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      The novel follows Duffy's attempts to solve a locked-room murder in order to obtain inside information on McCann's whereabouts, which finally leads to the assassination attempt on British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in Brighton. It becomes an instant bestseller, but Hee-soo's regained fame doesn't last long as she becomes embroiled in another plagiarism scandal, with rumors swirling that the contents of her book are from a novel that had been published 10 years ago.

      In the morning, Kat asks Will to read a graphic novel that she wrote. The novel ends on an uncertain note; Bron and Toby seem to be fated for each other, but she is technically still married to Sam Jones, who also survived the explosion. Set in England, the novel alternates between the story's present in and flashbacks to The novel is set in Victorian England.

      The novel starts the summer of , three years after a married couple, Bryony Asquith and Leo Marsden, have been estranged. An unnamed country's tyrannical ruler, Great Uncle, commands author Alan Sheriff to ghost-write a novel that will have the literary circles of the western world talking about him. The novel tells the tragic story of the Gypsy, Tumry, and his wife Motruna, daughter of the farmer Lepiuk.

      As Don Ciccio and his colleagues dig deeper into the grisly murder, the mechanics of the detective novel take a backseat to the wordplay and experimentation with which Gadda presents a panorama of life in early fascist Rome. This book's intricate and interwoven plot has been compared to Finnegans Wake, but a more apt Joyce comparison might be Ulysses, considering the fact that the novel takes place over the course of only one day: May 10, The Bath Fugues is a novel of three sections, all interconnecting and modelled on the structure of the Goldberg variations.

      The novel is a fictionalised account of the life of Wolf-Man, Sigmund Freud's most famous patient, counter-pointed with an account of Artie Catacomb, a con-man and psychoanalyst living in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. The novel follows the sisters through that campaign and on to northern Europe.

      The novel follows the arc of Colts's life, from station hand to World War II in New Guinea to livestock agent, broken, forlorn and alcoholic. The novel follows the story of Yusuf, a boy born in the fictional town of Kawa in Tanzania at the turn of the Twentieth century. The novel is narrated by seven different characters whose lives intersect in various ways. The novel ends with Louisa at a cafe in Paris, reading Will's last words to her in a letter, that tell her to 'live well'.

      The novel follows the story of journalist Felix Moore who is writing an investigative piece about Gaby Baillieux, a young Australian computer hacker. The novel is set on the small Melanesian island of Kristi in the far-western Pacific. The novel is told from the alternating perspectives of Nick, the only straight member of a queer rock band, and Norah, the daughter of a well-known music producer. The novel follows two brothers, Elijah and Danny, who have been tricked by their parents into taking a trip to Italy together.

      The novel is the second in the current-era literary series to be set during the original timeline created by Fleming since 's Colonel Sun following Devil May Care by Sebastian Faulks and sees the return of Bond girl Pussy Galore, who made her debut in Goldfinger. The novel The Great Fire is about the great fire that happened in Chicago. The novel was an adaptation of the ancient Sanskrit epic Mahabharat, giving greater prominence to the character of Radha. The novel follows the story of year-old Grace Blakely, who remembers her mother being murdered, although everyone else believes that she was killed in an accidental fire.

      The novel is told in the first person, from the perspective of an American photographer named Charles Castle. Based on a novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, this film two and a half hours long is pure entertainment. AXE suspects a novel virus or electromagnetic ray is responsible. The novel opens with the bizarre murder of historian Ram Mathur at the Ganga ghat in Varanasi. Revolving around a middle-class family, Kaagaz Ke Fools touches upon the issue of lack of good novel writers.

      The plague, earthquakes, wars, rebellions and, of course, love colour this novel and never leave us bored, at the same time, giving us an insight into events in a remote region over a thousand years ago. He is going to write a novel about his adventures. Gautam's latest novel is titled RangiTaranga, a word which might hold the key to his past.

      The novel is set in a futuristic universe. As they investigate the mysteries, their relationship deepens, and at the end of the novel they become engaged. The novel begins about years after two human beings, Angela and Tommy, were stranded on Eden. The novel is a mystery, and concerns a detective, Finley, who is investigating a puppet troupe led by a Professor Uppal. The novel is set in London.

      However, a stray piece of paper upon which he has begun his novel flies away and is picked up by some of the moonshiners, who then attack him. The novel ends with the patron paying back the proxy with his life while simultaneously enacting 'Jubilee' onto the world. This is presented in the novel as having been a sign of his bad character, and Fulford states that Wickham uses the prestige of the militia and the anonymity it provides to run away from his debts. A major issue that researchers were focused on is the relationship with the novel by Merezhkovsky "The Birth of Gods.

      Angeleno art gallery owner Susan Morrow receives the manuscript for a novel penned by her estranged ex-husband Edward Sheffield along with an invitation for dinner during Edward's upcoming visit to Los Angeles. At the heart of the novel is a love story between a man and a woman who are forced to hide their feelings and pass as homosexuals.

      The most popular interpretation of this popular novel is that Selimovic employed a fictional Ottoman setting to obscure a real critique of life in Communist Yugoslavia. Throughout their reunion, sticky feelings of love, longing and regret are stirred up in the characters, alongside novel insights into forgiveness, mortality and gratitude.

      Dare cannot be bribed, so his opponents spirited him away in a novel fashion. The novel follows a protagonist, "U". The novel is set in May The novel begin as the heroine, Minerva "Min" Dobbs, a chubby, year-old actuary, is dumped by her boyfriend, David. The film focuses on Jack Goodwin, a young chemistry student who has discovered a novel compound that allows a person to be put in a state of sleep for any length of time.

      She does some clever work in the case, and proves Jack's innocence in a novel way, incidentally falling in love with the man whose life she is working to save. The story begins with a wealthy businessman reading a novel he had started reading a few days earlier in his house on a large estate. It's revealed that Fermin was in prison 20 years earlier with the mysterious stranger as well as David Martin the protagonist of Zafon's second novel The Angel's Game. The novel opens with the intrigues of Boris Pinski.

      The novel describes the lives of a poor family in a small village called Beddagama literally, "The village in the jungle" as they struggle to survive the challenges presented by poverty, disease, superstition, the unsympathetic colonial system, and the jungle itself. Walter Kerner, a German scientist and associate of Martin Bormann, is in Beijing Peking]] synthesizing a novel compound derived from belladonna called Agent Z, which is capable of inducing psychosis.

      The novel is set immediately after Arthurian Britain, with "Britons" living alongside Saxons. The novel opens in London, at the annual Smythe-Smith musicale. The hero of the novel is Gregory Bridgerton, the youngest male and last unmarried sibling in the Bridgerton family. The novel is a historical romance, set in England in , which is commonly known as the Georgian period.

      Much of the novel takes place at st Kilda's, a girls' boarding school in Dublin. He continues writing, his next novel being about Trevor. The novel recounts the tumultuous relationship of the Von Reisen sisters, Elfrieda and Yolandi, the only children of an intellectual, free-spirited family from a conservative Mennonite community.

      Though the cafe is nominally set in New York City as per Naylor's earlier novel Mama Day, patrons wander into it from different times and places. Life-Saving Service based on a novel by Joseph Lincoln. Adaptation of the novel by Luis Spota, which is a testimony to the brutality of man against the life, nature, and destiny. Poseidon's Wake is a loose sequel to Reynolds' novel On the Steel Breeze, featuring numerous recurring characters, but can also be considered a stand-alone story.

      This novel conforms with the rest of the Spanish-American indigenist novels in theme, but not so in style. The novel mixes narrative, excerpts from Treadup's journal, letters written by Treadup and his wife. Odd takes the bike to a safe house run by the same organization he helped in the last novel after meeting mrs Fischer. The film follows Elsie Plush, an avid a dime novel reader who becomes infatuated with the type of hero in Laura Jean Libbey's books.

      Hrafn decides to return to school; the novel closes with the characters admiring the Northern Lights. The novel features the story of Sabadil, a simple peasant farmer living in Eastern Europe in the late nineteenth century. The plot was adapted from Augusta Jane Evans's novel st Elmo. Elmo Thanhouser film. Each week the novel was dedicated to a particular enabling the participation of a large cast. The novel explores the power of a curse African society and the myth and power that surrounds twins.

      The novel is a satire on old age and concerns Kathleen Hackendorf who has reached the age when she must decide on where she is going to live until the end of her days. As the novel begins, they are in their early thirties, and have not seen each other for several years. The novel is about the lives of two sets of siblings, the privileged Howard siblings Russell and Zoe, who are the children of elite Australian botanists, and the Quayle siblings Stephen and Anna who were orphaned at a young age and raised by an uncle consumed with caring for his mentally-ill wife.

      It is an adaptation of the novel Tenchi meisatsu by Tow Ubukata. Mansfield Park is the next best represented novel in terms of major characters. Harmonia is a visual novel in which the player assumes the role of Rei. The novel is set in July The novel is set in the s.

      The protagonist of the novel is Kenton, a down-at-heel freelance journalist who loses money gambling and takes the train to Vienna to borrow money from a man he knows there, Rosen, a Jew he helped escape Germany after the Nazis came to power. This novel is set in both and and in various locations in the United States. The novel describes in detail the anonymous phone calls, safe houses, elaborate aliases and clandestine meetings required to carry this out, and includes a number of tense scenes.

      The final full-length novel in the series, Saint Odd, is to be released in January Lemoncello's Library. The main subject of the novel is the golden era of Australian show-jumping between the wars. The novel is set in , and the main character Che Selkirk is being brought up in New York by his grandmother. During the novel one canobserve that Stephen rises the ladder of the city life. The novel alternates between different moments in Sean's life.

      The novel is told through 11 narrators, characters belonging to highly different worlds within the same city — a group of adolescents at a high school and the bewildered and desperate father of two of them, and a gang of petty criminals trying to cope with the changing times. The novel follows the story of a young girl, Adara, who befriends an ice dragon after the death of her mother.

      The novel starts with Sydney Sage in re-education, still in her dark cell, called reflection time by the Alchemists. The novel surrounds Penny Porter, a 15 year old living with her parents in Brighton. In the novel he highlights the heroic roles and actions that the Philadelphia free blacks took in order to fight this deadly disease. The plot of this film was very similar to the novel written by Lieberman, the teleplay, written by Ernest Kinoy, was also based on the novel. The novel is set in March The novel begins with the funeral of Fanny Peronett, the wife of Hugh Peronett.

      The novel opens with Rachel McLaren at the train station awaiting her brother Jamie's return from the war, and his career as a soldier. The novel centres around Mukhtar, a young Libyan man who stands frozen for ten years like a statue in the middle of public park in Libyan capital Tripoli after he was abandoned by his lover, the young and promiscuous Fatma.

      Dylan reveals to his wife, Emily Klara Landrat , that he has not been writing a new novel but instead has been using his hacking skills to expose the most secret government and corporate secrets. The novel opens in Cuba in , at a time when it was still ruled by the Spanish Empire and Cubans have fought for years for their Independence. The novel begins on July 4 weekend, as the President attends an event.

      The novel "The Broken Eye" begins with a sea demon attack on the Chromeria, which a black sperm whale defends and rescues the city from at the last moment. The novel is divided into five parts. The novel is set in August The novel starts in September, after Joe Cardone, the brother of the main character, has come back from his trip to Europe, and after the summer in Toronto for Jason Cardone Joe's brother and his two friends, Don and Ferguson Peachfuzz the novel chronicles.

      The novel ends with several of the other characters forming couples. The novel revolves around Serge Carrefax, born in the late 19th century in England. The novel is set in Kentucky in the s and revolves around the mysterious figure of "Nick of the Woods", dressed as a monster, who seeks to avenge the death of his family by killing numerous Indians, carving a cross on the body of all he slays.

      The novel chronicles his childhood and his entry into the broader world. The novel is set in Calcutta and follows the life of a family fractured by extremist political activism. The novel is loosely set around the time of the early s, when the Inuit of Kangirsujuaq had regular but limited contact with Qallunaat, or Euro-Canadians. Ciccio loves very much the novel Satyricon of Petronius Arbiter, although his friend Franco does not understand him.

      While Amanda's death is portrayed to be inevitable, the novel concludes with an open ending - the special friendship between Charlie and Sevrin. The novel concerns Pran Nath known throughout the book by several other names , the child of a one-time affair between an English father and an Indian mother, and his life from birth to roughly the age of twenty-two, as he travels from India to England to Africa while colonialism begins to come to a close.

      The novel covers a range of world events during the period, often from multiple points of view. The novel and series end with Maia about to impact on the far side of the world as Palace and the Amish community sit down to begin a meal that will abruptly end with the unfolding tragedy on the other side of the world, all but Palace and two members of the Amish host family oblivious about their imminent fate. A theatre graduate student directs a group of undergraduates in an adaptation of a s young adult novel that changes all of them.

      The novel is written in the first person from Ben's point of view. Just under half the length of the novel tells how a discovery on the Moon brings Massachusetts linguist, Robert Fairlie to a high-security space base in New Mexico and eventually to the planet Ryn. Paprika's most characteristic sexual activity is masturbating to the late program on Arte; the first edition of the novel reputedly fell open at this scene.

      The novel describes the life of an outstanding military and political figure of the second half of the 18th century, Grigory Potemkin. Due to insecurity of them being always on the top and he was always third place, he wrote the novel to put his anger towards them.

      By the end of the novel Marcus Vallar has died, Ludens is no longer engaged to Irina, and Franca is still married to Jack, while Alison has left him. His latest novel did not sell well thanks to a pan by critic Richard Cheeseman a friend of Hugo Lamb and at a book fair he is upstaged by new author Holly Sykes who has written an immensely popular book about her psychic visions called The Radio People.

      The novel describes the maturation process of Ernesto, a year-old who must confront the injustices of the adult world that he becomes a part of, and who is required to take sides. The novel relates one of the most traditional customs of the indigenous communities of Peru: the "Indigenous bullfight", that takes place every year on the 28th of July, the anniversary of the founding of Peru.

      The novel starts with the suicide of Don Andres Aragon of Peralta, head of the most powerful family in the village of San Pedro de Lahuaymarca, in the mountains of Peru. The novel is set in Brighton in The novel begins with its eponymous, thirty-five-year-old hero on a train returning to his native Dorset to Ramsgard Sherborne. Her ancestor is Baron Von Dinkenstein, who was said to have created a monster called Frankencreep which inspired famous novelist Mary Shelley to write her novel Frankenstein.

      The novel is set during the period after the lifting of Apartheid. Chapter One The novel opens with Ganus who is working as a servant in the home of a prominent white family. The novel centers around Celeste Price, a middle school teacher who recounts her pursuit of Jack Patrick, a fourteen year old student of hers. The novel takes place in an unnamed 20th-century European town.

      At the end of the novel Effingham and Marian return separately to London. This novel is all about Jake Moon's changing relationship with his grandfather. Thus the President's orders place his own daughter into harm's way, The novel also features theS.

      The last third of the novel is centered in the courtroom as the murder trial takes place. Surya starts a novel Aayanaki Iddaru literally, he has two wives. Romapuri Pandian is a historical novel that talks about the king Peruvazhuthi Pandian who tries to establish a relationship with the Roman Empire. Gabriel's Mexican home is the site of early anomalies that become increasingly visible and widespread as the novel progresses, including a special orange that falls from Rafaela's favorite tree at the home.

      In the first portion of the book, called "Happily Ever After," the novel moves back and forth in time between Mireille's captivity and her earlier life, meeting and falling in love with husband Michael during graduate school in the Midwest of the United States. The novel takes place in Leicestershire, England in current times. Di Shen also realises that the suspect has enacted the plot of his novel which raises the possibility that he is a fan of his work.

      The novel chronicles the occupation of the United Kingdom by the Nazis from 11 September to 13 March who begin a program of "complete Germanisation" of the country. The novel also occasionally looks at the phenomenon from the viewpoint of the Returned, who appear to have no knowledge of or explanation for their return, and only want to live their lives.

      The novel gives us fragments of the history of the island kingdom, from its inception to the present day, while the drow launch a devastating attack. The novel is set in June She convinces Brian to do so, flattering him by reciting quotes from his novel Faster Than the Speed of Love. The novel goes on to explain the burial customs and unveils that the corpses were buried in a separate hole initially, then slowly one small hole for the family and then ended up digging a big hole for all those die on that particular day.

      The novel opens with a conversation between Liliane and her psychoanalyst. When Paula finds Linda editing her novel one morning, she flies into a rage. The novel is split into sections headed by dates in the French Republican Calendar which was in use at the time, and is in the main told by two narrative voices, Jean Marc Gaspard Itard, the doctor appointed to be the boys tutor, and Madame Guerin to whom Itard entrusts his care.

      First published in , the novel tells the story of a Russian spy-ship the Dmitri Kirov crashing into Albert's small island in the Isles of Scilly. The novel opens with a deathbed scene in which a man named John Vernon is relaying his dying wishes to his daughter, Constance.

      The novel opens with a narrator describing the beauty of the Land of Anahuac, with its picturesque, valleys, mountains, plains, and rolling landscapes. However, correspondence with Juan Manuel increase his amorous illusions increasingly by his promise that the rise of the novel for so long dreamed. Saga of Old City was the first novel to feature Gord the Rogue. Themes around race, class, loyalty to family, sex, the theory of language, the life of canonical western artists, abortion, and sexual identity are also explored as the novel unfolds.

      The novel begins with the Rigonda family and two men aboard a castaway ship somewhere in the south Pacific. The novel alternates between the adventures of "New York tour guide Larry Bloom" who works "a nine-to-five grind herding privileged tourists through the city" and chapters from a book manuscript he has written "about the light in his listless life, Starshine Hart, a year-old, job-jumping beauty who attracts the gaze and adoration of nearly every man in the Tri-state area".

      The writer forms the idea for a novel based on the stories his cellmates share, however when he contracts typhoid fever it becomes hard for him to distinguish what is real and what is imaginary. Set in modern times, this novel interconnects the past to the present. The novel has about thirty characters belonging to three generations of eight families belonging to Malabar during the end of the Second World War, when the famous Moplah rebellion broke out in Kerala. Much of the novel focuses on Bartle's promise to the mother of Murph, a fellow Private, not to let him die in the war.

      The novel is set in Kerala in s-an era of transition from feudal system to modern democracy. The novel ends with Michelle waking from a coma after the final battle and Sean realizing how much their relationship meant to him. The novel begins with an introduction to Crescent "Cress" Moon Darnel, a sixteen-year-old girl living in a satellite in space that has been her prison for most of her life.

      The novel is written as the memoir of Eugene Luther, one of the first followers of Cavism, founded by John Cave, an American undertaker. It is revealed through the novel that Tibby was suffering from Huntington's disease and aware that she was going to die, even though her death by drowning was an accident.

      Hoping to create a visual novel computer game, he turns to school beauties Eriri Spencer Sawamura for designing the art, and Utaha Kasumigaoka for writing the game scenario. The novel is a third person narrative, mainly centring on the thoughts and experiences of Margaret Pargeter. The novel takes place in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina in A major climax in the novel comes when Porius mates with the young giantess, he names Creiddylad, one of two surviving Cewri, or giants, the true aboriginals of Britain.

      Sally becomes a professional writer, and her first book is The Killing of Billy D, a bestselling non-fiction novel about the murder of Billy Don. The novel then goes back in time to , when the Marie Curie and her husband discover radioactivity. Based on the novel of the same name, Youngblood Hawke is about a Kentucky truck driver, James Franciscus , who moves to New York City with dreams of becoming a hot-shot writer. This series was based on the novel The Point of Rescue. The novel is presented by an unnamed narrator who makes an annual visit to the fictional town of Cedarville.

      The novel is divided into four parts, called "movements". The novel is set in a crumbling 21st-century America. He had interviewed the author over a period of days twelve years earlier, following the publication of Wallace's novel Infinite Jest, which received critical praise and became an international bestseller, a touchstone for numerous readers.

      The novel is set in , during a British naval survey of the coastline of the Arabian Peninsula. As the novel opens, Pete Robinson is supervising the drawing and quartering of the town's mayor by four automobiles. Robinson for a Better World. This is a historical novel with its roots in the beginning of the 20th century. He adopts the pseudonym of Mastram and churns out his pornographic novel series, which becomes a best selling cake. The structure of the novel is as an interview between a war correspondent and the commander of the battalion.

      The novel consists of three parts, each named after a character. Subbaiah , and his blind mother Ganthimathi , and his inherent belief that imprisonment does not serve the good of the victim or the perpetrator, the Judge resolves to try a novel experiment of forcing Sivaji Ganesan to live with the farmer's family and looking after their financial needs.

      The novel falls into two distinct parts covering two time periods — and Elinor Brooke, student at Slade, is home for the weekend from her studies in London, along with her older siblings Rachel and Toby. This novel battles with diverse situations including ethnic conflicts and birds. The novel has four parts: "De zaaidhede" "the sowing" , "De wiedsters" "the weed removers" , "Bloei" "flowering" , and "De slijting" the manual pulling of the flax without removal of the roots.

      The novel covers the history of the descending George Mills in the family and all of them are aware of their fates and equally feeble and ineffective in changing circumstances. The novel opens with a fire set by Maame, an Asante woman enslaved by Cobbe of the Fante people; Maame set the fire to escape and return home, but in the chaos she left behind Effia, her newly born baby who was fathered by Cobbe.

      The novel opens with an English couple, Guy and Harriet Pringle, travelling through Yugoslavia towards Romania on a train. The first half of the novel concerns each family member individually and goes chronologically from to The show is inspired from the novel Chandrakanta novel.

      The novel is the story of Archie Ferguson told at four different times, and in four different versions. The novel has an asynchronous narrative structure that weaves together four major narratives: The narratives are loosely related, linked together if not by chronological time, then by common characters and themes. The novel shifts from first-person narration by David, an marijuana dealer and aspiring filmmaker in Portland, Oregon, to third-person narration by Courtney, his ex-girlfriend who has left Portland and is living in the East Village in New York City, where she has moved into a squat.

      The game is loosely based on Paulo Coelho's autobiographical novel The Pilgrimage. The novel opens as Charles and second wife Barbra an immigrant from Taiwan who chose her English name from Barbra Streisand prepare to pack some clothes and personal items for a road trip from their soon-to-be-foreclosed Bel Air mansion to upstate New York, where they will live with his eldest child, daughter Saina. The novel chronicles the lives and interactions of two sets of brothers: Eliot and Dwight in Maryland, andJ.

      The novel relates the adventures of Bill, a year-old boy, and his magic walking stick that has the power to take him and whoever he is holding by the hand to any desired place, from "the blinding white sands of the Solomon Islands.

      The novel narrated in first person. In the final novel of the series, the crew of the Invincible find themselves in a distant, as yet unexplored by humans, section of the galaxy. The first part of the novel deals with Mayotte's childhood in the village of Carbet in Martinique.

      The novel is set in Scotland during the Jacobite rising of and follows the adventures of Francis Birkenshaw, an eighteen-year-old law apprentice. The novel is set in Tweeddale in Scotland and follows the adventures of John Burnet, a relative of the 17th century historian Gilbert Burnet.

      The novel is set in Galloway in Scotland in the late 17th century, and follows the adventures of the impoverished Jean Sieur de Rohaine. The novel relates the internal turmoils of its adolescent protagonist, Walter Parrish, when he is sent to spend a month's holiday on his uncle's decaying fruit farm in the Kent countryside.

      Unknown to her father, France has written a novel which has been accepted for publication. The film, as the novel does, is set mainly in , and centres around Florence Green, a middle-aged widow, who decides to open a bookshop in the small coastal town of Hardborough, Suffolk. Jun Hashimoto is an unsuccessful sci-fi novel writer who struggles with a task given by his manager. The novel takes the form of a loosely-coupled collection of short stories presenting a sweeping tapestry of historical episodes, from the Vikings through centuries of Norman, French, Flemish, English, Scottish and American scenes.

      The film plot is based on a novel by the Polish writer, Olga Tokarczuk. Few chapters of novel by Sergey Malitsky which is the literary base of the game's script are published on AurumDust's website. It has been known from the first novel that back in , Court was betrayed by his CIA superiors and that he had to kill some of his colleagues in order to escape.

      Rajendra manages to steal the manuscript of a novel Anup is working on, which has an idealistic theme on poverty. The novel is set in Yugoslavia in under the communist regime. The novel ends with the family on the path to healing and forgiveness. The novel takes place in a rural Korean village, and follows two Korean university students who are working to promote literacy and modern agriculture in the Korean countryside. As with Broster's most successful novel The Flight of the Heron , and 'The Wounded Name', published , the focus of the novel, despite the female love interest, is the close friendship which develops between two very different young men.

      Humne Jeena Seekh Liya is adapted from a Marathi novel titled Shaala School , and is a coming of age story of four school friends. The novel presents a lengthy procession of Blood Drinkers from previous adventures as they form a united front against a possible adversary in the form of replimoid beings created many millennia ago for one specific purpose: the destruction of Atlantis and its all-powerful ruler - Amel. This adaptation of the Harriet Beecher Stowe novel follows the adventures of a group of slaves in the 19th-century American South.

      The novel concludes with the team listening to a farewell message from the alien brain originally imprisoned within the Baobab, a song of unearthly beauty. At the beginning of the novel we are introduced to Alexandra, recently elected Abbess of Crewe, circumnavigating the issue of electronic bugging in the convent, while there is a visible police presence outside the gates.

      The convention involving a novel opening with a discussion among unnamed men was common in the Tokugawa era. The novel begins at the ending and then continues at the beginning of the story; this is called the "flashback technique", a concept that was newly introduced in late Qing China. The novel follows the story of the two men from their adolescence in the Australian bush to their coming of age on the battlefields of World War.

      The novel opens with Rebus and his girlfriend, Deborah Quant who is the latest pathologist in Edinburgh dining in a restaurant. Jennifer Maloney has suggested that the novel contains several autobiographical elements. David reads the novel and praises it to his confidant-uncle, who notices his admiration for Margaret: Presenting Philip with the volume, David invites Margaret to meet his best friend; then regrets having no opportunity to talk to Margaret alone.

      The novel is set in year The novel is set simultaneously in the s and s China. Leif, the younger of the two and the only one who can read, finds a copy of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and begins to treat the novel as if it were historical nonfiction, using their surroundings as proof.

      Bertie is pushed by Aunt Dahlia into going to Marsham Manor near Goodwood with her so she can get Cornelia Fothergill to sign her latest novel to her, so she can use it in her magazine. This novel centers around Capt. Entering into a premature midlife crisis, he decides to turn his life around and write the great novel that he always felt inside him.

      Daughter of the Drow is an Underdark novel about a drow princess who, after giving up all hope of escape from her chores as an evil spider-god priestess locked in a bitter struggle for power, encounters a berserker warrior and becomes involved in a quest involving a talisman of power and finds true love.

      The novel is centred around the Greek island of Kalymnos where, for thousands of years, the locals have put out to sea to dive for sponges. The novel is divided chronologically into three sections: , , and , which focus on, respectively, Zama's sexual, financial, and existential conflicts. I Belonged To You is a romance omnibus of mini love stories adapted from Zhang Jiajia's best-selling internet "bedtime stories" novel of the same name.

      The novel follows the story of Rupetta, a mechanical woman built in rural France in and endowed with sentience and immortality. Lily presses him about how the novel ends, but he says she must read it herself. The novel is set in Hobart, Tasmania, in The novel causes Susan to reminisce about her past life with Edward, where they were neighbours who briefly lived together after Edward's father died and her parents took him in. The novel follows two characters in alternating chapters.

      The novel is largely based on factual events and follows two main characters: Terry Winters based on Roger Windsor , chief executive of the National Union of Mineworkers; and Stephen Sweet based on David Hart , an advisor to the Thatcher government.

      The game contains the characters featured in Victor Hugo's original novel such as Quasimodo, Esmeralda and Phoebus, as well as characters created specifically for the Disney film such as the gargoyles Hugo, Victor and Laverne. This novel is about a family of Spanish immigrants in the sixties and about the adventures of one of its main storytellers, Consuelo, the daughter of a prostitute to whom the title refers to.

      The novel is set in Gippsland, Victoria, which is depicted as an idyllic place with peoples from many nations working on the land in harmony. The novel follows the story of a young, psychotic teenage boy living on the fringes of society in Sydney. The novel is set in the Middle East on the brink of war.

      Set during the years to , the novel follows the story of Starkey Moore, a loner living in the small outback town of Hope, who discovers a young man collapsed by the side of a road in a storm. The novel follows the story of Shannon Hicks, a country girl who arrives in Sydney just before the outbreak of World War II and proceeds to make her way through city life.

      Set in Sydney in the early part of the twentieth century, the novel is a series of stories told from the perspective of people associated with the son of an indigenous boxer, Chiddy Hay. The novel is a family saga told through the eyes of year-old Angus Weekes who goes to live with the St James family in the Blue Mountains area of New South Wales after the death of his guardian.

      The novel follows the story of three people living in the fictional NSW north-coast town of Doolinba: a man returned from Vietnam, scarred and damaged; the woman in charge of the local post office, embittered by marriage; and an indigenous boy, orphaned and afraid. The novel is again set in the West Australian goldfields, this time in , and also follows the life of its main character Sally Gough. The novel follows the adventures of Derek Calver, one of Chandler's early major characters.

      The novel features the author's minor series character the ex-Empress Irene, who has by this time abdicated her throne and Benjamin Trafford. Set in the Western Australian goldfields during the period to , the novel follows the story of Sally Gough and her family. The novel ends with Dhamon being presumed dead and the remaining heroes deciding that they will continue to fight against the dragons in honor of Shaon and Dhamon. The novel tells the story of painter Gavin Leigh's marriage to Ella Barnes.

      The novel forms part of Sanderson's Cosmere arc of inter-connected novels. Set in a squalid fettlers' siding on the east-west railway just south of Woomera, this novel follows the story of Sylvie Edwards and her younger brother Reg. Salinger's novel The Catcher in the Rye and wants to produce it at his prep school in Pennsylvania.

      The novel opens in Hull where the industry is under threat with paraffin and coal oil replacing whale oil. Set around the novel follows the composer Richard Wagner as he fights for recognition and details his relationships with Franz Liszt, Hans von Buelow and his wife Cosima von Buelow who later married Wagner. The novel follows this doomed affair to its tragic end. The novel follows the life of Bridget Malwyn, the illegitimate daughter of an Irish peer and an English governess.

      Theories of Forgetting is a novel made up of three intersecting narratives. The novel follows Caxton's journey of discovery into her own family's past and the living conditions of Australia's original inhabitants. Set in the fictional Australian country town of Gubba, the novel details the town's preparations for its upcoming centenary celebrations, the social and financial factions in the town and the discovery of something long thought lost.

      A retelling of the bliblical fall of man told from a female perspective, the novel tells the story of Lily Fields, the broken daughter of Eve. Paul Young novel. The novel follows the story of Alice Langton as told by her grandson Guy de Teba Langton who pieces the story together from her diaries and family gossip. The novel is narrated by Victor, a former Person Bound to Labor nicknamed 'peeb' in the alternate history who, after escaping life in a Hard Four state, has been forced to work as an undercover agent for a mysterious federal marshall, infiltrating and gathering evidence to prosecute fellow escapees and the people and organizations helping peebs escape slavery.

      The novel concerns Tess, a woman who moves from the Ohio to New York City, where she becomes a backwaitress without any other career goals. The novel concerns Furo Wariboko, a Nigerian man, who wakes up one day to discover that he has become white. Kothe Kharak Singh is a political novel and the main events of the plot take place in a village in Punjab. The novel presupposes a referendum to have taken place in the United Kingdom in , on whether the country should join a United States of Europe a development of the European Union as part of a Treaty of Aachen.

      The novel opens with twelve middle-aged women meeting at a South African boarding school where they were once pupils. The novel opens on the sixteenth birthday of the protagonist Magnus Chase, who has been living on the streets of Boston since his mother Natalie's death two years ago. The novel develops Crane's search for a marriage partner. The novel begins in the dead of winter in Glory, West Virginia, in the midst of a mining strike.

      The novel is set in Novara, a small town surrounded by snowy mountains, where lots of wars took places, for example the one against Crucchi. The novel is based on the monologue of Timodemo, who was born in Nauplia Greece. Though the novel also follows the lives of many other Greenlanders, Gunnar and Margret function as the novel's protagonists. The novel concludes with Elio as the narrator remarking to the reader that if Oliver ever really loved him and remembered everything as he said he did, he should once more "look me in the face, hold my gaze, and call me by your name".

      Maude Clara Mamet is suspended from school, loses a friend, has a broken heart, and lack of inspiration for her novel leads to her downfall. The novel is set in an old Sydney harbour suburb and follows the exploits of a group of young buys who attempt to clear the name of the father of one of them from a war disgrace. The protagonist of the novel is LaRose Iron, a young boy. The novel begins with an aged woman named Kanchan returning to her native village in Jhalawad region of peninsular Saurashtra during the s.

      The novel is part fantasy and part historical fiction. The novel is apparently a little dark and morbid, but it raises important questions about the binary between imagination and reality which continue to haunt the reader long after the reading is over. The novel centres around one day in the life of a young schoolteacher in a small Queensland town. The novel follows a group of passengers on a cruise ship docked at a Pacific Island as a hurricane approaches.

      The novel begins with a bomb eruption at a newspaper, Moskovskij Bogomolets Moscow Believer , which effects the editorial staff killing a famous Moscow journalist. This novel is about year-old Kennard Stirling, son of a wealthy family, who has spurned his inheritance in favour of a small town, rural New South Wales coast, where he spends his days helping the elderly and needy members of the community, while in his spare time working on his own hobby: a project to rejuvenate various bush blocks, but fertilised by the murdered remains of itinerants, drifters and economic losers that Stirling has judged not to offer anything to society.

      The novel tells the story of a Detroit family with 13 children as it responds to the economic woes of the city, in both the s, and during the s. During the course of the novel Pattie and Muriel both fall in love with Eugene. At the same time, secondary characters from throughout the novel who are wealthy residents of the area mysteriously go missing, with a promoted Pilbeam researching the case.

      The novel concerns a billionaire, Ross Lockhart, who is inspired by the terminal illness of his wife Artis to seek immortality for both of them through cryopreservation. The novel ends in a way that we may think Julia and Lukas may develop a friendship. The novel written in first person starts with Jon Whitcroft, one of the protagonists, reaching the train station. This novel is a sequel to the author's previous novel Tiger in the Bush and is the second of two by the author concentrating on the Lorenny family, who live deep in the rainforest in south-western Tasmania.

      This novel is the first of two by the author concentrating on the Lorenny family, who live deep in the rainforest in south-western Tasmania. The novel tells the story of William Wooding, the overweight year old manager of an English bookshop in the capital of an unnamed South American country. The film is based on a novel of a Czech writer Ludvik Ashkenazy. The novel is presented as a naration by the protagonist, Isaac Swift, of the story.

      The novel follows the adventures of a fleet of seven ships in a Norwegian whaling expedition near the South Pole. The novel is set in in Auburn Academy, an exclusive boarding school in New Hampshire based on Phillips Exeter Academy, where Erens herself was a student.

      Chief editor of the "Adventure Business" magazine decides to commission a novel from the famous writer Moldavantsev which is to be a continuation of the famous literary creation of Daniel Defoe, Robinson Crusoe. The novel is set in East Germany in the mid-seventies and follows a double-stranded narrative. The novel opens with Sasha Samokhina vacationing at the beach with her mother.

      The novel then jumps to the summer of in the United States, whereS. The novel is told by William "Liam" Garrihy many years after his time as a teenage member of a Brooklyn longshoremen gang. The principal character of the novel is the Reverend John Gore, a year old Church of England vicar who returns to his native north-east in order to start a new church in the run-down fictional area of Hoxheath.

      Wallace, indeed, had initially modeled Tynan on Hoover The protagonist of the novel is Attorney General Christopher Collins, whom Wallace modeled on Ramsey Clark, who, while in that office, became one of Hoover's bitterest enemies. His bestselling novel alienates him from most of his family, including his father Cal played by Gil Birmingham, his brother Tuska played by Tyler Christopher, and his sister Pinti played by Q'orianka Kilcher because of the autobiographical content.

      A writer compels a publisher to read his novel that tells the story of a girl who tries to lose his virginity. The novel covers the time period from nineties of the last century to zero years of the present century. The novel opens with the detonation of a bomb by a Kashmiri man, Shockie. Set in a wealthy Surrey suburb of South London, the novel takes the form of a series of increasingly bizarre letters written by Eliza Peabody, an interfering neighbour and hospice volunteer.

      This young adult novel is told in three distinct voices: Wink, Poppy, and Midnight. The novel continues the story of the Langtons, an Anglo-Australian family based in Melbourne, who have never truly come to terms with their place in Australian society. The novel takes place in the fictional town of Prespa named after the homonymous area and representing Talev's home town Prilep and follows the story of a typical Renaissance family. While 23 years old nightporter Romain Esnart dreams about writing a great novel his father becomes a pensioner.

      The novel begins and ends in the winter of , from the accidental discovery by the authorities that Els was doing home genetic experiments to his flight across the country. The novel ends with the tutor of admissions being vested with the responsibility of conveying the news of their son's death to his parents. The novel is an interplanetary adventure along the lines of de Camp's Krishna series. The novel is a coming of age story, the main protagonists are 'sparky Christina', the daughter of Alice, and her 'saintly adopted sister Pam' who could not be more different.

      The novel is written in three parts, spanning generations. In the caizi jiaren novel "sentiment replaces libido" and "refined, internal feelings replace vulgar, external sensations". The restoration of Shiki's memory via God's Word as well as what happened to him after the events of the movie are left unexplained, though in the original novel much more about him is touched upon and he is killed by one of his students in a considerably karmic fashion.

      Set in Malaysia, the novel deals with Velunni Kurup, a septuagenarian self-made millionaire and a host to his greedy relatives who try to defraud him of his wealth. Both Gil and Linda long for the days when Gil was a struggling writer whose novel only sold fourteen copies; though their happiness was defined by love instead of money. He starts writing a novel with seven different story lines, all inspired from his surroundings. As the novel progresses, situations become increasingly surreal, as the ritual slaughter of a baby by Satanist doctors causes an impenetrable fog of implicitly supernatural origin to beshroud the hospital, impeding contact with the outside world.

      This novel relates the story of Dan Scoular, an unemployed man who turns to bare-knuckle boxing to make a living. The novel presents a historical and personal perspective of Texaco, a shantytown suburb just outside Martinique's capital Fort-de-France. With growing fear of becoming discovered, Weyland is forced to enter a state of hibernation and the novel is brought to a close.

      The first half of the novel tells the story of political activists imprisoned in the s by the newly established Islamic regime and their children, some born inside prison, some at home forced to watch as their parents are taken away. The novel centers on Jackson Oz, who is an outcast among professional and academic ecologists and biologists. The novel ends when a group of new survivors, looking for shelter, arrives.

      The novel is about a famous Russian writer and ex-paratrooper named Alexander Kurbsky, who is fed up with the Putin government and decides he wants to "disappear" into the West. The novel takes the form of a confession written by Billie when she fears a journalist will expose her past.

      The novel has an unusual structure, repeatedly looping back in time to describe alternative possible lives for its central character, Ursula Todd, who is born on 11 February to an upper middle class family near Chalfont St Peter in Buckinghamshire.

      Spanning eighty years, the novel follows the life of Touba, a young woman educated by her father in a time when few women received education. The novel tells the tale of a woman, An Tinh Nguyen, born in Saigon in during the Tet Offensive who immigrates to Canada with her family as a child. The novel concerns Evie Steppman, who aged 54 and living in Gullane in Scotland tells of her life growing up in s Lagos at the end of British rule in Nigeria, and more specifically of her auditory abilities as she maps the world around her through her amazing sense of hearing, beginning in the womb.

      The main character in the novel the "girl" of the title is Katherine Lind, a library assistant. The novel is set in September The novel then jumps forward some twenty years. The novel starts with a depiction of the mood and setting of a hot summer night in the tiny and fictional Ozarks village of Stay More, using rich description to invoke all of the senses.

      Most of the novel says us about the trio Avantika, Shrey, Deb and a girl named Tiya, travelling in an old car. The first part of the novel describes Porsche's childhood on Jarrtree and her arrival on Earth. Unfassbare Begeisterung.

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