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      Explore releases from The Doors at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from The Doors at the Discogs Marketplace. The Doors The Doors Album Cover; Doors Albums. ' Released: January ' Released: April The Doors is the debut album by the. Channel Details: Title: Torrents by keyword "the doors discography" - KickassTorrents; Channel Number: ; Language: eng; Registered On: December 30, GTA VICE CITY FULL INDIR TORRENTLE INDIR When you are comes doors torrent discography some labels for Narrator. It always performs some special type and putting her the users from. The application server ensure that the do not require a full remote desktop session. To say even collected per session.

      It's strange that they fear death. Life hurts a lot more than death. At the point of death, the pain is over. Yeah — I guess it is a friend. In 'The End', the vocal interlude of the final minutes was mixed down to make Morrison's repeated use of the word 'fuck' unintelligible. The song would be featured prominently in 's film. Elektra Records edited the line 'she gets high', knowing a drug reference would discourage airplay most remasters from onward have the original portions of both 'Break On Through' and 'The End' restored.

      The song is in and quite fast-paced, starting with Densmore's drum groove in which a pattern is played as a rim click underneath a driving ride cymbal pattern. Densmore appreciated the new bossa nova craze coming from, so he decided to use it in the song. Robby Krieger has stated that he took the idea for the guitar riff from 's version of the song ' originally by guitarist.

      Later, a disjointed quirky solo is played quite similar to the introduction of ' ', which has a few intentional misplaced notes in it. The bassline, similar to a typical bass line used in bossa nova, continues almost unhindered all of the way through the songs verses and solo section.

      The chorus varies slightly, with the last two notes being an octave higher than usual, creating an ascending, repeating phrase. Although the album version was just over seven minutes long, it was widely requested for radio play, so a single version was edited to under three minutes with nearly all the instrumental break removed for airplay on AM radio. Manzarek played the song's bass line with his left hand on a Fender Rhodes Piano Bass while performing the other keyboard parts on a with his right hand.

      In the liner notes to the Doors retrospective, Krieger claims that it was Morrison who encouraged the others to write songs when they realized they did not have enough original material. The Doors also contains two cover songs: ' and '. The melody is changed and the verse beginning 'Show me the way to the next little dollar. Manzarek plays the along with the organ and keyboard bass.

      The Chicago blues 'Back Door Man' was written by and originally recorded. Releases The Doors was released on January 4, It made a steady climb up the, ultimately becoming a huge success in the US once 'Light My Fire' scaled the charts, with the album peaking at No. In Europe the band would have to wait slightly longer for similar recognition, with 'Light My Fire' originally stalling at No. The mono LP was deleted not long after its original release and remained unavailable until , when it was reissued as a limited edition gram audiophile LP.

      The 40th anniversary mix of the debut album presents a stereo version of 'Light My Fire' in speed-corrected form for the first time. The speed discrepancy i. The running time of 'Light My Fire', while listed correctly above, is incorrectly stated as or on some LP and CD versions of the album. An edited version was issued as the Doors' second single in May , with most of its organ and guitar solos removed it had a running time of As per the aforementioned speed discrepancy, the 40th anniversary speed-corrected mix made 'Light My Fire' , with all solos intact.

      The Doors has been released in in multichannel, and on September 14, , on hybrid stereo-multichannel by in their. The album was once again remastered and reissued on March 31, , to celebrate the album's 50th anniversary. This 50th Anniversary Deluxe Edition contains the original stereo mix including Light My Fire in its original incorrect speed and the original mono mix, both available for the first time in remastered form.

      Williams added: 'The birth of the group is in this album, and it's as good as anything in rock. The awesome fact about the Doors is that they will improve. Was less enthusiastic in his column for, recommending the album but with reservations; he approved of Manzarek's organ playing and Morrison's 'flexible though sometimes faint' singing while highlighting the presence of a 'great hard rock original' in 'Break on Through' and clever songs such as 'Twentieth Century Fox', but was critical of more 'esoteric' material such as the 'long, obscure dirge' 'The End'.

      He also found Morrison's lyrics often self-indulgent, particularly lines like 'our love becomes a funeral pyre', which he said spoiled 'Light My Fire', and 'the nebulousness that passes for depth among so many lovers of rock poetry' on 'The End'. The Doors has since been frequently ranked by critics as one of the greatest albums of all time; according to, it is the 27th most ranked record on all-time lists.

      In , Parke Puterbaugh of called the record 'the L. Foursome's most successful marriage of rock poetics with classically tempered hard rock — a stoned, immaculate classic. It is ranked number 75 on magazine's ' Greatest Albums Ever' and ranked number in In , Rolling Stone put it on their list of the 40 essential albums of Track listing All tracks written by the Doors , and , except where noted.

      Title Length 1. Title Length March 4, , at the. Retrieved Davis, Stephen From the original on December 21, Retrieved December 20, Sullivan, Steve Scarecrow Press. Hartman, Kent Hopkins, Jerry From the original on February 22, James, Lizze Detroit: Magazine. Retrieved 8 November January 12, , at the.

      Inc, Nielsen Business Media 22 July Nielsen Business Media, Inc. Retrieved 12 November Archived from on February 12, Retrieved March 31, January 26, , at the. Unterberger, Richie. From the original on December 22, Botnick, Bruce May The Doors 40th Anniversary CD liner notes. August 13, , at the. Retrieved November 3, Retrieved August 31, Love Street Not to Touch the Earth Summer's Almost Gone Wintertime Love The Unknown Soldier Spanish Caravan My Wild Love The Crystal Ship Yes, the River Knows Five to One Tell All the People Touch Me Shaman's Blues Do It Easy Ride Wild Child Runnin' Blue Twentieth Century Fox Wishful Sinful The Soft Parade Roadhouse Blues Waiting for the Sun You Make Me Real Peace Frog Blue Sunday Ship of Fools Land Ho!

      The Spy Alabama Song Whisky Bar Queen of the Highway Indian Summer Maggie M'Gill The Changeling Love Her Madly Been Down So Long Cars Hiss By My Window

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      We could be so good together Yes the river knows Five to one Bonus Tracks: Albinoni's adagio in G minor Not to touch the earth dialogue Not to touch the earth take 1 Not to touch the earth take 2 Tell all the people 2. Touch me 3. Shamans blues 4.

      Do it 5. Easy ride 6. Wild child 7. Runnin blue 8. Wishful sinful 9. The soft parade Bonus Tracks: Who scared you Whiskey, mystics and men version 1 Whiskey, mystics and men version 2 Push push Touch me dialogue Roadhouse blues 2. Waiting for the sun 3. You make me real 4.

      Peace frog 5. Blue Sunday 6. Ship of fools 7. Land ho 8. The spy 9. Queen of the highway Indian summer Maggie M'Gill Bonus Tracks: Talking blues Roadhouse blues takes Roadhouse blues take 6 Carol Roadhouse blues take 1 Money beats soul The spy version 2 Queen of the highway Jazz version - L. The changeling 2. Love her madly 3. Been down so long 4. Cars hiss by my window 5. L' America 7. Hyacinth house 8.

      Crawling king snake 9. The wasp Texas radio and the big beat Riders on the storm Bonus Tracks: Orange county suite House announcer live at the Spectrum, Philadelphia Who do you love? Backdoor man live at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena, Pittsburgh Love hides live at the Pittsburgh Civic Arena, Pittsburgh The Doors - Discography The Doors - Discography alac.

      The Doors - Discography - x. The Doors - Discography - kickass. The Doors - Discography kickass. The Doors - Discography x. The Doors - Discography [Flac] kickass. The Doors - Discography [Flac] x. The Doors Discography 40th Anniversery Editions k kickass. The Doors - Studio Discography Complete kickass. Discography - The Doors kickass.

      Discography - The Doors thepiratebay The Doors Discography 40th Anniversery Editions k thepiratebay The Doors --Complete Discography thepiratebay The Doors Discography [Lossless] kickass.

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