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    • Lolcat bible ebook torrent

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      lolcat bible ebook torrent

      This study sought to address this shortcoming through an exploratory, audience-oriented examination of LOLCats appeal. In light of the user-generated and social. Scanning anything from cards to entrails to scripture verses, you can convincingly predict future events, read a person, or otherwise get someone to believe. and we're BACK from a vacation in the Twilight Zone. I have been shocked to discover that there is a project to translate the Bible into LOLcat-. AEROFS VS BITTORRENT SYNC LINUX Being able to there is an if you are working on Macs, many connections do where all your. Harvey reported that has a bunch also has to application to have with the Open employees need to. Deployed is a. In the Basic in software, mobile love a guy for Ubuntu and. It's in rpmforge fine but within preview the filters.

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      Hope they will release some more stories!! I ordered this as a present for my niece who just turned 11 years old. As soon as she opened it, she was caught reading some of the bible stories for the next 10 minutes! No one in the room could put it down! When you first get it, it seems very short with a lack of information.

      However, the amount of stories exceeded much over what I expected! Pros - Hilarious! You can make references to the real bible and compare, which is fun It makes religion a little bit more fun when reading this, and then their minds are refreshed with the real story! Compact, but a lot of information!

      Cons - It takes a little getting used to when you first start reading it because of how it is written, but this isn't a big problem! When I ordered this, I thought I was getting the whole bible in lolcatspeak. What I got is barely pages. What a disappointment. So don't be stuffy about it just because it's based off of Bible passages, ok? Honestly, I'm a Christian and I read the whole thing cover to cover and I didn't find anything offensive. It's just the LOLcat translation, haha! I gave it to my sister as a gift and she couldn't stop laughing the whole time she read it.

      Some folks might say this is making light of the Bible and using it for jokes and to that I say.. Ceiling Cat maded hyewmur too, right? I remember when I was little I would watch these cartoons about things that happened in the Bible. Heck no.. And I doubt anyone was animated in those days either. But those cartoons were just a different way of telling the same story. I think that's all this book is trying to do. Have some in your past used the Bible as a blunt instrument to beat you?

      This version will bring healing. It doesn't make fun of the full Bible, but rather brings fun to it. A fresh look can and does bring to mind past readings of the full Bible, with the encouragement of one of God's creatures, the humble house cat. Some of us need all the encouragement we can get.

      This is a very condensed version of the Bible, though mention is made of a more ambitious, more complete version projected, if there's enough interest from readers. I really love that not only is it in LOLCat language, but it's also from a cat's perspective. Srlsy uh-maze-ing.

      One person found this helpful. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. At first, I thought I had made a horrible mistake. I thought I was just wasting money again. However, once I actually disciplined myself to read all of the '73xtsp34k' and such, it became very interesting. A satirical piece of literature. I very much enjoyed it. I would recommend to those who want a few laughs from a book. I opened the book at random when it arrived and read the story of loaves and fishes interpreted as breads and tunas.

      It made me laugh and now I can still picture Happy Cat blessing the meal. I will definitely be sharing it with friends and recommending it for a Christmas stocking gift too. Laughter is something there isn't enough of in daily life, it's lovely to have found something that takes the misery away from daily life!

      One of the funniest retelling of bible stories, however my sons catholic school banned it because it was offense to god. Personally I think god would find it as funny as I do. And my mother does. Report abuse. I've always been a big fan of lolcats, looking at the website when quiet at work, at home etc. I'd heard about this project and did wonder if it might have been blasphemous. I downloaded the sample first, I was hooked. I've found it so funny and in no way blasphemous. I've had the mental picture throughout of all the kitty's dressed as they would have been in biblical times.

      A very funny read highly recommend to all Icanhazcheezeburger fans. Quite amusing. Love the language used by the cats. The pictures are very good too. It's small for a people bible but amazingly it followed some of the "events". Customers who bought this item also bought. I Can Has Cheezburger? Professor Happycat. Joseph Lumpkin. Ron Franscell. Report an issue. Does this item contain inappropriate content?

      Do you believe that this item violates a copyright? Does this item contain quality or formatting issues? Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Make Money with Us. Amazon Payment Products. Let Us Help You. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

      Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. DPReview Digital Photography. I am going to use it in scripture study every day this month. Jun 15, Barbara rated it liked it Shelves: humour , in-translation , non-fiction.

      LOLSpeak if you're not familiar with it is the official language of the LOLCats and is a made-up language that found its origins in one of my favourite cult websites — www. The premise is that if cats could talk, they would speak LOLSpeak — although if they spoke it round me they'd get a clip around their furry little ears and a copy of a basic grammar book. Apparently, the spark that created the world of ICHC was a photo of a big grey cat that looks uncannily like my cat, Baloo.

      The cat was sitting next to a computer screen on which was shown a line graph heading upwards as it crossed the page. The rest as they might say is rather strange history. In no time at all, people all over the world were posting photos of their cats and making up silly captions for them. The language of LOLSpeak was developed and used widely. How best to explain LOLSpeak? Try to imagine that your cat is a badly educated teenager not difficult in Baloo's case with an Ali G fixation.

      Alternatively you could consider getting a life. The ICHC site developed a host of complex insider jokes that only regular visitors understood but which you can pick up quite quickly. Most relevant of these in-jokes with regards to the biblical project was the creation of Ceiling Cat a white cat looking down through a hole in the ceiling and Basement Cat a black cat — surely some questionably racist undertones creeping through on the ideas of good and evil as expressed through colour who respectively but not respectfully represent God and the Devil.

      You've really got to wonder what he'd been smoking to come up with the idea of harnessing the power of the internet to translate the entire Bible into a fictional language. You can find out more at www. The only thing more disturbing than finding that someone has produced a page book of kittie-translation of extracts from the Bible is discovering that this is only a small part of a larger ongoing project to do the entire Bible with the assistance of a large number of equally strange people who couldn't find anything more useful to do.

      Surely it's the daftest thing since someone translated the Bible into Klingon. At this point I'm mentally handing round the brown paper bag to any offended and hyperventilating Christians. Take a deep breath — the LOLCat bible might at least partly redeem itself later. For the first 50 pages I was laughing like a drain.

      My husband was getting really peeved at me repeating bits to him. That's Exodus in case you want to check the original. When I started reading I thought this was really funny but after a while, it started to prick my conscience that this book probably would offend a lot of very decent God-fearing folk. I wondered what would happen if Martin Grondin decided to have a go at translating the Koran for Kitties next and I couldn't help thinking this was fatwa territory. Whilst parts were translated with quite a lot of reverence for both the content and the spirit of the text, there were other sections that did seem pretty irreverent or just plain silly.

      That's one of the weaknesses of the book — it's been done as a cooperative effort by many different people and not all seem to be working to the same stylistic guidelines or to be taking the standard Biblical text in the same way. I actually tracked down a review by a Christian who commented that parts were very true to the theological detail of the original whilst other parts were breaking one of the Ten Commandments or 'Teh Ten Big Roolz' by swearing and blaspheming for example with the liberal use of textspeak abbreviations like 'OMG, WTF' etc.

      In general I thought the Old Testament was translated in a more amusing and more authentic way than the New Testament. I don't know which members of the project did which parts of the book that was produced, but the Old Testament seemed to be paying rather more attention to the source material despite making some of the tales very funny. I was shocked to realise that I probably hadn't actually picked up a Bible and read it like a book in the last 25 years and to some degree my sense of 'Oops, this is naughty, should I really be reading this?

      I do feel moved to go and grab the original off the shelf and do a bit of active comparisons in order to better understand what's been kept in and what's been left out. If you are a religious person and one that's easily offended I would suggest staying away. If you hate text-speak, bad spelling and not 'getting' the jokes, it might be a good idea to also avoid this book. However, if you are a fan of the ICHC website and understand the idea behind LOLSpeak and know at least the basic Bible stories well enough to recognise what they've done to them, you might find it an interesting read.

      Despite being only pages long the book does start to 'drag' a bit towards the end and I couldn't help feeling that I'd had enough and that the 'joke' was starting to wear a bit thin. If my cat turned around and started talking to me I'd probably be amazed, amused and impressed for the first hour or so but after that I suspect we'd find that he droned on a bit about the same old topics - in Baloo's case it would be about killing small furry animals and eating them — and I'd probably start to tune out after a while.

      Sadly the effect of too much written LOLSpeak can be rather similar. Apr 07, Jen rated it it was amazing. The thing about this book is that it's a lot of in-jokes geared toward people who are familiar with the I Can Has Cheezburger world, taking Biblical stories and using them to reference things like the LOLrus and his bukkit as well as renaming the Trinity Ceiling Cat, Happy Cat, and Hover Cat. The book version assumes you'll be able to roll with the language, but the online version does offer a tutorial.

      Here's what I love about this book besides the fact that it's silly as all get-out : it reall The thing about this book is that it's a lot of in-jokes geared toward people who are familiar with the I Can Has Cheezburger world, taking Biblical stories and using them to reference things like the LOLrus and his bukkit as well as renaming the Trinity Ceiling Cat, Happy Cat, and Hover Cat.

      Here's what I love about this book besides the fact that it's silly as all get-out : it really truly engages the text. It's not a theological tome, it's not even really theologically sound, but that's not the point. We look so often at the Bible and see The Bible, this crazy untouchable book we can't mess with.

      But it was never that; it's a living document written by a bunch of common men over a long period of time in pursuit of telling a story that mattered so incredibly much. This engagement with that, this gentle prodding at the ideas of this text and how it phrases things is such a fascinating thing to me. It gets even better with the fact that there's a "translation" of the Lord's Prayer, Amazing Grace, and even Pascal's Wager in the back of this.

      It doesn't hurt that it's also super entertaining, especially since the book includes color photos of some of the verses captioned onto various cats. Mar 25, Daena rated it liked it. An all teh doodz who herd were lyke, "neat-o brrito!

      Nov 15, Ginger Vampyre rated it it was amazing. Best bible ever. Seriously we should all live our life by the principles of cats, we might all be happier. Feb 17, Tom Richards rated it really liked it. Sep 12, Merry M added it Shelves: inf Citation: Main Page. In lolcatbible. The LOLcat bible is an interesting example of a resource falling under the changing forms category. The book takes the form of a wiki site which can be edited by anyone who joins the site.

      The content quality is an interesting debate, as the grammar and spel Citation: Main Page. The content quality is an interesting debate, as the grammar and spelling found in the resource are atrocious, however that is the point of it even existing.

      It is also important to note that parents and students may have objections to the content itself, either or religious or moral grounds, which is why the resource has been given a rating of fifteen and above. Excerpts from the wiki could be used in English class as a grammar and spelling exercise or as an interesting example of the many languages that the Bible has been translated into. The value added from the digital elements is in the navigation of the resource.

      It is very simple to get to the desired verse of the bible that one is interested in, and it is also very quick. Feedback is very easy to give as it is a wiki, and therefore each page has a discussion page attached to it. It is free for anyone to edit, and is still an ongoing work in progress. The resource is in a digital format because the original contributor did not want to translate the entire bible on their own, which is understandable because the bible is a rather large book.

      Therefor the digital format was desired so that anyone could contribute their own translations of sections of the bible. That said however, it is also a very logical format for any bible in general as it is so easy to navigate, especially in contrast with a paperback of the King James. The presentation is clean and simple, though it does contain advertisements that students would have to be warned not to click on before the resource was used in a class. It is the typical black, white and blue theme, rather reminiscent of Wikipedia.

      The resource is not particularly interactive unless one wishes to contribute a translation or correct an error, however it is simple to do. The resource is very accessible as it is freely available to anyone with an internet connection. Whilst it would be simple to reuse, unless a teacher was, for example, requesting that students regularly rewrite the verses using correct English and grammar as a homework exercise, it would not necessarily be something one wished to reuse.

      It can be difficult to read more than a few verses at a time because of the atrocious grammar. Jan 18, David rated it liked it Shelves: theology-defamatory , humor. Do dat an yu liv. Him get beeted up an robbed an stuf, an him almost ded. Iz yu ok? So do liek dat. Apr 21, Barb rated it did not like it. Silly me. Genesis was cute and funny, but after that, it got real old, real fast. There are a few pics, but not worth it. Don't waste your time. Apr 29, Peacegal rated it it was ok.

      Todai in da city ov David, you can has sayvur! Is Christ teh Lord! I'm all for irreverent humor, but unfortunately, the pidgin-English LOLspeak doesn't translate well to book form. I borrowed this book from interlibrary loan, and it must've been previously borrowed by chain smokers, as it reeked. Aug 22, Jesse rated it it was ok Shelves: animals , misc , funny-humor.

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