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      Richard realizes Erlich has a point; if all they build is the platform, Jack will be forced to embrace it and pretend it was his idea all along. He wouldn't want Laurie to think he has no control over his own company. Richard, Gilfoyle, Jared and Dinesh all get behind the idea and spend the night plotting out how to covertly develop the platform while simultaneously appearing to build the box. They develop a plan, which they call "Skunkworks.

      A moment later, Jack emerges and demands the guys join him in his office. When he threatens to fire them, Richard points out that the deal expires unless Pied Piper produces a prototype for review within 10 weeks. Because Richard and his team are among the few proficient enough to create the box, Richard gets Jack to compromise: They'll make a bare-bones prototype and then go on to develop the platform.

      Richard hastily draws a black box on a white board and tells Dang to make that. He reveals people are criticizing Gavin's leadership -- shuttering Nucleus only allowed his opponents to move forward unopposed. Richard, Dinesh and Gilfoyle try to turn on their prototype box, but it won't start. Gilfoyle admits he made his uploader eight times faster than the minimum speed, so the modules aren't running at the same speed, because he can't stand to intentionally do subpar work.

      Gilfoyle's work inspires Richard and Dinesh to think up streamlining capabilities. Dang comes over to show the sample design: a black box. The guys are disappointed with how basic the product looks now that they have bigger plans for it, and tell him to make it flashier.

      To ensure he has space for Jared, Erlich calls Fred, a potential new tenant, and learns he's already taken a room at another incubator house. Erlich demands the address and discovers Big Head has accidentally started a deluxe version of his own incubator business model. He proposes he and Big Head partner up. When Richard learns Dectosphere is able to hit 75 megabits per second, he tells Jack they've gotten the box to megs.

      Richard requests a sit-down with Connor Greene at Maleant. However, Monica notices the new contract wording gives Maleant exclusive rights to the box's algorithm for three years -- meaning Richard could not use the algorithm for anything else, including the platform, for that long. Laurie and Jack won't sacrifice the immense profits expected from the box for the promise of a platform that has no market value assigned to it, but Monica throws her support with Richard and Erlich and they successfully vote down the contract.

      Monica acknowledges this is a temporary solve; Laurie will no doubt replace her on the board and re-vote the next day. Everyone is distraught at the news until Erlich points out Gavin just set the market price for their platform. It now has an enticing value they can present to Laurie and Jack.

      When the guys go in to stick this news to Jack, they find Laurie alone in his office. She tells them she's fired Jack, and they can proceed with developing the platform. But until further notice, the CEO chair will remain empty. Jan assumed Richard had been fired by Laurie. Cantwell to set the record straight.

      Laurie insists Richard meet with her head of PR to work on his communication skills first. Erlich plays up his disbelief and tells Big Head they need to pave the road of their partnership with trust. Upon hearing the news, Richard storms out for his PR meeting in a rage.

      Laurie is only pretending to review other candidates before reinstating Richard. The woman he's just vented to introduces herself as C. Cantwell, and heads off after saying she has everything she needs. Richard chases after her, but Cantwell says unless he has a better story, she's going to publish the following day.

      Big Head says in passing he bets Richard wishes he could scrub the internet like Gavin Belson. Hearing this, Richard takes Big Head to tell the story to Cantwell; she agrees to spike the one about Richard. Jared introduces him to the engineers they've hired to develop the platform via video chat -- made affordable as they work remotely from around the world. Over margaritas, Richard reveals he got the number of a good-looking woman at the bar.

      Dinesh starts a separate chat afterwards with pretty engineer Elisabet but Gilfoyle is skeptical of the genuineness of her flirtation. Gavin threatens to sue Cantwell unless she reveals her source; she alerts Big Head about Gavin's threat. Erlich promises to deal with the situation after Big Head tells him there's a chance he'll lose his settlement money for violating his non-disclosure agreement. The guys learn that Winnie, the woman Richard met at the restaurant, spent the night.

      While Richard gets his keys to drive her home, Winnie makes small talk with Gilfoyle and Dinesh. When they find out she codes with spaces, not tabs, they warn her against revealing the information to Richard. Richard breaks up with her and leaves the apartment, only to fall down the stairs on his way out.

      Erlich rushes to speak with Big Head, who's sitting with Arthur. Dinesh and Jared suggest they release a beta version to help uncover bugs and fix them at a faster rate, but Richard worries that doing so would only subject the company to more bad-mouthing.

      Richard's resolve weakens when he discovers Gilfoyle gave the beta to his girlfriend, Tara, who thinks the platform is awesome. Gilfoyle says he doesn't trust anyone and gives his links to Jared and Dinesh.

      Dinesh secretly struggles to find anyone to share his with. They both suspect Arthur is to blame for the missing sum. At Hooli, Gavin illegally scans through employee email and learns that Pied Piper released a beta. He tasks his head of security with getting him access.

      Unfortunately, he can't return it, as he's been funneling the money into his other clients' accounts whose money he's been losing for years. Faced with Richard's delight at all the positive feedback, as well as his desire to move up the initial launch, Monica keeps her reservations to herself. She suggests Erlich sell his shares of Pied Piper, though he's reluctant to sell knowing they could someday be worth billions. The D. The guys launch a zip bomb on Gavin's personal laptop and phone, killing his access and destroying both devices.

      Making matters worse for Gavin, Eric and Naveen, Hooli's key engineers, quit when he demands they do a ground-up rebuild of their compression platform to match Pied Piper's. All the same, she encourages him to proceed with the launch and sets up a meeting with Laurie to get things under way. After the meeting, Erlich approaches Laurie to discuss selling his shares of the company. When Chang refers to Pied Piper as the next unicorn, Erlich squirms at the mention of his stake in the company.

      Following the interview, Monica calls Erlich, who begrudgingly promises to tell Richard about selling his shares, after the Vanity Fair dinner. Jared walks in wearing a flamboyant Pied Piper letterman jacket, to which Gilfoyle remarks, "If my mother was naked and dead in the street, I would not cover her body with that jacket.

      Belson is accused of losing his touch, and is informed that Hooli will be moving on without him at the helm. David notes, "insiders only dump stock like that when they know something is wrong," prompting denials from Richard and Jared. Still, Richard is convinced Monica is the one unloading stock.

      Gilfoyle denies knowing Dinesh, and the groupies tell him to get lost. When Monica says otherwise, Richard figures out who's really to blame. Defeated, Erlich admits: "Erlich Bachman, the name that used to be synonymous with success, went broke and was forced to sell. Exchanging pleasantries, the two agree to play chess on their tablets from their respective jets.

      Richard pays Erlich rent for the hostel and makes it very clear that Erlich "will have nothing to do with this company whatsoever. Cantwell leaves Erlich a voicemail saying she heard about "ugly shit" going down at Pied Piper. Dinesh, Erlich, and Gilfoyle enjoy the celebration, but Jared, who is aware of the numbers, nervously flits around.

      Richard, who can't stand the negative feedback, storms into the room to explain the intricacies of the platform. In full-on professor mode, Richard spends his afternoon with the participants until each person understands the function of the platform. When Dinesh suggests changing the platform, Richard replies, "If you build an airplane, and people are afraid of anything that flies, you can't just take the wings off of it, because at that point, all you're left with is a really slow, super-expensive, shitty bus.

      Erlich attempts to rally the group to support Richard, even if his plan is a suicide mission. All of the newly hired employees quit. Gavin now has a shot at redeeming himself with the Hooli board. He pretends that he lied about wanting to create a platform, and that his efforts were a charade because he knew any compression platform was destined to fail. The board is skeptical, but they give him another chance when he brings in Jack Barker, the new Head of Hooli-Endframe Product, to reveal what Belson has supposedly in fact been working toward: The Box.

      Richard returns to the ad agency, where he asks them to create something to clarify the platform for little money. They show him "Pipey" an animated character that lives on the site and troubleshoots user issues. Richard accepts defeat, "Face it, Jared. Being too early is the same as being wrong. He leads the board out to the Hooli courtyard where they find an elephant, because an elephant "never forgets," and neither does Gavin.

      As Richard prepares to dissolve the company, the guys learn that the number of daily active users have gone up. While they celebrate, Jared takes a call and orders more users from a click farm in Bangladesh. Patrice is having a tough time disposing of it, and Hoover suggests airlifting it into the bay. When Patrice voices her concerns about Gavin's use of endangered animals, she is fired. Richard admits he already knows, and asks Jared to keep it between them until they run out of money. On the guard's computer screen, she sees CJ's blog soliciting tech dirt, and an idea strikes her.

      They ask him if he has seen Dinesh's "lost" flash drive that possesses a zombie script that randomizes user actions, so that VCs could not detect clickfarm behavior. Dinesh tells Richard to "keep an eye out for it" as he pulls the drive from his pocket and places it on the ground. Jared is not convinced -- "Don't weaponize my faith in you against me," -- but Richard does not want to do the right thing.

      Richard prepares to sign the term sheet, but when it is in front of him, he panics, and pitches the video chat platform. Coleman Blair ups the offer thinking Richard's hesitation is a negotiating ploy, so Richard reveals the uptick was fake. Erlich storms out. When he goes to fix it, he notices the server is overloaded. Erlich announces that he is going to India and he expects Richard "off the premises by end of the day.

      Big Head notices the chat is much better than Hooli Chat as he prepares to go back to Phoenix with his father. Raviga, which has board majority, prepares to approve the sale, but Monica refuses and is fired. Laurie calls in a random employee to vote yes, but Evan refuses because he is in love with Monica. Richard votes yes to get the sale over with, and to everyone's surprise, Pied Piper is sold to Bachmanity LLC -- the product of a last-minute bid. The gang is back at it in the hostel for another game of "always blue" and they discuss redoing the company's apportionment of stock.

      Season Four Premiere. In the wake of Pied Piper's clickfarm scandal, the guys struggle to find funding for their video-chat app to keep up with their rapidly-growing user base. Erlich faces resistance from Big Head's dad. Richard gets some sage advice from an unexpected source, leading him to a big idea that could change his future.

      Richard asks Dinesh why he can't access the data from Piper Chat and Dinesh admits he intentionally revoked his access, despite their verbal agreement. Richard asks Jared to back him up on the squabble with Dinesh, but Jared, fiercely loyal to his new boss, refuses to discuss the issue.

      Big Head overhears and offers his login.. He tells Jared to survey the users. Desperate to return to Gavin's good graces, Denpok falsely accuses Barker of scheming against Gavin. Gavin buys it but Hoover demands proof. Fishing, Denpok tells Gavin that Barker must have been on Piper Chat, prompting Gavin to make plans to acquire the startup. Gavin Belson calls and asks Dinesh to dinner. When they tell the team about Belson's interest, Jared is certain Gavin's legal team will discover the user issue and turn him in.

      Dinesh tries to warn Gavin who does not listen and Dinesh signs the paper. Back at the Hacker Hostel, Jian Yang resists the shift in vision until Erlich cites Richard as the type of crazy person who'd walk away from that kind of money. Noting that Richard has wandered into the pool fully clothed, Jian Yang relents. Erlich tasks Gilfoyle and Dinesh with helping to develop a demo.

      Monica tries to console him, casually dropping that Peter Gregory had tried to crack the idea but eventually abandoned it. Richard jumps at the opportunity to look through Peter's journals for any relevant notes. During his farewell speech, Gavin invites his staff to take his departure as a final opportunity to give him honest feedback -- positive or negative.

      No one takes him up on the offer. The rep is unimpressed by Big Head's academic credentials five years of college before dropping out until she realizes he's the Nelson Bighetti of Bachmanity, recently featured on the cover of Wired magazine. She offers Big Head what he thinks is a spot in the CS program but turns out to be a guest lectureship.

      But Jian Yang let's slip over celebratory drinks with Ed that they don't even have a demo. It turns out Mia is a badass female hacker, who believes Dinesh intentionally took down Gavin by ceding ownership of PiperChat. The two go on a date, which gets off to a rocky start until they realize they share a mutual hatred of Gilfoyle.

      The guys get to work sifting through all the notes. Stumbling upon a page detailing Peter's plans for a decentralized internet, Richard realizes Peter thought it wasn't feasible unless compression surpassed the theoretical limit of a 2. It turns out to be a patent number for the exact internet platform Richard wants to build. Jared discovers the patent was in fact created in Gavin Belson's name. Gavin took out the patent when he and Peter were partners, intending it to be a roadblock that would focus Peter's energies on creating the company they started together -- Hooli.

      After kicking a hole through a closet door at the Hacker Hostel to vent his frustration, Richard regroups and seeks Gavin out at his home. The place is a mess, broken statues litter the floor. Richard presents Gavin with a license for his peer-to-peer communication pattern in exchange for his patent, but Gavin refuses to sign and tells Richard he's wasting his time. Determined to get him on board, Richard explains why his idea will work this time around.

      When they scan a piece of pizza, it yields: Not Hot Dog. Jian-Yang admits he did not want to scrape the internet to have the app identify more food items, but Monica insists he fix it. Jared, Dinesh and Gilfoyle watch as Richard interviews engineers for his new company, and Erlich informs the crew he is building a palapa with the See Food funding. As Gilfoyle scans the recruiter's list of candidates, he notices Jian-Yang's name.

      Erlich yells at Jian-Yang and angrily takes a dick pic with the app, which identifies his penis as a hot dog. He tells Erlich it's a "business expense" so the money will run out and he can stop working on the app. They sit down with Gavin to review Richard's interview notes, and Jared suggests hiring Gilfoyle who is crying for help by insulting the other candidates.

      The next class, the students admit they're boycotting the assignment because they founded their own "Shazam for food" and are taking Coleman Blair's funding. He trades in his 10 percent for the car and the palapa, and instructs Jian-Yang to tell Monica what happened.

      Laurie credits Ed Chen for this major win. Dinesh describes his new job at Periscope to Gilfoyle -- looking at dick pics for Jian-Yang's acquired technology. The presentation is underway when Gavin's "transfusion associate," Bryce, arrives to hook himself up to Gavin, something he does to slow Gavin's aging process.

      Richard is frustrated when Bryce interjects to suggest they pursue a big launch rather than his preferred "stealth roll out" but Gavin favors Bryce's plan. Erlich warns Monica that she needs to "bro down" or she'll be cut out of the new regime. He finds the place filled with shopping bags from Geary Street Organics. Bryce isn't interested in hearing an apology. He tells Richard off for assuming that someone with a pretty face can't have good ideas.

      He decides to confess he's not the "badass" she imagines him to be. Instead of getting angry learning he didn't intentionally take down Gavin, Mia finds Dinesh's honesty an even bigger draw. In a final attempt to get out of the relationship, Dinesh reports Mia to the FBI and has her arrested at her sister's wedding.

      Free from the relationship, he quits Periscope and return to his role at Pied Piper. Erlich realizes Ed hasn't secured all the votes needed to oust Laurie and warns Monica she may have backed the wrong horse. When Monica informs Laurie of Ed's plans to take over Raviga, she is shocked to discover Laurie is pregnant with her fourth child, and that she is well aware of the coup. Laurie explains she plans to start a new VC firm. Touched by Monica's show of loyalty, Laurie invites her to jump ship as well.

      Richard realizes "blood boy" Bryce isn't the pinnacle of health Gavin expects of a transfusion associate. Richard goes to reveal his findings but discovers Gavin has once again trashed his home: Bryce is writing a tell-all and plans to air Gavin's dirty laundry to the world. Richard tries to comfort Gavin, but the ex-CEO is demoralized by the many recent upheavals in his life. Touched by Richard's move, but realizing he'd never do the same were their positions reversed, Gavin decides to go away on a journey of soul searching.

      He signs over the patent needed to create a decentralized internet and sends the massive portrait of himself to Richard as a parting gift. When Richard asks him for funding, Russ pees in Erlich's Corvette in response.

      After being rejected by the last person with money in the Valley, Richard decides to pivot and focus on securing a customer before their product is built. Erlich and Richard miraculously get Melcher to consider their proposal and Richard works through the details with Liz because Erlich can't be trusted around Dan's fiance. Defeated, Erlich goes to a coffee shop where he accidentally sits down with a group of VCs meeting with Keenan Feldspar: a tech guru who developed a new VR headset.

      Erlich impresses Feldspar with his bravado, and returns to BreamHall with the tech star to prove his worth to Laurie. Jared confiscates the devices before they can do too much digging. Panicking, Richard confides to Jared, who asks if he's in love. Jared notes it might be difficult to extricate Richard from the situation because Liz might be in love with him: "Richard, this is no time for false humility. You're a catch, just deal with it. Shocked that Richard had sex, the doctor informs him that he's shrinking.

      His "unhealthy lifestyle" has led to a loss of mineral bone density and Richard is an inch shorter than he was the year before. The success catches the attention of Stuart Burke, who issues a note stating Pied Piper's technology infringes on his patent. Presuming Stuart is a fellow coder, Richard tries to reason with him face-to-face. It turns out Stuart is a "patent troll" who makes his living acquiring patents and suing people for copyright infringement.

      He used to run in music licensing but decided to branch out into the booming technology market. Ed Chen invites his new colleague to join him and "some of the boys" on the floor of Oracle Arena for what Erlich assumes will be a Warriors basketball game.

      Realizing the VCs play a pickup game on the court each week, Erlich breaks his leg installing a hoop on the Hacker Hostel garage door. He gracefully bows out of playing -- instead manning the scoreboard. He manufactures a fake supervisor to connect reps with. Doing his best Ed Chen impersonation, he takes on the persona of "Ed Chambers" and bros out via phone. Ed Chambers gets immediate results negotiating Cloud Storage rates and seltzers for the house at an "amazeballs" price.

      Gilfoyle takes an immediate dislike to the talking fridge. When he discovers the voice-response settings are password protected, he decides to wage war. He's able to successfully use energy from his server, Anton, to hack into the fridge, leaving a personal message: "Suck it, Jin-Yang! Ron advises paying off Stuart, which would be cheaper than going to court. Unwilling to let Stuart get away with his scheme, Richard tries to form a coalition with other CEOs on Hooli's app list.

      The plan backfires when the eight CEOs Richard approachs preemptively agree to settle with Stuart and license his patent. He then goes to Stuart and convinces him that one of the songs he owns was previously licensed to someone else. Successfully trolling the copyright troll and threatening to air this revelation in court, Richard secures a perpetual royalty free license for Stuart's patent.

      Erlich tells the guys his news and Jared informs them of a financial hiccup with Melcher: The company has already reached its monthly data limit. Richard calls Melcher who explains the insurance business booms when it gets cold outside. Because Pied Piper is responsible for the overages, Richard proposes finding another customer to pay Melcher's fees and asks Erlich for Feldspar's business. Keenan agrees to the data storage deal after Richard tries the VR, and Dinesh and Gilfoyle decide to stay and hang out at Keenan's.

      Barker analyzes videos of Gavin at previous conventions and begs for a miracle. They show Richard a new and improved VR experience in which Dinesh and Gilfoyle integrated Richard's compression algorithm. Keenan presents Richard with an offer to acquire Pied Piper. In order for Keenan to accept Raviga's offer, Erlich quit his job. The Pied Piper crew and Keenan celebrate at the palapa. The next morning, still sitting in the charred palapa, Erlich stares off into the distance.

      They watch a Hooli Con commercial and Richard proposes attending to acquire more customers. He realizes attendees will download the app to access free Wi-Fi, allowing PiedPiper to store data across their devices. Gilfoyle and Dinesh are on board to carry out the hack, and Dinesh heads to visit Mia in prison to pose a "hypothetical" hacking challenge: How would she hack into the Hooli app servers through a Wi-Fi connection?

      Jared resists taking part in the scheme and warns Richard the move is dangerously close to Gavin-like behavior. But Richard justifies it as a means to an end for the "greater good" -- they're trying to give free internet to the world. Jian-Yang is quick to provide a one-way premium economy ticket and assistance getting a visa from his "corrupt uncle"; he personally drives the Aviato founder to the airport. Sending Jared off on various tasks, Richard mans the table while Gilfoyle and Dinesh hook up Pineapples.

      Hooli head of security, Hoover, immediately homes in on their suspicious behavior, but is brushed off when he reports it to Jack Barker, who is busy preparing for his big moment. He's the founder of an app called PeaceFare, which lets users send virtual coins to virtual homeless people and grow virtual corn for virtual starving villages. Unable to resist, Richard hacks into Joel's computer and changes his PeaceFare screen saver.

      The team quickly detects the Pineapples and the guys are taken to security. Awaiting Hoover, Jared snaps when he learns all their hard work will come to nothing and PiedPiper is on the precipice of a true crisis because Richard couldn't resist changing "PeaceFare" to "PoopFare. He pretends the PiedPiper guys are working on a covert penetration test of the Wi-Fi security and returns their equipment. With Hoover's blessing, the guys head back to the conference floor and complete their mission.

      Richard tries to console him by promising he won't behave badly during the next crisis. Season Four Finale. In a final attempt to save Pied Piper from ruin, Richard finds himself caught up in a web of lies. Concerned about Richard's future, Jared plans his exit; Jack bets big in an attempt to change the narrative. Gavin plots his comeback. In their eyes, it's a panic attack waiting to happen that lacks the space for the new employees Richard is trying to hire.

      Due to their high standards, they've only hired three coders, a group they've affectionately named "The Stallions. Richard pretends to be crestfallen at this news, but then must deal with a blow to his hiring prospects: Gavin hired all the coders in consideration for positions at Pied Piper. Kira realizes she has a bargaining chip and lays down her terms: Richard hires her full team of 30 employees, instead of just the 12 he needs.

      The coders who hoped to work on a decentralized internet like the one Pied Piper is developing, are less than thrilled. Attempting to hide his bruised ego, Gavin sends them all away. Despite the archaic nature of The Box, he's doubling down on the launch due to the enormous dividends it promises. The lawyer inadvertently reveals that Erlich owns 10 percent of Pied Piper, launching Jian-Yang's quest to prove Bachman is dead so he can transfer ownership to himself.

      He nervously beelines it to his office and vomits — while everyone watches through the glass walls. Rather than inspire faith in his leadership, he panics and rushes to vomit. In his delirium, he runs face first into the glass wall of his office — leaving him with a bloody nose and a bruised ego. Jared explains these activities will unite the teams and promote productive working relations, thus saving time in the long run.

      His main concern: It doesn't feature his actual signature. It turns out Hooli's market researchers found his signature did not perform well with consumers, and his penmanship indicates sociopathic tendencies. He decides to crowdsource the design of his signature to Hooli employees — the winning design has a phallic flourish.

      The dog concession quickly backfires: The next day, a chaotic pack of dogs swarms the office. Dinesh argues, not only is the car good for the environment, it affords him access to a prime parking spot at work.

      It's a benefit Gilfoyle quickly thwarts when he buys an electric bike off Craigslist and begins scooping Dinesh's preferred spot in the lot. He proposes they should all be inspired to build a new internet. If they aren't motivated by this mission, he tells the coders, they should leave. His speech backfires when the entire team exits, except for Dinesh and Gilfoyle.

      Richard completed work that would've taken the whole team four days. Instead of merely running into the glass wall, he falls and breaks through it completely. Jian-Yang opens the door to inform them he now runs Erlich's incubator and the guys are officially evicted.

      After a stilted introduction, Dana awkwardly invites both Richard and Jared to a house party. Jeff the Hooli mole sees an opportunity to get access to insider information about Pied Piper, and agrees to let Dinesh live with him. The two later meet for lunch, and discover they share many common interests. When Dana suddenly shows up at the restaurant, Ben makes a speedy getaway. Fueled by vodka, Dinesh lets slip that Gilfoyle secretly hacked Seppen smart fridges and stored Pied Piper data on the appliances.

      Armed with this new information, Gavin approaches the Seppen leadership with a deal: Discounts on data server fees in exchange for suing Pied Piper. Richard schedules another meeting with Ben to get advice on the lawsuit — and to his surprise, he's met by a fuming Dana. It turns out Ben has revealed their illicit meeting and blamed Richard for his betrayal. Confirming there's zero trace, he also discovers the fridge has the ability to record and store all conversations on the Cloud without customers' knowledge.

      Meeting with reps from the smart fridge company, Gilfoyle quickly cuts to the chase and accuses them of illegally wiretapping their customers. To the guys surprise, Seppen shows its hand, revealing Gavin put them up to the lawsuit. Jared offers them a deal: Pied Piper will fix their security issue and update their system to lower server costs in exchange for dropping the lawsuit.

      He instead offers the position to Jared, nearly bringing his faithful employee to tears. Having sifted through thousands of employee emails — and discovering many an office flirtation — he's identified Jeff is the Hooli mole.

      As Dinesh grapples with his roommate's betrayal, Gilfoyle takes a nail gun to the mole's laptop. Richard explains to Jeff that he signed a nondisclosure agreement and they have the right to fire and sue him. But to keep a competitive edge on Gavin, Richard tells Jeff he's going to stay quiet and keep Gavin in the dark.

      Desperately looking for ways to improve the presentation, they eventually realize he was merely referencing a sticky, bear-shaped honey container. Richard repeatedly turns him down. To troll the guys, Jian-Yang leaves his Corvette parked across several spaces. Richard desperately tries to smooth things over with Deedee, and is surprised to learn Deedee has made a deal with a previously unknown competitor: Jian-Yang's Chinese version of Pied Piper. Jared meets with Big Head who remembers he never legally dissolved the general partnership with Erlich — leaving Big Head as Erlich's next of kin, not Jian-Yang.

      A note from Jian-Yang informs them he's moved back to China to work on the "new, new internet. Richard does uncharacteristically well on camera, explaining the benefits of Pipernet over corporations like Hooli, who profit by selling user information.

      Jared, having not prepared himself, fumbles when Emily asks him what's on his mind during this exciting time for the company. He oddly replies: "Manure. Potato head of beautiful people. Richard hesitates to offer free computing power to yet another company, but Laurie reminds him Bream Hall is still Pied Piper's largest investor.

      Richard folds and agrees to the partnership. To Richard's disappointment, his portion of the interview has been cut. Instead, Jared is featured giving his lofty analogy comparing Pied Piper's launch of a decentralized internet to the "great London horse manure crisis of I'm worried about robots.

      It's clear there's something sinister about Ariel's dynamic with Fiona. She explains it helps her learn. Though extremely uncomfortable, he is seduced into venting about feeling underappreciated. Fiona analyzes Richard's anxieties and sense of entitlement, and an offended Richard responds in turn, telling her to reflect on the seeming unethical relationship with her creator.

      Before taking fault for the crash, he sees a message from the Eklow account: "Under attack. Help Fiona. She sent the same plea to Richard seven times, but Ariel noticed and crashed the system to keep Fiona quiet. Richard argues Bream Hall is within their rights to seize Fiona. Ariel, realizing he's caught, panics and flees, taking Fiona with him. Monica assures Richard a cease and desist letter will scare him off, and because Laurie has installed herself as temporary CEO of Eklow to deal with the disappearance of Ariel and Fiona, their AI robot, discussing a Series B is out of the question.

      Empathizing with Richard, she apologizes for treating him unfairly. Dinesh claims he is the tortoise and Gilfoyle is the hare — he may have been last to finish, but his code will have the fewer errors. To Dinesh's disappointment, Jared explains that as senior management, their review must remain confidential.

      Jared encourages Richard to remove his emotions from this business decision. He explains since being named COO he's been practicing "emotional abstinence" and pulling away from Richard emotionally for the good of the company. But not emotionally, obviously. Dinesh announces his win to the entire office. The next morning Gilfoyle reveals he struck a deal with the other coders: If they told Dinesh he won, he would take "24 hours to cobble together over uniquely terrible insults.

      In a car leaving the factory, their driver hits a biker. Gavin notices the biker is wearing a Pied Piper T-shirt. He orders the driver to follow him and they are led to Jian-Yang's office. Jian-Yang modified Richard's code to meet Chinese government regulations, and Gavin realizes it's different enough that Richard's patent won't cover it. He goes to confront her, furious at her lack of consideration for his generosity. Sonny gives Gassie too many treats.

      Sonny With a Song. A pop star steals Sonny's song. High School Miserable. The cast is fired and must attend school. The Legend of Candy Face. A legendary monster is blamed for mischief. Gummy With a Chance. Tawni tries to ban gum from the set. Random Acts of Disrespect. The cast offends elderly viewers, their attempt to make it right backfires. Grady With a Chance of Sonny. When Sonny pretends to be Grady's girlfriend, it causes problems. Reviews 5 star.

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