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      Micron collaborates with OEMs to develop memory that will perform compatibly with the rest of the system specifications; in fact, chances are good that you have Micron memory in your Mac right now! Whether you use your Mac as a tool for schoolwork or household bills, an entertainment center for music or movies, or as part of your job in image editing and design, a Crucial memory upgrade Is a fast and easy way to prepare your Mac to run faster, multi-task between applications, and open large files.

      Our Memory Advisor tool provides you with information to advise you and explain the various levels of performance gains you can expect when you purchase a certain upgrade. As the only consumer memory upgrade provider that's part of a major DRAM manufacturer.

      Crucial sells OEM- quallty modules over the Internet at factory- direct prices. On top of that, enjoy free shipping for a limited time, on orders shipped within the contiguous U. Don't worry; we won't leave you hanging If you need help. And our day, no- risk compatibility guarantee means that if the memory you purchased through the Memory Advisor tool isn't compatible with your Mac or doesn't perform as you expected, simply package it up and send it back.

      Crucial is the answer for Mac memory! With Mac memory from Crucial, you get premium quality and premium service without paying premium price! Crucial's user-friendly Memory Advisor tool and helpful customer support make it easy to get compatible memory for your Mac. Order yours today and start enjoying better performance for your Mac tomorrow! And, for a limited time. To find the right memory for your system in just seconds and get a great deal!

      All rights reserved. Information is subject to change without notice. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Here are some keyboards that may help save your wrists. Wondering where to shove your Memory Stick? Make a penguin proud! Also, the iPod Case of the Month gets fuzzy, how to fix Software Update, helpful AppleScript books, why the accordion is cool again, and more. Also, one astute reader uncovers a disc-design conspiracy worthy of The X- Files, 79 Contest Win a set of ProSticks powered speakers from DVForge and have your neighbors call the cops on your next party.

      Adding Airport and Bluetooth, however, requires parts that only an authorized Apple representative can supply— and install. The trick is to press the clutch or let up on the gas just before a turn, then punch It about midway through the turn. From Reviews, p It puts your replacement word wherever your cursor is located before it seeks out the first instance of the word. When you're bringing ideas to life, your technology should work with you, not against you.

      CDW has all the top-name technology you need to improve workflow. Our account managers provide fast answers to your product questions. And with access to the industry's largest in-stock inventories, you'll get what you need, when you need it. So why wait? Get new systems today and start creating tomorrow. Right Away. Audio Hijack shareware Record the sound output of any Cocoa or Carbon app— including Internet radio— and save it as a file. CA wwv,'. Future produces carefully targeted special-interest magazines for people who share a passion.

      We aim to satisfy that passion by creating titles offering value for money, reliable information, smart buying advice and which are a pleasure to read. Over international editions of our magazines are also published in 30 other countries across the world.

      Each monthly disc contains cool demos, useful shareware and freeware, and the inimitable MacAddict Staff Video. CA , USA. Periodical-class postage paid at Brisbane, CA. Newsstand distribution is handled by Curtis Circulation Co. Canadian price includes postage and GST IPM Outside the U.

      Box , Harlan. I A PC Gamer. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited. Ride-Along enclosure in the following edition s : A2. B2, B3. Publications Mail Agreement DiskStudioT allows you to create and remove disk partitions on the fly! Want to create a new partition for games or photos?

      No problem. Want to get rid of that old OS 9 partition without backing up and reformatting your drive? It's easy. Optimize the data on your iPod so it works faster. You can also create a secret drive within your iPod that allows you to keep sensitive data away from prying eyes.

      TechTool Pro can even recover lost data and resurrect faulty disk drives. Learn more about Micromat products by visiting our website. Micromat Inc. A million possibilities. Better get started. While In math mode, I decided to delve into a few more Apple- related stats. The 10 millionth iPod was sold in mid-December — laid end to end, all those iPods would reach almost from Atlanta to Philadelphia. My favorite is actually a meta-statistic: the fact that marketing greed -weasels can twist numbers and hard data Into pretty much whatever bottom line they want — such as the relationship between market share by revenue and by actual number of units sold.

      And no, I'm not talking about the iPod. OK, I am. Mark Rosenthal dr. Ratio of nuts buried by squirrels but never recovered to those buried and recovered— My favorite statistic is the recently revised average life expectancy for American males. The utterly useless stats that are offered during sports broadcasts.

      Naturally, baseball comes to mind. Plus, he had one of the greatest mullets of ail time — and there's no way to quantify that. With Brother laser printers, you'll be happy to know we have a full range of monochrome or color laser models. Whether your needs ore for a simple desktop or a network-ready model each one wHt give you fast output and quoiity to make your best work even better. Brother has it. For more informalioh please visit our WeO site at www. The wee white 0. Unless, of course, you're a marathoner who needs the ultimate in skip protection and for whom each and every ounce counts.

      Or, for that matter, if you're the owner of a hard drive-based iPod who wants a second 'Pod for when you're out and about—or, if you happen to live in Saskatchewan, for when you're ootand aboot. We were wrong. Style-conscious music lovers snapped up millions of the petite multicolored beauties. Well, sure, the last step up is a hundred bucks, but you get the picture— there's now an iPod for every economic strata. In another nod to fashion, the clickwheel icons now match the case color- gray is so passe.

      Not all the news is good, however. Although both minis ship with— and sync and charge over— a USB 2. Although both USB 2. We accept the apology. The bad news? Want to connect either to a TV? Both were included with the original iPod photo, making the price drop a bit less impressive.

      An organized utility for your disk in disarray. Oakland Raiders fans rejoice: You can choose between either a silver or black body. Drive Genius can also securely wipe out data using standards set by the Department of Defense. The pen has two buttons and gradations of pressure sensitivity, and the two-button mouse can be used by lefties or righties. It has three recording capsules: one for vocals, one for instruments, and a third for combined vocal and instrument recordings.

      Snowball can be used with any recording app, including GarageBand. German Folk, historic Bandoneon. Available I Never! Aspyr Media www. Project Torland has released a full-scale total-conversion mod aimed at cramming as much content from the original Halo as possible Into the UT engine. Play as the Covenant or the Flood while driving Warthogs and Ghosts, each with new configurations. The game features curved surfaces, bump mapping, real-time shadows, and player support with over 30 characters to choose from.

      Here are a couple of tips to keep you from getting owned. Be especially careful when playing against Prince Kassad— he has this ability instantly. Dragon Tanks and Scout Drones are effective counters, but building your own tunnels works, too. If this instantly eliminates Napster as a choice for you, skip the rest of this article.

      Forever linked. CD conundrum. No iPod or Mac support? The fee which happens to be 99 cents per song, but discounts are available gives you a version of the song that you can burn onto a CD. SoftwareUpdate directory. Here are a few things you can try if you encounter one of these problems. This often works all by itself. Leave Apple-installed applications where they are originally installed.

      Try deleting the receipts that correspond to the application or Mac OS X version you are attempting to update files such as iPhotoUpdate In the first search field, type or whatever number is identified in the message. Press the plus sign to add a second search criterion, and then select Visibility in the first menu and Visible And Invisible Items in the second menu. Click Search.

      Sometimes this just works. Brian Moore Guitars announced the iGuitar. USB www. Think of The Musicpole www. You play this MIDI controller by stroking and spinning the pole in your hands get your mind out of the gutter! It has a collection of samples from 25 different music styles and features GrooveMatch, which syncs the bass line to an existing drum line.

      It even remembers your most recent dippings. Duplicate Current Clipping Set Manage Clipping Sets New Text Qipping. These handmade fur-balls are colorful, fuzzy, and flashy cases similar to Apple's own iPod Socks. Pictured here is the Pink Devil, a celebratory coterie of pink shag and rainbow-hued fuzzy bits. Other Tactile cases include the Little Green Monster, a hairy green case; the Hedonist, made of blue mohair and metallic sliver thread; and Birds of a Feather, graced with red, white, and pink faux feathers.

      All of the Tactile cases are hand washable and can be air dried. Please note that we cannot return cases. Useful to both beginners and experts, this page paean to AppleScript Includes tons of sample scripts. In addition, they share their favorite tips and tell you the first steps you should take to resuscitate an apparently sick or dying app. Is there a way to adjust the appearance and layout of photo pages short of editing the finished HTML? O Another problem, another plug-in.

      Post full-size images, fine- tune your HTML code, create and save your own custom page templates— the list goes on. Mac account, but i still want to post my pictures online. Can I use any other photo-sharing services with IPhoto? O You sure can. Our favorite is FlickrExport on the Disc, or download from www. YoU can resize, set titles, and assign Flickr content tags before uploading. Is there some way I can start over? We like the insurance, but some iPhoto users complain about the extra fllbs bri their hard drives.

      Why is this? O Your pictures look slightly blurry because of the way iPhoto renders them. Is there a way to move It to a different disk? Quit iPhoto and dragyourlibrary folderto its new location. Then relaunch iPhoto; the app will ask you to either find your missing library or create a new one. What should I know before I take the plunge? O Any upgrade is always a risk— but things get a bit more worrisome when your entire precious photo collection is at stake.

      Is there a way to easily and safely consolidate our collections? O The fastest and most reliable way Is to open iPhoto on the Mac you want to move your pictures from and export your entire library as full-size originals to an external hard drive.

      Then plug the drive into the Mac where the consolidated collection will live and use iPhoto to import all of the photos. You will lose the album and roll information, but all of your pictures will be. The upgrade process may take several minutes depending on the number of photos in the ilbraiy. Yeah, we know, you were expecting something more profound, but this is the most practical advice we can give.

      Most of the time, iPhoto works so well that you forget how fragile your photo data is. In the meantime, your priceless photo collection is growing by the gigabyte. Then, insert the disc into yoUr target Mad, go to iPho drag each album from the CD to your library, Ifyou use this method, be sure both Macs are running thejsame version of IPhoto.

      Then ypu can; use your favorite RAW-ready editor Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, for example to take care of business. Be careful. Running too slow? Hold down Option-Shift while launching IPhoto, click Yes when asked if you want to rebuild your library, and iPhoto will copy your data into a new library, removing errors in the process.

      Note: Ifyou have a lot of photos, this process can take an hour or more. Finally, import the Pictures folder into your new library. How do I get more authorizations for the new Mac I plan to buy? O The only way to deauthorize a Mac you no longer own is to contact Apple Support, using the form atwww. Apple promises youTl have an answer within 72 hours. O Whetheryou want to move your library to an external drive or to a new Mac, take the time to do it right. First, create a folder for your music at the new location.

      In the Advanced pane, click Change and locate the folder you just created. When you close Preferences, the library information will update. Finally, choose Consolidate Library from the Advanced menu to copy your music files. Making a new music folder and designating it as your official ITunes Music folder Is the first step in properly moving your iTunes library. Is there any way I can get them back without having to buy them all over again?

      A repair service like DriveSavers www. Such services are expensive, though— it might be cheaper to just buy the music again. To incrementally back up items as you add to the iTunes library including purchased music , create a smart playlist that finds files added in the past x days. Is that possible? O Sure. Now you have a standard AAC file with the. To make the file bookmarkable, you need to change that extension to. The easiest way to do that is with Make Bookmarkable on the Disc, or download from www.

      Install the script as directed, then reopen ITunes and select the file you want to bookmark. From the new Script menu, choose Make Bookmarkable. Drag the iTunes 4 Music Library file to the desktop. Reopen iTunes, which will now show an empty library.

      To avoid the problem, simply disconnect the iSIght before you connect your iPod. Try turning it off in the Security pane in System Preferences. Alternatively, you could store your iMovie files outside your home directory — the home directory is where FileVault does its thing. Remove that folder and launch IMovie. If all is well, add your plug-ins back one at a time to isolate the problem. You can also disable or remove Apple plug-ins and iMovie support files.

      Click the Plug-Ins disclosure triangle and uncheck one or more plug-ins. O First, be sure your monitor is calibrated correctly using the Calibrate command in System Preferences Display. This will give you a better sense of how dark the footage really is. Next, try a third-party plug-in.

      Install these and experiment. Is there a way to import Windows video into iMovie HD? If the file is longerthan 9 minutes, 28 seconds, the movie will be divided into smaller files. How do 1 get the most benefit from it? If you copy the clip Into a new project, all of the unwanted footage comes along with it. Now you can save the clip as a file and bring it into another iMovie project, take it to iDVD, or archive it on tape.

      You can pause the: recording while nothing is goingon to avoid extraneous footage, but be aware that Magic iMovie will automatically create transitions at those breaks. Ignore the warning and create your project. Can I create custom themes and reuse them in other projects?

      O You can create a custom theme by modifying an existing one. Go to the Settings pane and drag in a new background image, add your own music, change text properties, and so on. Uncheck Replace Existing if. To use your new themes, open the Theme pane and choose Favorites from the pop-up menu. You can customize an existing theme and save it so your project will express your unique personality. What can i do? O First, make sure your video camera captures bit sound; bit sound can cause the problem.

      Second, use Software Update to be sure you have the latest versions of the iLife applications and QuickTime. Third, make sure the hard disk on which the iDVD project is stored has plenty of free space at least 5GB, preferably more. Choose the source of your files such as iPhoto , and the files will appear.

      Place the extracted audio in one of the sound tracks, and then mute the main sound track by deselecting its check box. O Yup. Quit iDVD. Open the Contents folder and then the Resources folder. View that folder in list view and sort by kind; all the themes will be grouped. There are other ways to point viewers to your content, though. For example, create a short movie, image, or slideshow that directs viewers to the DVD-ROM content, and then place that on the viewable part of the disc.

      You could also create an image file containing instructions on how to access those files and then create a menu with this image as the background. Place a button leadingto this menu on the main menu of the disc. How can I do that with just a single Mac audio input? Add a multichannel audio interface, and GarageBand will present you with channel choices galore.

      How can I convert them? How do I move them over? First, quit GarageBand. Drag that folder to your external hard drive. Copy that to your external drive as well. Delete the original folders. Delete the contents of each. Click OK. Click the eyeball icon, and a Loop Browser appears atthe bottorri of the GarageBand interface.

      Drag your new folders to anywhere in the Loop Browser. GarageBand will ask If you want to copy the loops to the Apple Loops folder or just use them from the current location. How do I record my guitar and vocals at the same time? O There are two vyays. Make sure the Monitor is on so you can hear yourself. When you record, the guitar. You can apply effects to either track as needed. O MIDI files contain musical data sans actual sounds.

      Is there a way I can use my Mac keyboard instead? GarageBand has a feature called Musical Typing. You can use your regular Mac keyboard to play your Software Instruments— but after a few notes, you may not want to. When you download Soundfonts, they should have a.

      Select the track, click on the Track Info button the button , atid click on the arrow to bring up the instrument details. Click on the pencil icon to the right of that. A high-speed G4 is good. A G5 is better. A dual G5 is best. It also helps Real Instrument performance.

      First, create a new project in the key of the audio file. Using the peaks in the waveform, the timeline grid, and the metronome, adjust the project tempo to match the tempo of the imported file. Set the cycle region to repeat the portion of the audio you want to turn into a loop a measure or two , and make sure it plays without any hiccups.

      Adjust the placement of the clip and the tempo until It sounds smooth. Now create a Real Instrument track and record silence for one beat to create a purple clip. Click Create to make a single purple clip. Chop off the beat of silence at the start. Turn imported audio into an Apple Loop by modifying the tempo top , dropping it next to a Real Instrument track center , and then joining the two bottom. Soundfonts from the Sound Bank pop-up menu.

      You can then save them as Software Instruments for easy retrieval later. Compatibility can be hit-or-miss, but remember; Soundfonts are free. It's software that's actually fun to use - and fits like a glove. OmniOvtline an amazingly flexible program for taking notes, making lists, manag- ng projects, and organizing information.

      See for yourself what a difference the rig ht software can rnake. Download a free trial today at www. Over time, this twisting can result in real damage such as repetitive strain injuries RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome. Fortunately, there are so called ergonomic keyboards that promise to unbend your limbs and let you eojoy your Mac in comfort. We took a bunch.. So what follows is a collection of first impressions— test-drives, if you will— rather than full-on reviews.

      If you decide to go with one of these alterboards, be ready to spend some time retraining your brain and fingers— and bear in mind that the more you stand to benefit that is, the more you type already , the harder it may be to retrain yourself.

      Also, these are keyboards aimed at making typing easier, which may end up making other computer tasks more difficult. For example, many of the designs relocate the arrow keys or number pad, which could mess up your gaming or spreadsheet techniques. You might want to keep your old keyboard around for Nanosaur 2 and quarterly budget projections. The keyboard came with a CD that installed some kind of controlling software— but the installer didn't say what it was or where it went.

      Unfortunately, the keys still didn't work. Next, we went to the Adesso product page to look for drivers and found one— but after downloading it, it turned out to be the driver for OS 9. Hello, what year is this? Adesso tech support kindly emailed us a link to an updated driver on their Web site. Fortunately it was a direct tink, because as of this writing, the only driver offered on the product page is still the OS 9 version. Once we got that driver downloaded and installed, all the special keys finally worked, including Calculator and Sherlock2.

      As a keyboard, the Intellimedia Pro is fine. The keys are divided Into two parts that are angled away from each other, reducing ulnar deviation. The sections are essentially flat, though, so it does nothing for pronation. The keys have a good tactile feel, though we prefer the firmer feel of the less-expensive Microsoft Natural Elite Keyboard p There are two big differences, however: One, the keys are stacked directly above one another rather than offset as on a normal keyboard; two, the top keys are larger than the bottom ones.

      The idea is that those two changes make the key layout more closely match the way your fingers naturally fan out from the palm. The other aspect of the Smartboard that sets it apart is Its noisiness. This keyboard uses mechanical key switches like those in the beloved old Apple Extended Keyboard and similar to those used In the IBM keyboards that Apple mimicked.

      The thing Is, that plastic clacking isn'ta part of most people's computing environments anymore. The return of the clacking is likely to be distracting-if not to you, then to your coworkers. The construction also gives the Smartboard's keys more resistance than the others In this group and Apple's current standard keyboards.

      Both put a preference pane in System Preferences that gives you direct access to some of the more commonly needed tasks such as swapping Option and Command keys DoubleCommand also enables further customization if you enter numeric codes into a text- based preferences file. You set it up by releasing a locking handle, which allows the two halves ofthe keyboard to move around.

      The two halves ofthe keyboard can be placed at 30 degrees to the horizontal— about twice as steep as the Maxim can achieve, and closer to a wrist- neutral position. Key Ovation says that they plan to produce a Mac-oriented version oftfjie keyboard by the end of Kinesis includes thin cushions to stick on the keyboard to make using it even more comfortable. Some of thf keys are in new places, and finger movements are a little different shorter, which is a good thing. An independent— and small- study at Ohio State University found that it only took an hour for subjects to get back up to 86 percent of their normal typing speed on the Advantage.

      Other new key placements are more questionable, like putting the arrow keys on a row beneath the standard bottom letter row. But all in. First, it splits down the middle and spreads apart locking into one of five positions to reduce ulnar deviation. With the keyboard on our desk, we liked the widest setting; using a keyboard tray with our elbows rested on the arms of our chair, it felt better to move the keyboard in a stop or two.

      The Maxim also tents in the middle to one of three positions including flat , which helps reduce pronation. After setting the spread and tilt the way you like it, you adjust the detachable wrist rests until the whole contraption is stable.

      But even when widely spread and fully tented, it feels perfectly solid, and your hands fall into a natural, comfortable position. Instead, several keys near the center behave like a numeric keypad when you press the Function key. The standard top-row 7, 8, and 9 lceys serve as the 7, 8, and 9 of the numeric keypad, with the rest of the keypad numbers and operands arrayed around and below. As a matter of fact, there is.

      A study tracked 80 computer users with musculoskeletal disorders and compared four different keyboards- one standard and three ergonomic. After six months, the researchers found that while there was no provable clinical improvement, pain lessened and hand function increased with alternative keyboards. Another study measured joint movements during typical typing tasks.

      The study concluded that alternative keyboard designs could reduce tendon travel by as much as 11 percent. And in , a different group of researchers published results showing that while alternative keyboards may not improve overall typing comfort, they probably do improve the comfort level of your shoulders and wrists. You need to either retrain your fingers or use a remapperto swap the Option and Command keys. Here are some commonly accepted guidelines for setting up a body- friendly workspace.

      Center your keyboard in front of you. Use a keyboard tray, and position it so that your keyboard is just above your lap. Keep your elbows in a slightly open position— 90 degrees or more. If your keyboard is lower than your desk, tilt it slightly down in back.

      Type with a light touch. Keep your arms and elbows relaxed and close to your body. Center your monitor in front of you. Place your monitor so that its top is 2 to 3 inches above eye level. Tilt your monitor upward slightly. Take frequent breaks. The idea behind the Safetype is this: If you stand with your arms at your sides and bend your elbows to put your hands straight out in front of you, youll notice that your palms are facing each other across a foot and a half or so of space.

      Wacky, but rue. No doubt about it, the SafeType requires more of a commitment than any of the other keyboards. Fortunately, the company offers a 3d-day money back guarantee on new keyboards and invites customers to contact them for suggestions in getting acclimated to the new way of typing. If your main complaint about standard keyboards is that they make your fingers stretch too far, the EZ-'Reach may be the answer.

      New key locations may or may not help. If you have small Harids or a prefer typing on a laptop over typing on a regular keyboard, you might like the EZ-Reach. Note that our picture capacity numbers are only estimates— there are many factors that determine how many pictures will fit on a card of a given capacity. Also, the prices listed are from Amazon. Over the years, advancing technology has packed in impressive storage space. Introduced by Sony in , Memory Sticks are used in all kinds of Sony devices, from cameras to digital music players to TV sets.

      A few other companies make memory sticks, but only one— Konica— uses them In its cameras. Memory Stick Duo is a miniature version for cell phones and other small devices. Adapters let you use the Duo in a standard Memory Stick slot.

      SD cards include an erasure-prevention switch to help prevent accidental data loss. Old Busted Joints If you like to search the bargain bins, you may still find digital cameras that use these storage methods. However, if companies publish speed specs at all, they do so using a bewildering variety of measurements and formats— and the fine print is always sure to disclaim any real-world validity.

      Many vendors use the letter x as a convention to denote transfer speed, with each x valued at about KBps. So a 4x card would transfer data at KBps, while an 80x card would do so at 12MBps. Yes, they really do vary that widely. Paul, editor in chief of TechWeb. Quick, where do you most often listen to music? In your car, right? The easiest way to enjoy all of that music in your car is the Griffin iTrip.

      Snap iTrip on your iPod or iPod mini and suddenly your music is filling up your next road trip, daily commute or business trip - right through the built-in FM stereo of any car. Buy an iTrip for your iPod or iPod mini and your favorite song will always be on the radio. May Addict 35 1. Both have solid, well-designed tool sets and clean, well-organized interfaces, and both address compatibility issues to varying degrees of success.

      After creating projects with each app, however, it became clear that Keynote and Pages are in different stages of development. While Keynote is now in full bloom, the little ingenue Pages has some growing up to do. The iWork apps do have things in common. Each has a handy-dandy Media browser, which pulls up your iTunes, iPhoto, and iMovie collections.

      From the Media browser, you can drag and drop media directly into your documents. Both apps also feature an Inspector window— an all-purpose tool shed that serves as the hub of formatting info. Note: You can now view more than one Inspectorwindow at a time. And just as you can build tables and charts directly into these apps, so can you crop photos— the new masking tool lets you crop any photo to better fit your page layout. So much for quality control. Hopefully, by the time you read this, Apple will have released an update that fixes these annoying problems.

      Keynote 2 When Keynote debuted in , it had beauty— now it has brains. You can animate individual characters, lines of text, or object builds with precise timing down to fractions of a second on individual slides. We appreciated the ability to preview effects before applying them, and we liked having the choice to either trigger effects automatically or by clicking our mouse.

      You can also add a soundtrack with the option to loop, or attach an audio file to a single slide. Version 2 also offers better text handling. You can add bullets, set margins around paragraphs, and change the spacing between characters, lines, and paragraphs. You can also type text directly into shapes and create free text boxes sans bullets ; a Fonts browser allows you to quickly access any font on your system. In addition to exporting and importing presentations to and from PowerPoint, you can import data from Excel or AppleWorksforuse in one of eight chart types.

      The improved table tool makes easy work of creating headers and resizing rows and columns. Meanwhile, Keynote has slapped on a little makeup. Using new transitions now five 3D and 18 2D effects In all , we burned, popped, and otherwise mutilated ours in style. There are now three different types of slideshow: normal, self-playing great for kiosk demos , or hyperlinks-only for interactive presentations.

      If you have two displays, you can now type notes as you create your slides; when it comes to presentation time, you can view the notes as you go without showing them to your audience. You can also keep tabs on the elapsed time or time remaining, and show the current slide, the next slide, or both.

      Pages The placeholder text within each Pages template seems remarkably representative of Pages itself. It does, however, combine fundamental— even quite Keynote 2 lets you place and resize 12 shapes with options for transparency, text, color, and fill. Pages is neither a full-featured word processor nor a pro design appUcation-but It works when you need something in between. Like Keynote, you begin by choosing from a variety of templates, each of which contains several predefined page designs and as in Keynote, you can customize galore.

      Pages offers a total of 41 stylish templates: one blank, six newsletter, three journal we loved these , six invitation, six stationery, three resume, six education including lab notes, a syllabus, and a quiz form , and six marketing including a menu. Pages offers live feedback with rulers and alignment guides for when you adjust text and objects. You can display ruler units as percentages and change ruler units of measurement if you prefer picas to points.

      And you can choose to view or not to view invisible characters. Any object shapes, graphics, media you import can either be fixed text flows around it or inline moves with text. You can also layer, resize, and move objects, or change object properties with relative freedom, although doing so often feels clumsy. You can view paragraph, list, and character styles in the tidy Styles Drawer. Modifying and creating new paragraph styles is simple via the Text Inspector.

      Other good formatting options include an auto-updating table of contents, footnote styles, and customizable headers and footers. Essential page-setup features, hyphenation options, and ligature preferences are at the ready but at their most basic. Now for the sticky bits. Compatibility is a great thing— when it actually works. It was exciting news to hear we could export our Pages documents to Word, RTF, Plain Text, HTML, and PDF formats, but our spirits dampened when we read the disclaimer in the manual that elements would move or be lost in translation— and real disappointment set in when we actually tried exporting for ourselves.

      Line spacing, special effects, graphics, and more translated inconsistently. Use Keynote instead. Disappointment gave way to annoyance when it came to deleting unwanted pages from a project. In Keynote, the clever outline window at the left of the canvas allows you to snip, move, and otherwise manipulate pages of your presentation at will.

      This is a hassle, especially if you are deleting or significantly revising a complex document. The bottom line. But despite each foot deeper i iRiu cbt Dtindi tlur j it the snow-iadcii , fotest. Clean interface. Handy tools. Inspires creativity.

      Occasionally clunky. Noticeable ceiling on features. To be fair, word on the street is that the G5 CPU is tricky to keep cool in the confines of a notebook— give Apple credit for taking the time to quietly do it right. The hard drives are faster— 5, rpm instead of 4,rpm drives. You can now scroll by placing two fingers on the pad and draggingthem in the direction you want to scroll, including diagonally.

      For example, if you want to scroll down when reading a Web page, you just put two fingers on the pad and drag them down. That may be a good or bad thing. You decide. The two we left out? The Combo Drive- equipped inch and inch models. Both of the inch PowerBook models have a 1. The common specs: a IDVD 5. Times are in seconds. Times are in minutes. Shorter bars are better. Apple, like most personal- computer manufacturers, Installs a variety of hard drives into its products— you have little or no say over which you'll receive.

      The main objective of our testing was to uncover the speed differences between the 1. It turns out that they're marginal. Our Unreal Tournament video tests yielded biggerdifferences— the 1. Curiously, the inch PowerBook was consistently faster than the inch and inch PowerBooks when performing a Photoshop Action that mimics real-world graphics chores.

      We also watched a Lawrence of Arabia DVD to see how far into the film we could get on fully charged batteries. On all three PowerBooks, we got through about 2 hours and 35 minutes of the 3-hour- andminute movie. The new speed and features are enough for owners of older 'Books to seriously consider upgrading, and for new buyers to plunk down their cash. We think they're worth the money. Who knows what you've got hidden away? NoteBook takes all those snippets and turns them into searchable catalogs of information.

      Find anything instantly. Publish to the web in one step. NoteBook puts you in the driver's seat. You can take control. NoteBook can help. So why not give NoteBook a try? Free demo at www. Good speed boosts. Backlit keyboards on and jnchers. Nice, exceptionally bright displays. Hard drive motion sensor protects your drive from drops. No PC Card slot on incher.

      A bit hot for using on your lap. AirPort Extreme. Gigabit Ethernet. USN 2. Added goodies include modeling tools that add a subtle but critical new capability: object manipulators. Click on any object in a scene, and colored selection handles for the x-, y-, and z-axes appear, allowing you to constrain and precisely control scaling, movement, and rotation along a specific axis, making it much easier to do any kind of 3D task.

      Carrara 4 also adds nice changes to the terrain and sky generators, with larger image meshes supported in the terrain modules up to 8, by 8, pixels, which can yield some seriously big, detailed landscapes and a slick multi-layered terrain-texture module that lets you create advanced rendered effects such as snow which changes in density based on altitude and slope or pockets of water at certain elevations.

      The additions to the sky module significantly improve the look of rendered fog, haze, and clouds, and add to the realism of the atmospherics. Improved IK. Morph targets make the complex work of animating facial expressions more manageable— your characters will smile more easily, which will make you smile. Eovia has also added the ability to import sound files and place them in the timeline— crucial for syncing movement to sound effects, a critical part of the animation process.

      Ultimately, rendering is the true test of any 3D software, and Carrara 4 has lovely additions, including real 3D motion blur and blurry reflections, two visual elements that often mean the difference Complex character animations in Carrara 4 are easier due to an underlying virtual skeleton that links together body parts. A new network-rendering feature limits you to five computers Macs or PCs; both Mac OS X and Windows versions of the software are included , all of which must be present underthe same IP subnet mask— so forget about true network rendering using remote machines.

      Hopefully, this interface rudeness will change in the next revision. New natural-terrain options let you layer snow, grass, and rock together in complex ways with minimal effort. In the realm of mid- priced integrated modeling, rendering, and animation software, Carrara 4 Pro continues to offer a decently balanced compromise between power and usefulness.

      Improved IK and timeline editing. Network rendering limited to five computers. The camera performed smoothly and produced images with good dynamic range, detail in both shadows and highlights, and accurate color— though we've seen sharper images in higher-end SLRs. Shot-to-shot time was as fast as we could press the shutter release, and focusing was quick and accurate even under low-light conditions. The camera's built-in flash does an excellent job on automatic and has a manual option that lets you adjust its intensity.

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