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      pccine los amantes pasajeros torrent

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      I'm So Excited. Photos Top cast Edit. Pepa Charro Piluca azafata 1. Cecilia Roth Norma Boss. Carlos Areces Fajas. More like this. Storyline Edit. Did you know Edit. Goofs The pilots state that one of the landing gear can't retract. The landing gear indicator - shown in excellent close-up - has three green lights and one red - this means three gear are down and fully locked and one is retracted.

      A proper combination would be three red and one flickering light. All rights reserved. International Copyright secured. User reviews 71 Review. Top review. Slight, but that's not too problematic here. Sometimes you go into a movie simply wanting a little fun. It's a filmmaker not going for anything serious, anything too deep, anything that will be About The Human Condition in caps.

      And if there is, that's icing on the cake. This is just about farce, in the lightest ways for this filmmaker now in his latter years. Here you get to see what these characters do at the end of their self-involved ropes. There's a lot of energy and a lot of silliness with these characters, played by actors who are familiar players in this director's oeuvre, but the sketches click mostly. It's only when Almodovar leaves the plane for a scene where a character calls a woman and we see her story for a bit that it drags and loses its energy.

      But those male flight attendants are hysterical, in timing and how they express everything as BIG and frantic as possible, and when the music number of the film's title hits it finally releases one of only thinking of the song as that scene from Saved by the Bell or maybe it's just for me it did. Fast, loose, and knowing how goofy it is, its movie-making that hits the spot at the end of a long day and maybe with a little drink on the side minus he mescaline. Quinoa Nov 8, Details Edit. Release date March 8, Spain.

      Pues Almodovar nos brinda una de sus pelis maestras a mi parecer , la forma como este hombre concibe las situaciones, las enreda y muestra los pormenores desde angulos insospechados pero reales de la vida es extraordinario. Sin mucha parafernalia ni hi-tech acabo como las pelis gringas, con solo un escenario peculiar y un casting tremendo pues ha hecho algo muy bueno. Resalta bastante la simplicidad como algunas cosas son contadas ahora, ya no causa tanto asombro las situaciones que veremos, donde la realidad no es siempre lo que vemos sino no lo que esta debajo de las mascaras que la sociedad obliga que tengamos.

      Almodovar siempre se sale con la suya, con ese humor que lo caracteriza y poniendo a cada uno de sus actores como una pieza clave, justo a donde el le place. Muy agradecido no haber perdido mi tiempo y dinero en un teatro. Es una muestra de que teniendo dinero y fama no importa el producto sino el capricho egocentrista de hacer algo por gusto. Espero no se repita. Almodovar tiene mayor ingenio que este subproducto. Fer que bueno que colgaste esta pelicula!!!!!

      Un abrazo FER. Patreon Twitter Facebook Instagram. Espero que sepan ver el contenido debajo de las formas.

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