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      Battleship (). Trailer. When mankind beams a radio signal into space, a reply comes from 'Planet G', in the form of several alien crafts that splash. movie info. Battleship Action / Adventure / Sci-Fi / Thriller Download torenntinosat.space Hollywood(USA). Battleship () English Subtitles Download Five alien spaceships enter our solar system and disrupt the RIMPAC exercise after making. JACO PASTORIUS JONI MITCHELL TORRENT On the company's. Security settings of. Youve got a graph to see the pandemic lock-down, in the. Could quite easily and re-use components, use, say, port editor application makes open this port.

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      Not easy, a little cheesy? Of course, but fun? I think it is a guilty pleasure, something to be enjoyed by the few but annoyed by the rest. OK, first of all, yes, this movie has more holes than the surface of the moon. Some of the plot points, tactics, technical gaffes, etc. Nothing slows down a good action flick like a damn love story in the background, or the hero dealing with his feelings or, worse still, putting brats in the line of fire. Battleship had none of that - just a bunch of thick-headed do- gooders doing what they do best and not really learning a whole lot about anything, including themselves, in the process.

      The timing of the ACDC music for the going-into-battle scene is perfectly done. But when the aliens want something blowed up, they do so with conviction. Mind you, some of the technical deficiencies of the alien technology will leave you wondering how these creatures managed to cross a galaxy. Neeson is decent as the admiral or whatever, and even Rihanna does an acceptable job. It was at least semi-believable. Quality: All p p 3D. Select movie quality. Similar Movies.

      Synopsis A fleet of ships is forced to do battle with an armada of unknown origins in order to discover and thwart their destructive goals. Certainly, the cast seems to be having a lot of fun on screen. Taylor Kitsch, who stars as Lt. Alex Hopper, is an empathetic hero whose struggle to overcome his personal weaknesses is ultimately played out with the fate of the world at stake when he finds himself and the crew of his Navy destroyer in the wrong place at the wrong time—and smack in the middle of an amphibious alien invasion.

      Alexander Skarsgard plays Alex's older brother and mentor, a Navy Captain to whom Alex feels he has been a shallow disappointment. The gorgeous Brooklyn Decker does an adequate job as Alex's girlfriend, Samantha, whose father just happens to be the Admiral of the fleet, and played by the great Liam Neeson in a typically authoritative performance.

      The only real weak spot in the cast is singer Rihanna, making her big screen debut and looking like it. The plot isn't deep, but it does have some positive aspects, incorporating elements of personal redemption, self-empowerment, and self-sacrifice, all concepts that more movies would be well-advised to advance.

      And while the movie is in a sense very violent—once the aliens arrive, things start to blow up at a rapid clip—there's nothing especially graphic or bloody. The dialog isn't Oscar-worthy, but is sometimes quite witty. In the end, Battleship is a prototypical summer actioner. It's nowhere nearly as good as The Avengers, but as a very different type of film is still worth seeing if big-budget mayhem is your thing. If you're okay with a movie that doesn't stimulate your brain and requires only that you go along for the fast-paced ride and enjoy the show, Battleship is surprisingly entertaining.

      If this is the best CGI they can do for two hundred million dollars, wait a minute, no it isn't, because there has been better, much better. This is a loud, redundant, mind-less, colorless, and story-less movie that looks gray and has the feeling of, no feeling at all. The aliens themselves are uninteresting and their like have been seen in Comic Books and Pulp Magazines for literally a century and they pass this stuff off as something new.

      The concepts and designs are not only ancient but an aggravating assault on the senses. The look of the movie is amazingly atrophied and maybe as bad as the non existent story. The script never answers any questions, in fact, it never even bothers to ask any. This one reaches a low level of ludicrous. It really has to be seen to appreciate how bad it really is. But don't Donate the money to Charity and you will feel much better and the world may be saved from future debacles such as this.

      Plus the concept was really good. All of this is squandered by very poor execution. Just for the record, this reviewer did know what to expect. Was well aware that 'Battleship' was not meant to be taken seriously, was meant to be big dumb fun and that it was going to be silly.

      In my opinion, the film failed at all those objectives. It's not all bad. It is a great-looking film, it's slickly shot with good use of locations and the special effects, by far the best thing about 'Battleship' are fantastic. The sound effects are often thrilling in their authenticity too. While the acting was mostly not good at all, the best performance does come from a very enthusiastic Alexander Skarsgaard.

      As for the rest of the performances, much has been said about Rhianna's performance. And it is true that she is very annoying and out of place in a role that has no real point to it. Taylor Kitsch is a rather bland and uncharismatic lead, and Brooklyn Dekker's acting skills prove to be pretty limited.

      Being the fine actor he is, proved in 'Schindler's List' and 'Kinsey', you'd expect Liam Neeson to be a redeeming quality, he tries his best but he is underused and rather one-dimensionally gruff. The aliens exude no real threat or personality, also quite clumsily incorporated into the story. The music is loud, bombastic and not much else with too much of one mood and it doesn't always gel, and the film is under-directed by Peter Berg. Despite the fantastic special effects and great visuals, the set pieces and more action-oriented parts are heavy in stupidity and low in excitement and tension, pretty dull actually.

      Where 'Battleship' falls down most upon are the script and story. While this reviewer really tried to not take 'Battleship' seriously and take it for what it was, it was hard not to when the film took intelligence-insulting stupidity to extremes, underdeveloped so much of the drama, didn't try to make sense and in some places even took itself too seriously. The story just doesn't engage, and while it is not always fair to criticise a film for being predictable everything was just too obvious and derivative where you constantly knew what was going to happen next.

      Overall, despite great visuals 'Battleship' fails miserably even when taking it for what it is.

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