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      SB: Well I have been keeping busy. So this year was good! There Is no secret! It's just luck I guess, I do a con of PR for myself but you still have dry spells. Everyone does. That would be a dream come true! The first poster is already on the morfeet Taylor St Claire in front of the mirror and a second is coming soon lorisso McComas and Holly Hollywood used for tiie cover of this issue , plus a calendar is also planned. I still don't consider myself a photogra- pher at all.

      I definitely fall into the category of illustrator. The pliotos are simply a base to work from. Draw- ingand painting are still the founda- tion of everything. D: Did you go to school for this? I stud- ied Visual Communications, with a major in airbrush illustration. D: What have you done as an art- ist? Gardner Graphics in Gaspoit, New York doing airbrush designs for pro sports merchandising. So when I decided to do a pinup project I wanted to come up with something different, instead of just another bikini calendar or girls on motorcycles.

      Most of the vam- pire vixens you do see out there are paintings. Not as many people have done it with manipulated photogra- phy. I wanted these vamps to feel as real as possible. The only way to ac- complish that was to start with a photograph. It was a little challeng- ing because the girls have to be sexy first and still be a little intimidating and scary at the same time. Working there has given me the opportunity to work on a lot of stuff for Twentieth Cen- tury Fox. I also do a lot of il- lustration for toy and computer software packaging.

      Prior to that, I worked for a company called D: What is the process for creat- ing one of these pieces? Frankenstein on the com- puter. The end pose is very rarely taken from one shot. Next comes the cos- The combination of photos and artwork create the final image. Most of the backgrounds are painted from scratch in PhotoShop. D: How much time would you say is involved in creating one finished piece? TM: After their photography is done I can usually complete the piece in a couple of days.

      This whole project was done on evenings and weekends for the last year, so when I say a couple of days that means weekend full days. D: You have worked with a lot of fairly popular actresses for these pieces. How did you approach them and talk them into doing something like this?

      TM: In the beginning it was not easy I did one sample piece with a pic- ture of a model I got from the Internet and used that to show the girls what the final piece was going to look like. The first girl I shot was Frosty, a friend of mine who is a lo- cal dancer here in LA. When 1 told her about the idea she loved it, she is really into the whole vampire thing like me. She even had her own fengs. The more images I did, the easier it was to get bigger names involved.

      Once they saw what it was going to be like they got pretty excited to be involved. I met Taylor St. Claire adult film star at the CES convention in Las Vegas and asked her if she wanted to be in the series. So now the ball was roll- ing. Sev- eral months later when I thought the projectwas finished, I metTylene Buck who is one my favorite fitness models, She has been on the cover of coo many magazines to mention. When she agreed to be in it I gladly extended the series to accommo- date two more images of her D: Do you have a finished piece in your head when you take the pho- tos or do you just have a general idea and get the inspiration from the photos themselves?

      TM: I have a general idea of what I'm looking to get out of the shoot but usually the end result evolves into something else entirely, which I welcome. It really depends on the girl and how comfortable they are with the process. I am al- ways reminding them that the photo is just a base and the background is completely irrelevant. The end prod- uct is not going to look anything like the environment it was created in. D: What was the reaction of the models in seeing the final work?

      I usually will tweak the eye color and flesh tones so they end up looking pretty dif- ferent, as well as changing their hair around. In the end I started shoot- ing them with their hair in a pony- tail so I could do what ever I wanted with it later. For example, I would paint the hair all blown to one side to give the image some motion and life.

      D: Do you have a personal fascina- tion with vampires? TM: I chink vampires are cool! I love it eveiy time I see another vam- pire movie come out. Before I started this project I read a book on the truth about vam- pires, fact or fiction, and it was re- ally interesting. D: Manyillustratorsfeartheevolve- mentofcomputerart, yetyou seem to embrace it.

      What do you feel about the progression of art into computers and where do you think it is going? TM: I fought getting into the com- puter just as much as everyone else. Thatwas where the industry was going and if I wanted to stay in it I had to switch over. As far as the word artist changing, I don't think so at all. The computer is only a tool. It still cakes an artist in every sense of the word to create something beautiful on the com- puter The biggest misconception out there is that the computer does all the work.

      What the companies learned was it was a lot easier to take an artist and teach them the computer than it was to take a computer whiz and teach them to be an artist. All the same rules apply on the computer about light and form and everything you learn in art school. TM:Yes it has, the first poster is be- ing distributed by a publisher here in LosAngeles called Image It is available at Spencer Gifts nation- wide and the second poster is in production right now.

      By the time this article comes out it should be in stores also. The first one is the image ofTaylor St. Claire standing in front of the mirror. D: Are these posters for sale just in stores? TM: Besides Spencer Gifts, anyone interested in ordering one direct can e-mail me at tmauro loop. TM; If the posters do well enough to justify producing all of them.

      I'm all for it. But, as of now, no hard num- ber of how many to produce has been decided. They will ail be in the calendar for which is still up for grabs. If the calen- dar gets picked up it will most likely be released in August of this year. D: Do you have similar projects planned containing photography and computer art?

      It will be similar in the style but will have a different theme than vampires. D: Any long-term goals? TM: I really enjoy doing this kind of work and would like to continue doing it and hopefully every project will get better and better. I would like to eventually put together a book of my own, with all the other stuff I do as well as the pinup stuff. Anyone interested in contacting Tony Mauro directly can call his studio OL m. I had a blast working once again with Jenny Wallace and old friend John Saenz.

      This is also my first "straight" horror film, no comedy this time, and I spent a lot of time bloody, so check out www. DragonscrolLcom for release information. My trading card set is now available! E-mail me at leslieculton hotmail.

      So keep your eyes open! That's it! People wanted to learn more about the young girl with the piercing blue eyes. Having starred in a number of vid- eos where she has been i-aped, tick- led, strangled and defiled in many other numerous ways, she is sur- prisingly still as cute as she was the first time she was murdered. Where are you from? Jersey's great! D: What type of home life did you have? MM: Okay. We can go there briefly. But my folks are great, they always have been. D: Did you have any idea of what you wanted to do when you moved out?

      I thought that someday 1 would be a movie star. And I never considered being a musician, how- ever, the idea of being a rock-n-roll star has often crossed my mind. D: How did you hook up with Fac- tory ? MM: I'm not really sure I think maybe one night Bill Hellfire put something a little funny in my drink. Whatever it was, it left me inclined to get naked and brutalized for the sake of exploitation. And then there's the brainwashing No, I'm just kidding, of course!

      Bill and I go way back, We're from the same town, we went to the same high school seven years apart , but actually I've known him since the early days of Severed Lips Record- ings. Back then, it was just a record label. In retrospect, I don't even think that I realized what I was get- ting into when shooting my segment for the movie. I was doing it purely for fun. MM: I guess it probably works both ways. And really. On the other hand. I'm sure there are plenty of people tfiat may never even check out one of our movies for the same reason.

      Those cats that prefer more womanly, voluptuous actresses are probably not enthused with the whole pedophilia appeal of Factory D: All of your movies deal with women getting strangled, tickled or violated in some fashion or another. What are your feelings on tliese movies and the people that watch them?

      MM: I think it's absolutely bizarre, of course. Personally, I don't have a foot fetish, strangulation fetish, or anything quite like chat. Buuya know, we all have our unique fantasies. Honestly, for me, tickle torture is a face far worse than death by asphyxia. Besides, major studios only offer a watered down version of the same violent acts.

      Wa tch- ing someone get beaten, raped or strangled for twenty minutes straight is an uncomfortable experience. It's true horror! It has much more of an impact than Hollywood's thirty- second segment. The fact chat these obsessively long torture segments sell our fims is testimony to what the public really wants. Factoi7 wants to give it to them, O: Do you think feeding the public this type of entertainment is healthy?

      The public is a bunch of assholes. I know the fetish world of sex and violence would exist without Misty Mundae.. As sweet and innocent as I may appear to be I'm just as much a sexual deviant as many of my fans. I am an exhibitionist, an anarchist and quite the eccentric If you ask Bill Hellflre, he'll cell you that the cause he is lead- ing is for destruction. Factoiy was created "to further the decline of die western society.

      Have you ever ran into any fans that scared you? MM: Not really. I get all types, some stranger than others. But, really, I find a lot of them to be Yei7 personable. I appreciate anyone who likes me enough to come back for more, D: Could you describe an average Misty Mundae fan?

      I have couples tliat seem like tliey're in their 40s coming to my table and buy multiple movies. But I suppose the large majority of my fans are typically weird. D:Whac are your feelings on die les- bian aspects of your movies? MM: The lesbian scenes in our movies are probably more on the mainstream end of our stuff. In fact. I want the girl on girl scenes to get more hot from now on. You'll probably be seeing a lot more of that kind of stuff in the new Factor movies D: Where do you draw the line?

      And believe me, it has been suggested. MM; The bulk of the scenes chat ended up on the cutting room floor figuratively speaking of course, this is video we're talking about include a bloody wire hanger abortion, the consumption of the aborted fetus, and then some random fecal mat- ter consumption is thrown in there, too, We were just crying to give you your money's worth with this one.

      However, the bloody blow job scene never saw it's way to the edited copy. Sorry, folks! D; Your sex scenes with Bill Hellfire get pretty intense sometimes, do you think they will ever cross the line into X-raced material? I watch some of the other low- budget stuff that comes out, just to get an idea of what's out there, and what other videographers are do- ing. I do enjoy some of the rape porn of the sixties and seventies.

      MM: Well, the cast of that movie was all female, about 10 different girls. Basically, we wanted to do an all-girl orgy. But it's been difficult to re- group that entire cast again to finish the rest of our scenes. We have about four or five more scenes to do before we can start editing. But it will be worth it when we can fi- nally put it out. D: Do you have ideas for movies that may differ from the standard Fac- tory formula? MM; Not really. We are all pretty much on the same wavelength for what we're working on right now.

      I have a few ideas of my own for a slasher film, but it's all tentative right now. When those two kids snapped at Columbine High everyone in the Factory was walk- ing on clouds Is the machine finally break- ing down to the point where our youth is beginning to exterminate each other at puberty? Then to see it replayed on the news again and again made the incident a prime target.

      The final out- come is a wonderful gut-splitting so- cial satire. I play a preachy Born Again Christian who condemns her classmates to hell. Definitely the most controversial picture I have ever been involved with. The movie has barely been released and the producers are getting tons of hate mail and death threats. Since there are no distributors willing to touch it as of yet it's being distributed through our web site www. What happens is people send W.

      I guess he figures nothing is coo weird for Factoiy D:Any funny or scary mishaps while shooting any of your fetish movies. MM: Only once. He really cut me! Being the trooper that I am, I didn't call cut, and we just kept shooting. Then Bill drank my blood. D: What type of movies do you like to watch? MM: All types. It was a great decade for horror and exploitation. AIejandroJodorowski is a phenomenal director. Very inspir- ing, completely baffling.

      Aside from surrealism, his films are a kind of sociopolitical satire, kind of like MM: S ure, maybe George A. D: Do you have any plans for the future. Do you hope to expand your acting career? MM: Oh. I don't know. But for the time be- ing it is kind of purusing me.

      D; If there were movie producers out there that were interested in hiring you for a movie with more of a story rather than just fetish type material, would you be inter- ested? MM: Of course. I'd love to make career out of acting. Sure, it would depend on the role.

      I'm really not interested in Hollywood movies at all. I'd much rather stay "under- ground" and remain part of the indie world. D: Most people, myself included, were just mesmerized by your eyes. Do you use that power to get what you want, or are you even aware of its exist- ence?

      MM: Shucks. I guess it's kind of a catch, because even though my eves are one of my favorite features, they don't re- ally serve any other purpose. I chink maybe If I had the option to trade in my vi- sually impaired baby blues for a set of browns with D: Will there be a Misty Mundae fan club? D: Can you describe yourself and what you are all about?

      Beautiful ladies, tents, blow- up dolls and campfires. What do all these things have in com- mon? And uniquely, the majority of these parodies are sexual in nature. So, Mike Raso wrote a script with us girls in it, and how could I say no to a spin off. But the main thrust of the movie comes through the extreme sexual desire which arises in the girls as they fall prey to the powers of the Erotic Witch.

      Each in turn displays their own sexual prowess, eventually delving into wild, passionate sex with each other. Each girl was cast by Jim himself - each girl is a personal friend of his. I can easily say ours is a much better film without all the hype!

      As titillating as this one is, the humor adds extra en- joyment to this parody - an en- joyment that comes through in the performances. We had a blast! Plus I roomed with Lorissa McComas and that is a story in itself As internet users jump onto the site, they are invited to follow a series of clues to unravel the mystery of the missing tape.

      When found, an eyeful of these beautiful ladies awaits us in a very hot video. Now, the footage has been found. And are there more parodies to come? But for now. A vampire you fear yet crave It just happened. I have always dreamed about be- ing an actress as long as I can remember. The cast and crew had a lot of fun together shopping and hanging out at the beach. D: Do you like being a vam- pire? PL: I really enjoyed playing the queen. It was a fantasy come true.

      I was served wine and my servants could never stand higher than me, because it showed disrespect. D: What was the most fun dur- ing the movie? PL: We had the most fun shoot- ing the death scene. We all started laughing as we hit the floor!

      D: Any comments or stories about working with your cast members? PL: We had zero problems, a great group to work with. D: Is this your first movie? My role was a pre-law student directed by Fred Watkins. I had to do my own stunt work. Underwa- ter fighting, jumping over a large retainer wall, learning how to scuba dive in three minutes and do it right for 6 hours! D: Any other upcoming hor- ror or vampire roles? PL: Nothing planned yet. I'll keep you posted! D: I understand you are also going to be playing Crystal Gayle in an upcoming produc- tion.

      When will it be out? PL: I am doing the research on that one. That film is still being cast for the other characters. D: Making it as an actress is harder and harder these days. Has it been tough going getting parts? PL: For the most part I have been modeling. Acting is some- thing new for me. D: I know you are an active model.

      How have things been going? PL: I have been real busy trav- eling. D: You always hear horror sto- ries about modeling experi- ences with lecherous photog- raphers. Have you ever been in any uncomfortable situations? Keeping fingers crossed Work- ing with a can of mace in your hand is not going to work ob- viously. PL: Always get references and see samples of their work.

      D: How do you feel about nu- dity on the set and in your own acting roles? PL: Nudity does not bother me at all. I chink the human body is beautiful. PL: The shoot in question was done with a close friend, Janeen Lee. Who wouldnt want to pose with her? I like living out my fantasies on film, I would be too shy in real life. D: Is there a point where things become too crude or exploitive? PL: I have heard horror stories, but none that I can comment on. D: Do you find your acting or modeling causes any problems with your family life?

      PL: Yes it does. My husband and daughter would like me to not travel. They miss me. Of course. D: If you were going to get pierced where would you do it. D: If you were going to get a tattoo what would it be and where would you put it? PL: I would never do that. D: You were a living canvas for a body painter. How did you enjoy the experience? D: You have lovely long hair. What is the longest its ever been?

      D: What is your idea of a per- fect romantic evening? D: If you could do a love scene with any actor who would it be? PL: Ricky Martin of course! PL: I wish I knew. This vam- pire thriller stars Tracy Lines in the lead role of Arabella, the young col- lege student looking for a man, She is pursued by Penny Lynn as Carmilla, the Vampire Queen. Saphire, Krystal Sixx and 1.

      Antony McPherson round out the cast in supporting roles. Through an ad in the local per- sonals, Clark, played by Stacy Killmoor, finds the girl of his dreams, slightly mysterious but wonderful to be with. Just when he thinks things are under control, if a little strange, in comes Carmilla theVampire Queen, played by Penny and her minion Babs to make life a strange and otherworldly nightmare.

      This is a good first outing into the erotic vampire realm. The plot has a surprise ending which I like in horror films. Viewers should keep an eye out for an enticing striptease and champagne shower scene with Tracy Lines. Much like the Broadway perfor- mance of Dracula, she plays the vampire queen with a sultry delight in being someone with an evil mind, special powers and a will to use them. While the supporting perfor- mances could be a little stronger and the editing needs to be improved, I would rate this a fair first release give it 2 stars out of Katie starts things off with an into- the-lens recap of the Erotic Witch ur- ban legend: back in a local girl who was overly sexually charged was taken out to the woods and abandoned supposedly beginning a chain of super- natural infections of hyper-sexuality for anyone who has since wandered in that region of the wood.

      The girls briefly discuss the purpose of their jaunt into the woods, take a break for some cute lesbian shenani- gans involving Victoria in the shower and then Darian treats the viewers to an extended masturbation sequence. The humor at this point seems forced and broad and it would appear that the video is about to head downhill fast. But if you stay with it, the wide variety of action really starts to pick up. One by one the girls are touched by the spirit of the unseen witch and take turns getting all hot and horny and running around nekkid.

      The req- uisite map is lost, their bearings go astray, and they begin to bicker and argue. Each girl treats us to her own little tableau of wantonness as she becomes inspired to new erotic heights. As the clothes come off, the clothes become lost and now we have three beautiful naked girls lost in the woods.

      Co-producer Mike Raso warns us that this special presentation of the video is limited to only copies and, after they run out, the mainstream release will be shorn of most of the extremes on hand here. If you are a normal male or really cool female , you won't want to miss this scene. When her hands are on herself, you definitely will not have your hands on the remote control. All three of the women in the cast are very attractive and talented.

      The performances ring as true as one could hope for in such a small production. Also included in this special presen- tation is a lengthy documentary about the mockumentary. There is even more extended footage featuring the frightened-out-of-their-clothes females and it would appear that most of this bonus material will disappear upon general release.

      We suspect that there will still be much to recommend when the tamer version is finally released but it would be foolish to wait and settle when the real thing is available now. Pro- duced and directed by Mark Savage. Re- leased on VHS by E. Independent Cin- ema in stereo, hi-fi. When you're working with a title like this, you'd better produce the goods. Depending upon your expectations from such a title, you either going to love this one or hate it.

      Are you game for a premise that involves a masked super hero named The Mas- turbating Gunman aka The Masked Avenger who is chasing down an archvillain who has kidnapped the wanker's virgin sister in hopes of pro- ducing a new unholy savior? Want more? The kryptonite in this superhero's craw is the fact that he masturbates uncon- trollably at the very sight of a naked woman.

      Adding to the confusion of the plot, the Masked Avenger, besides his du- ties as the Masturbating Gunman, also runs an unmasked agency through which he retrieves kidnapping victims. So what is he? A super hero who hid- den identity is as another super hero? Oh, that's right. Once the premise has you in the bag, you get to sit through plenty of pad- ding mostly featuring boring faux rep- artee performed with odd Euro ac- cents.

      Naturally, the Sister's only way out of being raped by this madman is to al- low herself to be raped by everyone of his army of henchman. Okay, let's get this straight: the best way to avoid being raped by one lunatic is to allow your- self to be raped by a half-dozen or so other lunatics!

      All right, all right. I remem- ber now. All of these complaints aside. The editing is sort of disjointed and there are long stretches of sleep-in- ducing monologues and diatribes. But if you are one of the lucky ones who have bought the premise, then a heavy finger on the fast forward button might lead you to some enjoyment.

      After all, there is plenty of pseudo-gore and a dash of fine female flesh on hand no pun intended, Mr. A minor downside here, this is one of those flicks whose erotic eye is most defi- nitely focus on ratings as opposed to out and out eroticism because all of these female distractions strip down only to their panties, not one of 'em gets downright nekkid. The script hints at traces of genius and some of the performances are al- most decent. Packaged nicely by E.

      Independent Cinema with a stunning bikini-clad blonde on the cover, this Shock-O- Rama Production is coyly misrepre- sented by her presence. An enthusiastic time-waster. Indepen- dent Cinema in stereo, hi-fi. This minor time-waster is one of the most unpleasant and unenjoyable films to come down the pike in quite some time. With his name above the titles, ex- Star Trekker James Doohan gives us further evidence as to why he will al- ways be remembered for playing Scot- tie the engineer and nothing else.

      But the burden of the story is placed upon the fragile shoulders Detective Grant Sutherland, played by sophomoric Kent continued on page 45 30 Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Zachary Winston Snygg, the writer and director behind E. Zachary and his brother, Spencer Snygg, have been in the film busi- ness for over ten years. Like the Coens, the Snyggs enjoy shooting scenes that employ stylized camera work and odd-ball characters.

      The heart or story behind any film is not what a film may seem to be on the surface. Ghosts, boxing and disc jockeys are just textures and set- tings to the films. I worked in retail and I was very lonely. One day I had made a con- scious decision to try very hard to change all these things - and I did, to a certain degree.

      Of course, I dis- covered that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Sometimes getting what you want is not as good as wanting something. D: There are many scenes that have nudity in the film. Did you feet un- comfortable shooting nudity? My mother was an artist in New York City. Ever since I was a kid I have seen nude photos, paintings, and sculptures of both women and men. PTA meetings, for in- stance, is not the right time to bring up these types of discussions.

      Par- ticularly when you go to a Catholic high school. When I went to NYU, there were many experimental films being produced in the city. When you ask an experimental film- maker. After the initial shock of seeing a naked person walking around eating donuts with a paper mobile welded to his or her head and private parts, you become de- sensitized to the whole experience.

      D: So you never felt uncomfort- able at all about the issue of nudity? SNYGG: The only time I ever feel uncomfortable about shooting na- ked folks is when you have an actor who feels uncomfortable about do- ing nudity. Years ago I was a sound engineer on a film, and the director, who was also the star, wanted his girlfriend to do a sex scene with him.

      His girlfriend was extremely uncom- fortable with being nude on film, let alone doing a sex scene with her boyfriend. Then again maybe she was. This guy was a kook. Anyway, when it came time to the shoot, she began crying - literally! The director wanted to go on with the movie and began yelling at his girlfriend. I eventually walked off the set in disgust, and they shot the scene without me.

      When I saw the dailies, his girlfriend actually held her blanket up to her neck and cov- ered her whole body. He, on the other hand, was completely naked humping his flabby ass over her cov- ered body. It was ridiculous. D: How did you end up working with Rerun anyway? I was a camera guy on the project, and when the show was finished, I ap- proached him and told him that I was doing a movie. I asked him if he was interested in working on a ac- tion flick with tons of nudity.

      He wanted to know how much money I was go- ing to pay him. I told him. He said yes, and that was it. D: What was he like and what was it like working with him? As a mat- ter of fact, she was one of the nicest actors that I had ever worked with. No actor I know would ever let an out-of-control film crew that likes to tear up electrical boxes and hang lights from pets come into a house and start production.

      We went over her house and she was a very gracious hostess. In between takes, we would play with her daugh- ter and carry her around the set. I would work with Amy Lynn Baxter again in a second. We also kept her house very much intact. D: Did you end up working in Rerun's home as weii? But 1 reaiiy didn't need to shoot at his place ei- ther.

      Fred Berry is a very iiveiy and animated guy. When I worked with him, he owned and ran a dance studio in New York City. Fred has since reio- cated to Los Angeies, and I have heard that he is doing the same thing out West.

      Fred Berry was initiaiiy one of the dancers on SouiTrain,but Don Corneiius fired him when Fred asked if he couid get paid. Appar- entiy, at ieast back then, Soui Train did not pay for its dancers. I tend to shoot very quickiy. We got it done, and he was very cooi with the scheduie and was more than capabie of keeping up with the rest of us. Fred is quite funny in the movie.

      Well sort of I have the scenes written in an outline form which the actors follow. I have it set up so that an improvised scene is structured like a written scene. In every scene a char- acter has a need or a goal and this goal is conflicted by an antagonist or an inner conflict.

      Tension in a scene is created because characters gen- erally don't say outright what they want. The subtext would be created due to the fact chat the viewer is listening to what the characters are saying, but he sees different and sometimes conflicting actions transpiring in the same scene. D: Debbie Rochon is very good in this movie and she is a very big pait of its success. How did the two of you end up working together? She has a very natural qual- ity which I love, and she is very good at improvisation.

      I actually acted in a scene with her, and I thought we had very good "screen" chemistry. Years ago, I used to read aiticles and reviews which she wrote. I had no idea that she was an actress. I hated the film, but I thought she was very good. There are many actresses who are labeled B-movie actors. But Debbie is quite good. Regardless of how the public and fans label her - B-Queen, Scream Queen, whatever - the truth is she is a serious actress. She seems more realistic than the over-the-top char- acters that you, John Fedele and Rerun portray.

      I think for an audience to identify with a char- acter and find him or her engaging, they must be more bound in reality. Debbie's character is written very differently. She is Frank's ideal woman. She is the woman that Frank believes he will fall madly in love with because they are so similair. In reality, Frank hardly knows her, but all his actions in the film are to win her love. This is because the Frank character has some obvious social and mental problems.

      D: Tina Krause Is also in this movie. Although she does appear nude in the film in a very cute scene. Hey, I'm sorry to all the Tina Krause fans out there, but I had to let her live just this once. D: There are many other pretty women in this movie as well that appear in the background of Hooterville.

      How do you find these women chat will take their clothes off so readily? Bob Gonzo, who also appears in the film, hired all the dancers in the movie. I actually only worked with them for one day. Bob actually surprised me because he brought three women as opposed to the two that I had initially expected.

      Tianna was a friend of one of the girls, and she decided that she Just wanted to be in the film. Once again the nice thing about working with professional dancers is chat nudity is never an issue with them. I can t even think of what I'll be work- ing on next. I hope to do the film festival tour with the film. I have never even submitted my film to a festival. This should be lots of fun. Sometime in early , the film will be available through E. Indepen- dent Cinema, I have gotten many positive reviews so far.

      Some say he is the offspring of a human woman and a devil from Hell. Others insist at one time he was merely a man Whatever the case, he has known the pleasures and pains of the world. He has experienced every deviancy and perversion known to man and demon alike and has revelled in it. Others simply. He walks amongst us now often confined to tfie darkest backroads of the human un- conscious. But now he is free There is no place to escape him Where have you been hiding?

      D:Are you serious? And the moment they opened the door I bolted for freedom and grabbed the first camera I could find and started to shoot again. D: What might have you been shoot- ing? The latter two are currently in. D:Was he in the crazy house with you? C: In a way. You see for. He also offered to set up our Conspiracy Journal web site at www.

      We worked well together and so when we had some spare time — and since we both had a background in cin- ema we decided to join forces to bring exploitation back into the movies where it belongs.. Anyway, there was this blending of cos- mic minds. In short, Creepo felt he could trust this indie whiz to start and complete a project in a professional — and commercial — manner.

      Something that is difficult to find in this low bud- get B-movie business. Her appearances on the Internet are innumerable, but can be tracked by conducting a search through most search engines under Mistress Persephone. As far as ac- tual gore goes, I remember being 3 years old and my little brother was out in the yard walking on these squash that were encircling this hole in the ground filled with soda bottles.

      He slipped and his knee right open and 1 have rec- ollections of a bone protruding through the flesh, with blood squirt- ing everywhere. My mother ran out and wrapped a towel on it, and off he went to the hospital. D: What is your favorite vampire movie of all time? Christopher Lee is my favorite Dracula, and the gothic imagery in that film has always mesmerized me. I fantasized for years about having him come to my bal- cony window to taste my blood.

      D: Do you look for a sexy vampire when you watch or rent a video? Not really. I usu- ally hope that I can enjoy the film, mostly. So many of them are just awful. If there is a sexy vampire in it, then that's an added bonus. D: What would you like to person- ally see in a horror film that has not been done yet?

      D: You've done dozens of fetish vid- eos What have been your most memorable ones and why has the fetish market continued to grow? Thac is my favorite video to date. D: Now that you have two horror films under your belt, how would you compare this to doing a fetish video?

      Days versus hours and I actually have a script where I normally ad-lib every- thing and stick to a rough outline. Horror films are harder work, but I have way more fun doing them be- cause the cast and crew have been amazing people! I under- stand you do a similar performance.

      What is the fescination with pain and pleasure and how do you justify the two? I was a part of that performance as well. I was standing right next toViolet getting pierced across my chest and abdo- men. Mostly my fascination is having control of my body; strength- ening the mind to overcome any pain is a huge adrenaline rush com- parable to the marathon runner who pushes himself even chough ev- ery muscle strains in anguish in or- der to achieve his goal.

      It's a very dramatic scene. Can you de- scribe what really happened that night? Apparently the cards were stacked in our favor because it be- gan to rain in torrents that night and it was about 40 degrees outside. I was very excited to finally be able to do this type of scene, so I ran out of the house and onto the beach in a tiny PVC miniskirt and halter top.

      We got some great footage, but it rained so hard that a lot of it was unusable, but managed to save some of it. At one point we had a squad car circling the area because some- one heard me screaming. I jumped right into the waves to drench myself and did it as fast as I could. It was completely exhilarat- ing and exciting. D: Do you prefer horror, slasher films or appearing in erotic vampire videos? She was the first per- son who ever really affected me in chat way. I wanted to be like her char- acter.

      D: What are your objectives. Where would you like to take your career? I definitely would like to continue making movies and I plan to keep adding to my website and writing freelance as well. D: When did you first get turned onto horror films and what movies got you hooked? The SPFX were awful, but it got me addicted to horror. Another one of my first movies completely terrified me as a child. Once I started learning English, I started watching horror films on American stations.

      Hammer Films were also my favorites. Christopher Lee being my first crush. D: Do sex and blood share a com- mon ground? I have always been aroused by crimson imagery in movies and in life. I first started to associate blood with sexuality at an early age watch- ing actresses like Barbara Steele and Ingrid Pitt dripping it from their blood-soaked fangs or from gaping wounds.

      In my performance art, I try always to incorporate either bloody body parts or blood itself because I find nothing sexier than human flesh coated in scarlet liquid. D: How do you seperate reality from fantasy? If my whole life was constantly in one realm, than it would never be excit- ing to cross over into the other.

      D:Why is there a rise in the popu- larity of vampire and goth literature and culture? I would see it more as a resurgence and that is all happening because histoi'y re- peats itself. What happens to justify this exploitative title? Something they have never done before.

      D; How does he go about doing that? C: Naturally, I don't want to give too much of the plot away and ruin it for our viewers. Director Mark Mori. Douglas Miller. Top credits Director Mark Mori. See more at IMDbPro. Trailer Bettie Page Reveals All. Photos Add photo. Top cast Edit. Bettie Page Self as Self.

      Richard W. Mark Mori. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Connections Features Jeepers Creepers User reviews 19 Review. Top review. Spanky-Spanky As a model for such magazines with titles like "Teasarama" - Bettie Page was certainly no stick-figure super-model as we so often see today.

      This full-figured gal was all boobs and butt. And, yes, she was totally uninhibited about displaying her ample charms to the camera. Viewer discretion is advised!

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