this belief embedded deep inside them. Think back to your years in school School is ALL about what others think of you. In fact, that's the primary training ground for embedding this belief in your psyche. In school, you're taught that it matters what the teachers think You're taught it matters what the students think He's always going off by himself.

      Is there something wrong with him? In fact, there really aren't too many areas of your life where things AREN'T setup to influence you by the thoughts and opinions of others. So who benefits from everyone walking around scared to death about what others think of them?

      The powers that be benefit. Big time. That is, any force that is looking to exert control over your life. When you care what others think, you are easy to control. The single biggest change you can make in your business and in your life is to absolutely demolish the belief that others' opinions of you matter. Demolish it anywhere and everywhere it is hiding inside yourself.

      Just be ready for a fight. Because this crap is so deep that it creates emotional reactions in our minds and bodies without conscious thought. Think about this:! We're taught that people with good credit are "better" than those with bad credit. We're taught that people who own a home are somehow farther ahead than those that rent one. We're taught that people who have "benefits" at their jobs are in a better position than those that don't.

      Hell, we're even taught what "normal" is supposed to look like. It doesn't really matter what side of each of these above items your personal beliefs fall on. The point is that there is a stigma associated with each one. And it's pretty well ingrained in all of us. So here's the question for you now:! That includes your spouse That includes your clients That includes your government That includes your friends That even includes your parents Take a moment to really grasp how your life and business might change.

      You would no longer be controlled by anything or anyone but only by yourself. You would be unstoppable. More importantly, you would be free. This could be a HUGE day for you. I know it is for me. I truly believe that. Get these simple secrets under your belt and working for you and your business will never be the same. And in that line of work, the pay sucks. We all need money to eat right? And to get money, we need clients. Just look outside into your nearest wildlife landscape for the reason why.

      When you chase something, its instinct will be to flee. Those critters are fast. And yet, time and time again, we all step in this hole and end up suffering. So today, right now, is the time to change it. Everything is ultimately under your control. But the fact is, you are not at the mercy of your client, or the competition, or the economy, or anything else.

      This is about you choosing how you are going to conduct your business and your life. Make that choice a deliberate one or your lack of focus and attention will end up being a choice in itself. Repeat after me:! You attract clients…! They come to you or else…! Believe it. Live it. But those are the times when it is most important that you simply do NOT allow yourself to compromise.

      You can always turn the electric back on. And a gentle fast might do your body some good. Let me tell you a story that illustrates the difference between getting clients and attracting them. Client Number 1:! As well as I can remember, I answered an ad this client posted for a copywriter. I submitted a proposal, chatted with the client on the phone, and I ended up being told I was too expensive. End of story. I was not perceived as enough of an expert to move past objections or even prevent them in the first place.

      I went to him. Client Number 2:! Client Number 2 came to me. After an initial conversation, we pretty much skipped the proposal process. Just a short Letter of Agreement to get all the important stuff in writing. He had already looked at my website to get my fee range. I spit out the number I wanted to charge, he said OK.

      Money showed up in advance. The good news is that you can work to engineer the entire thing. Instead, you are becoming the center of your universe and you are going to create your own gravitational force to PULL clients to you. Crazy but true. Now things are a little different.

      Cause I know the truth:! Business IS a game…! This is acting…! Odd but true. Play another game. And you will really really hurt your chances of ever being successful. I now see business for what it is. The choice I have is whether or not I want to actually show up and play.

      In my book, you can either play this game to win or you can play it not to lose. Taking action to attract clients when you feel needy is a recipe for frustration. So get your head and your heart in gear first. This can take a while and sometimes requires a lot of work. That, dear Reader, is simply a lie. So please promise yourself that you will work on this. You know if your self-worth and need for validation are issues for you. If they are, then do something about it. OK, enough philosophizing.

      Good question. The short answer is: very carefully. The longer answer is this:! Clients are attracted to value. Real value. What does that mean? Real value means information, insight, expertise or some other thing that they can use to move forward towards their goals. In my business, one of the most effective ways I deliver value to prospective clients is via direct mail.

      Yes, in this day and age of instant internet gratification, I choose to use the good old USPS to deliver value to my prospective clients. Because few people do it. You have to give up the idea that efficiency is your goal. Email is efficient, blogging is efficient, a tweet is efficient. You need impact. And you need to do it differently than everyone else in your industry.

      So what do I send? Those are goals at some level, but I know that the quickest and most effective way to get to those is to simply focus on delivering value. This is about as simple as you can get. It almost looks like it came off a s style typewriter. The goal is to be valuable. In this newsletter is an article, a book review and an interview… all of which might be of interest to my prospective clients. Of course, no one said you have to be serious all the time.

      At the time, I think she was 2 or 3 years old.! This is just gonna take a minute…! My name is Amelia Leister. Everybody wants something. Those are the toys I like. I asked my daddy the other day if adults play with toys. He said they do… but that their toys look a little different… like houses, boats and cars. To me, it sounds a lot like the marketing stuff my dad does, but he never calls it that when I do it. Usually, I have to ask again and again and again…!

      Sometimes I get what I want after two or three times. But sometimes, it really takes a lot more times than that. My daddy gets that look on his face that makes it pretty clear. So how many times are YOU asking for the sale? And how many different ways are you asking?

      Anyway, I try to keep things simple. Hope this letter helps. Just send it to my daddy. Thank you,! Amelia Leister P. I think my daddy actually listened to my advice. If you really pay attention, he keeps asking YOU a question. He keeps asking you to let him help you grow your business.

      Now if he only had my good looks… he could really do big things. To talk to my daddy about how he can help your business, just call For a while there, I wrote a new blog post just about every day. It wasn't hard. I'm a direct response copywriter, remember. Ideas and words flow just about as freely and surely as the sun shines around here.

      I liked doing it for a while. And frankly, the attention it gets you is pretty nice. Traffic increases. Eyeballs get focused on what you're doing. But then those eyeballs move on to the next piece of eye candy. In just those few brief moments, you're a star. And then you're nothing. Page 1! At some point, I realized that blogging was, for me, a copywriter and marketing consultant, relatively worthless as a tool for generating business. The clients I work with don't really have the time or interest to sit around reading blog posts all day.

      Blogging quickly became what I might call, a complete waste of my time. With about blog posts up there offering a bunch of value about copywriting and internet business building, I hung up my blogging shoes and moved on. I couldn't be happier. Yes, I still write every day. I write a lot actually.

      It keeps my chops up so that I can do things like churn out a sales promotion in a couple of hours. Which leads me to you Are you fishing in the places where the fishing is easy? That's what I was doing when I was blogging. Or are you fishing in the places where the fish you want to catch actually LIVE? There's a big difference. There's really no difference in the investment of time and effort that is required to fish.

      The difference is in what you catch. In one pond, you go hungry. In another pond, you eat like royalty. Let me tell you, if you don't get this simple concept, it is NOT pretty. But if you DO get this. It's a beautiful thing. Page 2! Don't be afraid or too proud to stop fishing and move to a new pond. Time to go catch something. Dan Kennedy mentioned this book a while back and a few weeks ago, I managed to get it on my Kindle and devour it.

      In the book, Chu brings the eastern philosophy of thick face, black heart to the west and puts it in a way that makes the core philosophy very accessible. If you are looking to become a warrior in life and in business, this book is a good place to start.! Craig and his business partner, Matt Smith are clients of mine. Their list of accomplishments is quite long and I respect them both highly.

      You can read my interview with Craig below. What's your biggest business accomplishment and what did you learn from it? At first I was going to say my Turbulence Training Certification, because it's something that I've truly been working on since I first started working out in high school. I remember telling a friend in my first year of college that I wanted to take my style of workouts and fitness to the world via books and seminars and all that But really, I wouldn't be able to do this without my team And I like to think that we are building that environment with the help of my team here.

      Now to be honest, I'm an introverted, sometimes-curmudgeonly leader. So that makes it all the more of an accomplishment to me The biggest lessons I've stumbled across putting my Certification and team together are: a Nothing helps you get work done faster than a a deadline. I was struggling with creating the final content for the Certification, so I reserved a hotel seminar room, paid the fee, and was therefore given a final date and a punishment if I missed the deadline.

      Of course, I found a way to get the work done. It's a simple solution anyone can use if they are struggling to finish a project. My fitness message went from good to great as soon as I told the world that our Mission was to help 1 Million men and women transform their bodies and their lives by Now all of the sudden, people, readers, and total strangers want to be a part of it - all because we are naturally attracted to being part of something bigger.

      Trust me, I know it sounds hokey, but it's also practical. There comes a point where you have to tell at least a few people about your big, hairy, audacious goals So if you really want to achieve a dream, tell someone. Put it out there. Sorry for cheating and listing 2 accomplishments and 3 lessons. My apologies. We complain about everything. And don't get me wrong, I do my fair share of complaining We have no true perspective on what it is like to deal with true suffering.

      Most people don't realize what humans are capable of achieving, overcoming, and dealing with. Frankl's book has affected me on many levels. First, physically. I know that everything I do, from working outside in bonenumbing cold or setting a personal best in a difficult workout in the gym, pales in comparison to what men and women have had to suffer in generations past.

      Even people making minimum wage today have a better life than royalty did years ago. Second, his book gave me one of my mantras, "it will all be over soon". While we all suffer, we must remember that all suffering ends. Better days lie ahead for everyone. Page 5 So instead of complaining, we should look for the lessons we can learn in all suffering, look for the positives to focus on that will help us endure any suffering, and then share this so that we can help anyone going through the same suffering.

      But, the "it will all be over soon" mantra has a second meaning and reminder that life will be over all too soon, and if I want to achieve something, then I better get working on it now. I truly believe Frankl's book should be mandatory reading in high school. What's one thing people online don't know about you that you'd like to share?

      I take a lot of inspiration in my business from rockstars rather than Internet Marketers. I watch how the good ones treat their fans, how they go the extra mile in their productions, how they continue to be creative even when they are on the road touring, and how they invest money back into their businesses.

      My 1 inspiration is this musician from Toronto named Deadmau5. He plays electronic music, and wears a giant mousehead on stage at his shows. And dozens of fans build their own and bring to his shows - where he autographs them. It's really an incredible phenomenon. Deadmau5 named for a deadmouse he once found in one of his computers has millions of Facebook fans, and he still takes time to do live Ustream chats, visits to high schools, upload tons of personal photos and info to his pages allowing a greater connection with his fans , and many, many other things that "social media gurus" are out there teaching people to do for big money He doesn't live a flashy life, but he pours a ton of his money back into making the coolest stage show in the electronic music scene, and therefore creating the ultimate customer experience.

      Plus, his act has spawned an incredible merchandising spin-off of the regular t-shirts and stuff, but also figurines, mouse Page 6 ears, and so much other stuff that stimulates participation in his "herd" as Dan Kennedy would say. Essentially, he's doing all the right stuff Folks in all industries could learn a lot from him There's a lot of good people out there doing great stuff without a "mind control" IM agenda. What's one mistake that you see business builders making online and what should they do instead?

      Too many people think that they "deserve" a million dollar product launch. Their product and marketing is the same as everyone elses, and they think that if they can just get enough of the "big affiliates" to promote their launch, then they will be able to retire to the Caribbean. It doesn't work that way. I've watched plenty of launches, some with gimmicks, some with massive affiliate support, and the only ones that work like gangbusters are the ones where there is a big idea with a unique hook as part of the product.

      If you don't have this, you won't have a great launch. Second, even if they have a big idea, they don't appreciate the work that it takes to run a product launch, and I don't just mean from a marketing and affiliate recruitment perspective. There are so many things to consider: You need copy that converts and makes your affiliates more money than they could get somewhere else, you need adequate hosting for all the traffic, you need to make sure you have the right upsell flow to maximize revenue, and so on and so on.

      It's not just as simple as creating an ebook and asking affiliates to mail. Third, they think that one product launch is going to make them rich and end all of their worries. The real money comes from the work you continue to do in the relationship building - and back end sales - following the product launch. If you started over building your business today, what's the ONE thing you'd do differently? I wouldn't have been so cheap. But hey, that's what happens when you grow up poor on a farm and have a Scottish father and an efficient German mother.

      Now I'm not really blaming my circumstances, just making a joke. I take full responsibility for my poor decisions of not investing earlier in coaches, mentors, professional SEO help, courses, etc. As a result of my cheapness, I had an email newsletter for 2 years before I started selling anything And then 2 more years of a couple bucks here and a couple bucks there.

      It wasn't until I bought Bob Serling's "Info Millions" in that my business really started growing. Although it still wasn't until when I hired my first business coach, Tom Venuto, that things exploded and set me on the fast track to success. So I wasted many years just "doing okay" when I could have made a bigger impact and helped more people. And that's another thing I didn't fully understand that by not having a bigger business, that meant that I was not helping as many people as I could.

      When you switch to that mindset, and realize that you have a solution that people need, then you'll start taking action faster to get your solution into their hands. Trust me, the list of things I'd do differently could go on and on Page 8! See you next time, Jason Leister P.

      I spend my days writing direct response copy, consulting with clients to help grow their businesses and building my own internet empire from a small corner of the world in Sedona Arizona. The best way to reach me is by phone at This week, a review of a new free webinar service: MeetingBurner. I had a chance to run my first webinar on it last week so I want to give you the full scoop from my experience using it.

      Meeting Setup Not much to report here out of the ordinary. Darn easy. Really everything in this system is quite easy. Moving on Registration Process MeetingBurner gives you the option to create several different meeting profiles different names, photos, logos etc. The registration process is super simple. And I really like the option that registrants have to be reminded about the meeting via text message.

      After the webinar, I called support who explained that the only thing to do there is really keep registering until you get the email : One thing you want to make sure to look at: By default, MeetingBurner is set to show your attendees the list of everyone who is on the meeting. Recording and Sharing To me, this is where MeetingBurner shines and completely obliterates GotoWebinar… especially if you are using a Mac.

      MeetingBurner provides simple one touch recording that spits out an MP4 recording of your presentation. The best part is, the compression rocks. With MeetingBurner, my entire 1 hour and 13 minute presentation was turned into a 47 megabyte file. MeetingBurner also provides easy ways to publish that video to Youtube or Facebook, to share it by email or download it.

      Analytics One of the cool tools provided by MeetingBurner is the analytics function. They call it the Meeting Temperature function. I used the MeetingBurner support. This was a powerpoint style can call someone. The guy I eventually spoke with on presentation, so there was no live video.

      But everything seemed to work just fine. They do have a the phone was very knowledgeable and helpful. I have an opening for one new client right now for marketing and copywriting projects. The clock is ticking… P. I just launched a promotion of my own. By offering the type of proven information you will find in each issue, I can help make an immediate impact on the profits of your business.

      It is fan-dam-tastic. No part of this book or its associated materials may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any informational store or retrieval system without express written permission from the publisher.

      Money that should be going right to your bottom line. Consider this… If you have something valuable to tell your prospects and customers, exactly how often do you think you should be contacting them? Once a month? Once a week? And despite what every media talking head is spouting, times like these are great for business. If someone had a product or service that could transform your life, just how often would you want to hear about it? Is it getting the right list of prospects for your offer?

      Is it creating a product that someone actually wants? Increasing the number of times you contact your customers is one of the smartest things you can do for your business. The internet makes it possible and profitable. Tough times are a huge opportunity to profit. The secret is that times like these give you a huge leg-up in overcoming the big marketing challenge I just mentioned.

      That they hear about how you can help them. Any direct mail promotion would take a few weeks to go from idea to hitting mailboxes. A LOT could happen in that amount of time. Stock markets could crash… entire industries could disappear. A promotion had to take a snapshot of what your target customer was probably thinking and feeling at one particular moment in time.

      When that promotion hit mailboxes, the chance was slim that your target market was still thinking those exact things. Plenty of folks do. But why stop at one million when you can make tens of millions today? With far less effort, risk or expense? But you need to be fast. Fast enough to take an event like the collapse of investment bank Bear Stearns and turn it into sales for your business.

      Or fast enough to take the latest housing numbers and use them to your advantage. What does it take to become great exactly? Simple answer: a willingness to take your chances by pulling up alongside greatness and giving it your best shot. In fact, I still remember the first time I chanced upon his uglier than ugly website back in like and started devouring his material.

      There are obviously as many styles of writing copy as there are kinds of people. The good copywriters might all sound good. What is this magical ingredient? I got reamed like that the other week in martial arts. Trust me, it gets your attention. This sounds easy. Two totally different things. Goes way beyond features and benefits stuff. This is, of course, all I care about.

      What I obsess about. And the better I get at it, the deeper I realize it can go. You can stop digging early, before you find the gold. These days, we seem to favor volume over depth. People are churning out a ton of content and copy, but the depth of thinking behind that stuff is pretty shallow. What this means is that you end up with 4 million touches of your subscriber or your prospect, but ZERO impact. More volume, less impact. That requires real thinking.

      The Celebrity Expert Formula! OK… switching gears, fast and sharp. I had to contact his office to get my copy. The extra legwork was worth it though. You become the guru… yada, yada, yada. Perry mentions that Dan Kennedy asked him for permission to distribute the report to one of his high fee workshop attendees.

      In my former life as a musician, I was around a lot of people who spent hours a day practicing their instruments. Other parts of their life were minimized or even ignored. In the business world, you find the same. Intense focus on certain things to the near exclusion of others. Is this balance? Just this morning I read an article that argued balance is a myth.

      There is no objective definition. I do have and want balance in my life and work. And yours is unique to you. A lot of people would call that man extremely unbalanced. Yes, he screwed up a lot of things. Pretty sure we all have that trait in common. But he was balanced, in his own way. You have to be balanced, or you fall over. OK… back to building the empire. See you next time,! Jason Leister www. Previous guests include:! Dear Mr. My name is Talula Leister.

      He sends you letters and emails all the time about marketing and copywriting. At this point, you might think that this letter is gonna be all about me. Lead flow increased from 2 per week to 7 per DAY. If you are looking to boost the results of YOUR business, then call my daddy. His name is Jason and his phone number is: ! Talula Leister P. Feel free to mention my letter when you call my daddy. Just leave out the part about me sneaking into his office. So the routine is to simply start delivering real value stuff that can help them to prospective clients.

      You do it well and you do it consistently. Those two things are important. This is real work. But it works… and in my experience, it works very, very well. Letter after letter after letter… until one day, the prospect picks up the phone and decides to work with me.

      And that is not a way to attract clients. Attracting clients is not a mystery. It is an art and it is a science. And you, my friend, can do it. Like any art, it takes practice and it takes some dedication to push through the difficult parts. Trust me that it is. I promise. Not long ago, I presented a webinar about attracting clients. The emphasis is on the words slowly and gently.

      That's key. To answer that question, let me tell you a short story. Right now, my wife is pregnant with our sixth child. She's a midwife, so I know a lot more about the birth process than probably It is truly amazing when you understand the thousands and thousands of things that are going on as a little one grows from a tiny little spec into a full grown baby. Perhaps the MOST amazing thing, however, is that the instructions and blueprint for that entire being are included right from the getgo.

      Just like a plant growing in the garden, the course of its entire development environmental influences aside is programmed into that tiny seed. When your clients show up, they too contain just about everything for their development as a client of yours. Where do they get their programming? From your marketing of course. They get it from the system you use to attract clients.

      If you have clients that balk at your fees, are annoying to work with and just make your life crazy, then take a look at your client attraction process. Something in there led them to believe that their current behavior is acceptable to! Something in there attracted those folks to you. You have to find out what that is and change it. And it all begins with The Care and Feeding of Leads! It's easy to get frustrated when you're trying to generate leads.

      And then the business just up and disappeared. That sucks. Understand this: leads are just like plants. They require time to grow. You don't just generate leads, you grow them. Think of yourself planting a garden. This is hard for me because everything green I touch seems to die a very quick death. Hopefully you fare better with the plant kingdom. When you plant your seeds, you don't expect to wake up the next day and find a beautiful garden.

      In that case, you know that you have to provide the food and care required for the seeds to grow. If you rush things, you run the risk of killing the plants before they even have a chance. It's no different with leads. The process of generating a lead and having that lead become a client can take a long time. It can require phone calls, and many, many touches where you deliver value to your prospect. There is nothing wrong with this. In fact, a long process is often preferable.

      If you force things, you become an obvious salesman in the eyes of your prospect. If you don't force things, it is easier to cement yourself as a professional in the mind of your prospect. As the leads come in, don't put pressure on yourself to "sell them. Some of the leads will close right away and others won't. This is how you fill your pipeline with business at various stages of development. Then, you allow your systems email, direct mail, public speaking, etc. I repeat: the best clients are the ones that slowly and gently end up at your doorstep, NOT the ones you beat over the head and drag back home.

      As if that's a smart way to get a client anyway. My recommendation is to give up on the idea of getting clients fast. It can happen, it does happen and it will happen, but to make that your goal is not going to allow you to attract the quality clients you really want to be working with.

      Don't freak thinking this sounds complicated. A system can be one simple thing you do consistently. Do you have a system? Or do you just go through life hoping someone shows up? What tools do you have out there newsletters, videos, interviews, blog posts, strategic referral relationships, etc.

      If you have nothing working for you, then there's something for your TODO list for right now. Don't wait. I don't care if the media says you're supposed to be out shopping. Screw that. Your well-being is a bit more important don't you think? Ideally, you need a system like this in place months before it can generate a client. In a pinch, starting NOW will also do. Remember, you don't go GET clients. That's the wrong energy completely.

      And it's a terrible way to go into things You attract clients, pure and simple. How are you doing that for your business? Think about it and take action today. Attraction Is Law! Right now, I'm writing this to you from Sedona Arizona In this town, there are a lot of people who are intensely interested in their spiritual path. This "seeker" community, as you might call them, can be pretty easily split into two groups.

      The first group I tend to shy away from. Those are the "spiritual ones" who make it a priority that everyone KNOW just how spiritual they are. Then there is the other group. Those are the people who have no need to talk about their spirituality. Those are the people who have little reason to share what is their own personal journey. And those are the people who have no need for outside validation of their values, goals, ideas or ideals.

      I tend to shy away from the first group because, frankly, they're tiring as hell to be around. Kinda turns your stomach, actually. And you get a good feeling that the person's really just trying to hide something. What they're hiding, is of course a topic for another day. The second group however, is oddly attractive. In their silence and their confidence is power. Did you get that? Their silence is power. And with that power comes mystery. Mystery, dear reader, is universally attractive.

      When you are dealing with prospects and clients, there are three simple rules that you can follow to develop your own version of this tool. Listen more. Take measured and deliberate action. Am I suggesting you simply put on a show? Well, I'll leave you to make your own decisions about that. I would argue, however, that we're all putting on one kind of a show or another all the time.

      The question really is whether or not you're aware of just what kind of "show" you're putting on. To the extent that you can develop an authentic air of mystery and power around you, things will flow. And this will help increase your attraction of prospects and clients. You can make this authentic for you with just a little bit of trial and error.

      Find what works for you. This takes discipline, but it's well worth the effort.

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