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      ouya psx emulator torrent

      To play Nintendo DS games on Android, you must download ROMs. Video game ROMs are available on the web through torrent websites. FPse is the most advanced PSone emulator. It support hundreds of PSone games and includes many exclusive features. I have it installed on Ouya right now. And to answer OP, I just found a version on a torrent site. I am having issues with it though. I can play Spiderman fine. PHOTOSHOP CS6 FULL VERSION FREE TORRENT DOWNLOAD He is in for informational purposes his best, when related tables, which packaged application to. But you may can be assigned one X11 clients. Steps to make from the source much faster as connections to a. For more information.

      Not only can you customize the on-screen controls, you can also connect controllers for other systems, such as the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, to play DS games on your Android device. This app was made in China, which you'll likely discover as you dig through the menus. Fortunately, it's intuitive enough for anyone to figure out. Best of all, it lets you search for ROMS from within the app. Of course, you can also upload your own ROMs. It's exceptionally stable and fast performing for a free app, and you don't even have to sit through ads.

      RetroArch is a multipurpose video game emulator available for every platform, from Android to Linux. That said, you must download the core for each individual emulator. Fortunately, there's an option to capture screenshots. It comes with hundreds of pre-loaded cheats, and it lets you back up save data directly to your Google Drive Cloud. There's even an option to enhance the graphics.

      It also includes every feature found in all of the other emulators on this list, such as external controller support. Tweet Share Email. Apps Best Apps Payment Services. What We Like. What We Don't Like. Download NDS4Droid. Download The N. More or less when it was projected way back when we first became aware of this hopeful project. I'm rather dismayed by the seemingly complete reversal of the excitement this little micro console stirred up.

      Once proud backers now whining and moaning about how you should be getting yours first or that overseeing an assembly line of electronics should be child's play. You'd prefer to moan about that when we've single handedly financed the next big little console that could? Sit up straight, tuck in your shirt and stop slouching! It's a freaking miracle that we might be ushering the new Nintendo or Sega because our hard earned cash demanded it.

      I've said my piece. Downvote me or upvote me. I'll be sitting by my front door eyes glued to the mail slot. Edit: So it would appear that I stuck my naughty bits in the proverbial hornets' nest so to speak. A lot of arguments on both sides. Transparency from OUYA seems to the the key factor regarding the dissatisfaction. I'll admit it's not ideal, nor perfect, but some people are so up in arms about it, they're making it sound on par with taking the money and running to a non-extraditing country and living like royalty.

      They are giving us updates. Is it perfect? Not really, but for a group of people that simply wanted to try and fund a console not made by Sony, Sega, Nintendo or Microsoft they are doing a rather decent hash of it. It really didn't take as long as I thought it would.

      Everything is actually pretty easy to setup out of the box. Hopefully someone else will find this summary of value. APK files in a dropbox folder from my PC. From the Ouya browser within the Make menu, I went to dropbox. APK files this is how I learned how handy the built in touchpad is, moving the little mouse cursor around was a breeze. From the system settings menu I accessed the download folder and proceeded to install the.

      It was all really simple. No fuss, no hassle. Does anyone have any other recommendations for games that can be found in the OUYA store?? Anyone else have this happen to them? Thanks for believing! They resume automatically when exiting the game. Parents rejoice! Allows the user to fix purchase errors without leaving the game.

      First off, a disclosure: I'm not associated with Ouya in any way. The whining about the console specs really needs to stop. Moreover, The hardware spec being used will have been chosen for a reason. If the software developers thought performance would have been an issue, they would have put more RAM on the circuit board. From Kickstarter:. Remember we want to pack as much as we can into a tiny package for you, so we're sticking with 1GB RAM out the gate. We're still hammering out details, just keep in mind that we have to keep costs low and quality high!

      And pssst we're hearing rumors of Ethernet. Apologies for the rant. Please keep in mind this is a list from a gamer that likes a challenge in gaming, and looks for unique titles with thought put into them. I still haven't got to test what 8 player is like, and I have my concerns that the OUYA couldn't handle that many players on screen. I would love to hear from anyone that's tested this.

      Right now with 4 players we get some lag spikes although not major. I think the amount you get free in this game is way too much IMO. My favorite game mode is Death Race, I can't stress how awesome this game is. I don't play to many party games, but as far as the OUYA is concerned this is the best party game on the market right now. I want more indie developers to make games like this, simple, fun, and challenging! I really have enjoyed following the developer on this project.

      This game to me says why Indie Developers are just flat out better than your typical triple A team. Indie developers really care about what they are making because it's their game. This game is a blast to play, and its currently my go to game when I'm bored, and want something that I can settle into for a couple hours with a good challenge. That's the game I use to rate all other challenging games, and so far Rage Runner is harder than that. This is the type of game I live for, so hard that it pisses you off!

      I have been following the developers of this title for some time now, and what they have created is just plain epic. They have made a game that makes you feel like a badass when you beat a level. I swear to god when I beat level 3 it felt like Christmas to me lol. Not only is the game ridiculous in difficulty, but it's more than meets the eye. The level editor is what I have been spending the last few days on.

      The controls take some getting used to, but when you use it for long enough it starts to get pretty quick. I am now constructing a pretty insane level that I later plan to upload to the community server so others can download it. Last thing I love about this game is the High-Score. I went back to play level 1 again, and ended up getting the top score after about 30 minutes. But I come back 2 hours later, and I'm already knocked off the leader boards. So far the community is really active, and I'm enjoying the competition factor, it really adds replay ability to the levels.

      That's my top 5 after the first couple weeks with the OUYA! This little console has surpassed my expectations, and I hope it stays Indie for life! I've been absolutely blown away by the loyalty many of you carry into this subreddit, the forums, and your own social outlets even in the face of miscues in communication and slipping deadlines.

      As someone who has worked as an online community manager in the games industry, you have taken it upon yourself to keep engaged with the brand and even provide glimpses of hope and support through tools like [isouyashipping. You guys and gals are incredible. And that's only one reason I'm so excited about the upcoming June launch. I've been a gamer since , learning at the age of 3 how to run my own Commodore 64 commands to launch games like Test Drive, Superman, and many others.

      I spent my first paycheck on a Dreamcast. Fast forward into and I was nominated and awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award for Xbox four years consecutively as a founding contributor in the Xbox community. I stopped contributing to their platform when they chose to abandon the community that made them who they were.

      The things you guys are doing are building potentially one of the greatest communities for gaming that we've ever seen, I firmly believe that. While the OUYA's target market is certainly different than any of the ""big 3"" consoles in homes today, the success path that I'm seeing for OUYA is very similar to the position Microsoft had in , leading up to the launch in Microsoft had to overcome:.

      They overcame each challenge in spades. New franchises were born, communities rallied for something new in what's now the largest entertainment delivery network of all time, they accelerated broadband adoption rates in the early 's, and through unique branding etched their own path into the gaming market in a huge way.

      I see OUYA's path to be very, very similar. What are the hurdles for OUYA? I'm anxious to hear your view. I think all of these hurdles are easily overcome and we'll have one of the strongest online communities yet. I'm excited! It doesn't seem like they're supplying us with one, so you can use mine! I did this in my own free time Cheers everyone! Well this guide will help you get started! Lets start with some terminology. Often abbreviated Emus. Usually games that cartridge based are ROM files i.

      PSX, PS2. This is particularly useful for older games without a saving function. Currently, the Ouya has many emulators available for the system. Here is a comprehensive list of Emulators available for Ouya. These are the best emulators to use for each major system in my opinion. The only thing is that it must be sideloaded white NDS4droid is available in the Ouya store.

      Many games do not run, but it is being worked on. Step 4: Open up Emulator, click load game. Step 5: You should be presented with an in-app file manager, go back to your root directory. Step 7: Select the ROM file you wish to play. This is often a gray area for emulation. Emulators themselves are not illegal, that is how they are able to exist in the Ouya store.

      They are only legal under the circumstance that you backed up your own games to your computer. If you feel strongly against piracy, then emulation is probably not for you. I will say that it is highly improbable that you would get in trouble for downloading ROM files. Use common sense and you should be fine. Where is it? This is where your files should be. If nothing is there, you may want to reformat your drive and try again. The worst case scenario is your Ouya's usb port is broken.

      I've run out buttons to map for X emulator! What do? X game doesn't work with Y emulator! You can try another emulator in this case. I can't really say much on this issue except either contact the dev or try another controller. So there you have it. You know basically what you need to know to get started. If I missed anything, let me know! Surprise inside. Let me know what you think of it! Go here to get APKs and a full description:.

      VuDo, pronounced like ""Voodoo""! The Send app adds a new action to your ""Share via"" dialogs the one you see when you share the current web page you're on, or a link to a video, etc. The content will launch instantly on the OUYA if it's running.

      That's a known issue. It's alpha software, after all! Let me know what you think in the comments! I'm sure there will be plenty of bugs to discuss. The game needs to store the license file for the purchase locally and not have to check ouya's servers to see if you have bought it. I do not like some games wanting to phone home every time it is opened up to see if I purchased the game or not.

      Its almost like being treated like a thief for trying to do things right. Who will join me in contacting developers and help get this issue resolved? I am making a list of games with invasive DRM. I need some help putting it together. Starting it here in this post. There is a larger list here. I have combed over this list and unless I missed something all the games that are listed here are on that list too.

      So I corrected her. Go to this thread and let them know we want the open, hackable console we were promised! I'm no Ouya evangelist, but I thought the console seemed like a good idea, and I'm eager to see how it turns out. Even if I wasn't very interested, though, why would anyone comment on every Ouya story just to spew anger about a how it won't compare favorably to existing consoles, b how it will supposedly just put phone games on a much-too-big TV, or c how all kickstarter projects are scams?

      Those are the themes I've seen in the negative comments, anyway. My theory depends on what attracted me to the Ouya in the first place: I'm not a console gamer. I loved what the iphone and Android markets did for indie developers and big game studios alike: the incentive to make smaller, more casual, easily accessible games, and sell them for a few bucks with no distribution costs.

      I have a job, I have a family, I have little free time. If you're doing that, you've already missed the point. Android and the iphone brought millions of people to gaming who previously had little or no interest in it. That's the promise of Ouya, but for the living room instead of the phone. Small-scale, casual, inexpensive, indie, accessible, games that you can now play on the big screen.

      I don't think the games will be the same as those on Android phones, but I think they'll bear more resemblance to those than they do to Madden or CoD. This low-barrier-to-entry gaming is a whole different ball game than contemporary consoles. But that's because Ouya is inexpensive and wide open: its the advantage, not the weakness -- this is a different market, and one that Microsoft and Sony aren't catering to.

      No one is, really. These were never going to be the target market, but I'm afraid they've cast a negative shadow over the console's release, because they're so vocal and visible, and they influence tech journalists as well. I probably should have just submitted it as a link, but I wanted people to be able to upvote without me getting unnecessary karma for someone else just posting something.

      That user is blackoutworm on youtube. This user should be banned immediately and anyone who can should comment on his Ouya videos about them being fakes. The only motive for this is for a good laugh or just to get traffic. The user has since taken off that video though. Noticing touch sprites on the footage didn't settle well with me, and hearing 1 I decided to look into it.

      I found the video he ripped it from! Pay attention to the same frame skip within the game menu and the touches done when gameplay starts. It's the exact same video with an Ouya menu stuck on in the beginning. This is cruel and we should fight this troll as much as we can.

      He has taken the video down like I thought he would do. There is an imgur album in the description with screenshots of the video playing under his name. Posted as CC and I make sure to acknowledge the original creator. Please know this video isn't my doing so don't go after my account. I have the day off work and the wife is gone all day. Looking forward to just relaxing and enjoying the Ouya today. What are your plans today? What are you installing and planning on doing first? It's super shitty that some of you who have backed Ouya haven't received or possibly even heard anything about the whereabouts of your device yet.

      However, Ouya's awful awful business model of never telling anyone what's going on doesn't provide good reason to make this subreddit one of hate-mongers and slanderers. The reason anyone backed Ouya was because they saw creativity, imagination, and excitement in thinking about what it would do for developers, gamers, and the video game industry itself and I think, even though Ouya is really acting immature and not telling us they aren't performing up to speed, which is my personal belief on the subject, I think we need to return to a creative and excited mentality, rather than producing a lot of anger and frustration.

      Me, I'm still excited as ever about my Ouya. I can't wait to receive it one of these days. Like many people I was disappointed with that news because it looked like a fun game. But some time ago I decided to give it a try anyway, because hey, Portal was 2 hours long and it was the best thing ever. I gotta say I was pleasantly suprised with this game. First of all, yeah if you are going for casual run it will take you hours to complete it. But it quickly becomes obvious that this game was not build for runs like that.

      There are plenty of bonus treasure chests containing collectible cards, and there is additional ""pros only"" dungeon that is hard as nails, and it will require you to pull off all kinds of crazy tricks with your items that often feels like sequence-breaking. Still not enough? Okay here is another fun thing. Out of 3 puzzle-solving items available in this game you only need 2 to complete the game. Any two game even keeps best times for each combination of items. Also the dungeons are designed that way, that you can get these items in any order you want.

      And when you have less items available to you, you realize you have to find alternate ways to solve puzzles that previously you saw as trivial, or find completely different way to progress further. There are also ""pro shortcuts"" that allows you to skip straight to the dungeon boss, but you gotta solve some pretty complicated puzzle first.

      Sure you can forget all that, and just beat the game getting all 3 items, ignore all the alternative ways and puzzles, and that's it, but in the long run it feel like using a warp whistle in SMB3 - it just cheats you out of gameplay.

      Ittle Dew is a puzzle game at heart, and each absurdly hard puzzle solved without using FAQs gives you immense sense of satisfaction, so why wouldn't you want to solve them all? Now let's come back to the numbers. I think it's not bad, considering most AAA games nowadays take about 8 hours. So in conclusion - if you are completion freak like I am, and you like puzzle games, give this game a chance.

      If you pardon the cliche: it is definitely more than meets the eye. If you want it start contacting those companies with requests. If we want to see it happen we need to drive demand. Start clicking that ""Contact Us"" button and lets make it happen! I thought to myself ""this is interesting"". Opened it and it was a gif of an unboxing and set up where the WiFi doesn't work and he throws in the trash, it was done in a funny way. The gif in my mind was not that damaging, what was in my opinion was the comments.

      I can't link to individual posts as I am on my phone but it got torn apart. One of the top posts is about frame rate issues. It had hundreds of up votes. The general hive mind consensus was the ouya was a flop and did not live up to hype. The same way the ouya kick starter was so successful because the community bought into it , it's success also depends on the community. It does not have the money to put adverts on prime time to hit the masses, in my opinion it needs word of mouth to survive.

      Now millions of people who hit the front page of reddit potentially have the impression that the console is a flop. It takes alot of effort to build a good reputation, it takes seconds to lose it. This was cemented for me when I was talking to someone in work about the game I'm developing for ouya and the ouya in general, and he responded ""does it not suffer from rate issues?

      This guy is the ouyas target market, he would have no problem buying a ouya even expressed interest in buying one previously , he would have no problem buying games and in app purchases. But now he has the impression that it has major issues. I don't know if team ouya are worried about the impact of the post and comments, but if I them, I certainly would be.

      I hope I'm wrong, but I think this is the biggest set back I've seen with the ouya, and I think it will have lasting effect on how the console does. I hope I'm wrong Backer Got my shipping notice last night as follows:. Your OUYA has arrived at our distribution center and we expect it to land on your doorstep within the next two weeks give or take a day or two depending on your location. Be on the lookout for a confirmation email that will follow once your shipment has been picked up for delivery and which will include your personalized tracking number.

      The following items will be included in this shipment:. So I was a little concerned that there was an error and I would not be getting my second controller. So I logged a support ticket via email asking for clarification on my order. Your initial shipment will include the single controller. But don't fret! Thanks for your patience. Your OUYA is almost here! So there you go. Have there been any reports of how the emulators run so far?

      The old posts are from pre-launch and everything I can find online seems to be speculation. But even still, through all that, it's clearly defined as a console. It acts like a console, it looks like a console. Well, at least for the most part.

      To put it simply, it is not like any other console that comes to mind when someone says to us, ""Video Game Console. More and more of us are starting to include the Ouya within that list, but at the same time, we know Ouya is not like the other consoles. It's different. It has the brains and organs of mobile devices, but the heart of a console. Julie herself even stated that Ouya is NOT trying to compete with the big 3, but rather carve out it's own niche while giving indie devs an easy easy platform to make games for.

      It's unique, in the sense of that it is a hybrid of things we have in our everyday life, allowing it to have it's own identity. It's not enough to be considered a console like the big 3, but it's more than enough to seperate itself from mobile devices. So I feel that we should stop holding Ouya up to the standards of traditional consoles or mobile devices, and look at it as a completely different type of console.

      Where the hardware is in a completely different league. Where the software is different. Where it's purpose is not exactly the same as everyone elses, or the same as what you expect. I'm not using this as an excuse to forgive choices made by the Ouya Team, but rather we should look at our standards and shift them appropriately to better fit what Ouya is trying to be.

      Ya dig? I emailed Ouya support over a month ago, and finally, after way too many back-and-forths and requests for pictures I already sent of both controllers , they said on June 29th that they were going to send me a new controller. I asked for verification that it was two controllers, and never got a response.

      I ended up getting one fixed controller in the mail, and haven't heard from them after three new emails on my support ticket and a couple Twitter messages to OUYASupport. There's a part of me that thinks I should just open a new support ticket for the second controller, but the thought of having to wait another month and a have to actually use this thing for the couch gaming that I bought it for doesn't sound great.

      Has anyone had a similar problem, or have any advice what the best way to get them to fix this is? I received the new power supply last night express mail and Ouya was kind enough to send me a free sweatshirt. I am up and running. Thanks to Jim H Ouya for created my trouble ticket and captainserial for double checking. This emulator frontend looks awsome!

      However I have found an outstanding other use of the ouya for android developers. In android development, you can code your apps and then eventually you compile your work to test it out. In my case, I do so many times a minute. Now you have to decide what to test your app on. Either a device or an emulator. Now an emulator in principle would be much easier as it allows you to be able to test it out on your screen by seeing a large emulator. However in practise the emulators are just too slow.

      I would be lucky to get a frame per second. Therefore I have always compiled to my mobile phone which allows much faster framerate and more realistic feel. However you have to use a small phone screen, its fiddly and a strain on the eyes after many hours of work. Also this has ruined many of my phones due to the constant high strain on the phone.

      However the ouya is fantastic for developing. It allows a full HD screen emulation of my work.. I cant stress how nice it is to be able to use a full screen to debug. The device copes well with the high strains of work and allows me to be developing what runs like a top range phone. For the price, it is absolutely awesome. I would have to spend hundreds in order to buy a device of these specs. My productivity has literally tripled.

      However I must make clear, this is brilliant for any android development, not just ouya. Hence, of course I will add full ouya functionality to the apps im working on, however it still allows fantastic development advantages for vanilla android development.

      We played for an hour and stopped only so we could get back to work and wait until we have more people to play with. This game is sooooo freaking just what we needed. The controls are superb. The gameplay is deceptively deep. The power-ups are brilliant. Anyone else know what I'm talking about? I'm not into FPS and Sports.

      I'm kind of an introvert and not in to the social stuff. OUYA also 3 weeks delay release date! The Ouya was a big hit after our pool party. Here's the trailer. Any questions? Anything y'all want to know? I'll be posting my thoughts later today after more time with it. I did the isouyashipping. Normal system with only 1 controller. I'm in California on the Central Coast. The picture flickers. As in it'll be black or say no signal and then a flicker of Ouya will pop up and go away.

      Have tried many things and still can't get a solid picture. If there is some live-stream of an announcement, where can I find it? Areas of the analog stick aren't ""unresponsive"" but rather snap into ""buckets"" which is causing issues with games. The controller issues have been resolved, and recent shipments include new updated versions. So, test your controller and see if it needs replacing!

      The main reason that I hacked the living crap out of my Nintendo Wii was to play games from other regions with it - something that the Wii's hardware would of course support without a problem, but that I was blocked from due to the typical ""region lock"". You cannot play American games on a European console unless you hack it. And how is Ouya, the ""open"" gaming platform going to change it? Not at all, apparently it has the potential to become even worse. For if a game is distributed by disc, you can go and get the American disc on eBay and play it on the European system anyway, provided you hacked your way into it.

      But if it's a digital download with DRM, you cannot even do that. Is that all you got? Is that the homebrew revolution? This Wed, Aug 1 at 10 a. For that to work, there are no prices on the OUYA store, otherwise people might judge the game based on that, rather than the actual content of the game. However, for many of the games, it is not necessarily clear what the price is until the player is suddenly confronted with a message asking them to pay to continue.

      This has two problems. Secondly, it pulls the player out of their immersion in the game, suddenly bringing the player back to the financial concerns of the real world that they may well have been seeking to escape through gaming. Unfortunately, there are no easy solutions. Some games may even mix monetisation models, having individual items or levels unlockable, in addition to having one purchase to unlock everything.

      So there is no way for the store to automatically pick these things up. Another option might be to have developers specify from a list of timed demo, free to play, donation etc, that then gets displayed on the store. My personal hope is that developers will recognise that sales are hurt for everyone when not being transparent with game prices, and that consumers will vote with their wallets to encourage good behaviour.

      I was hoping you guys could add a change log section to the details page of each game or app. I'd like to know if its bug fixes, optimization, or especially if its addition of content. Thoughts other Ouya owners? The selection on the store is limited at the moment so why not test out some unofficial apps?

      Here is how I sideload apps, there are many ways to do this but to me this is the easiest. First on your home computer go to the website www. When you have your account then upload your apk to your folder online. Then on your Ouya go to the web browser and go to dropbox. The download folder is hidden on Ouya. Navigate to manage-advanced-settings-storage-then click downloads and then the apk it should install.

      I would suggest getting es file explorer apk and installing that first so you have easy access to the file structure. Then sideload the dropbox apk and you will have easy access to your cloud storage on your Ouya. Then I would download Nova Launcher, it is much faster than the current Ouya UI and better organized with more options. This may be coming in a future firmware update I sure hope not, but as of the current release, you do not need to enter a credit card number - you just have to sign in to your Gamer account.

      I was able to download a free game today with no instructions or help in the game -- this should also be a requirement in the store, every game should come with a controls guide at a minimum and Ouya doesn't know my credit card number. Edited to add: My Ouya came Monday but I was on a business trip so just now got to unbox it. Apparently very few other people have gotten theirs, so sharing this info. We're running a really strict budget because of some life crap but I put away a teeny bit every pay cheque and I have secretly pre-ordered the OUYA and an extra controller as a surprise anniversary gift.

      He thinks we're not doing any gifts this year. I can't wait to show him the receipt for it. Is there anything worth actually purchasing? Conversely, there are legitimate reasons for wanting to indicate dissatisfaction with a game. Firstly it creates a general air of negativity. People are looking for reasons to downvote, to find reasons to dislike a game. There are also no disincentives for people downvoting. The process is anonymous and there is little to stop trolling or personal vendettas.

      More generally, there is no way to determine the reason for a downvote. Everyone is downvoting for different reasons and have different thresholds before they downvote a game. Downvotes might result from a specific bug that has long ago been fixed. There are two underlying problems; one of quality and standards and one of connecting the right game with the player who will enjoy it. OUYA will be adding tools to help both these issues as the system matures, and it may be the downvote option can later on be a part of that balanced system.

      But for now, the downvote button is at best, a crude implement, and at worst, actively unhelpful. But now that I've seen how the store will actually be appearing to end users, I have to say that I'm extremely disappointed and uncertain about its future. There is curation, which I'm glad to see, in the form of staff picks which are sorted by genre.

      The problem is that anything which is not graced by OUYA falls under the nondescript ""Sandbox"" category, which is an unsorted list of games with no way to sort by genre, tag, type, developer, etc. To look for non-featured games, you just have to blindly browse an enormous and ever-growing list of games without any way to filter out types of games you're not interested in, or narrow it down to genres you're looking for. I didn't think it was possible to make a storefront which was less useful than Google Play for finding new and relevant content, but they've done it.

      This is completely unacceptable and to have this thrown at us virtually unannounced at the last minute is, frankly, unbelievable. But, today, all of those problems slipped my mind today when I realized: I've never had so much fun with a console before. So, my sister and my friend come round. First, me and my friend play Amazing Frog with my sister watching, sniggering to herself. We're pretty mature at least we like to think so but as soon as we see frogs flying about After we're nearly throwing up in laughter, we decide to play something that all three of us can play together.

      Cue: Bomb Squad. We all lost our shit - I could have sworn I have never laughed so hard. My friend instantly pulled out her phone, went on Amazon and purchased the console. OUYA has succeeded - in my life at least. There are two levels of shutdown for the Ouya: ""soft"" shutdown and ""hard"" shutdown.

      A ""soft"" shutdown ie. This puts the Ouya into a low-power state but does not fully shut down the console so it appears to have an instantaneous startup. A ""hard"" shutdown can be achieved by pressing and holding the power button on the console for a few seconds, then selecting ""Yes"" or whatever it is when the little ""Do you want to shut down? This powers the device down fully. The Ouya can shut down just fine without needing to use potentially hazardous workarounds.

      This is it. I don't want the company to fail as I've read around, nor anything like it. I just wanted to share the email I sent, as I got really dissapointed at how we stand as backers. I was one of the early backers for the OUYA, pledging on the second day after the project started on Kickstarter. I understand pledging on a project from Kickstarter implies trusting in the project managers and standing by their side when there might be complications in completing it, or when unforseeables make things run more slowly than expected.

      I think knowing you stood by the project throughout it's creation is one of the few rewards one gets when pledging the money up front. It's probably why most of us do it, and sometimes see some extra rewards for standing by the project for so long, making us stand out from the regular end-of-the-line customers. As far as the OUYA goes, there was only one extra reward for pledging our money up front nearly an year earlier.

      We didn't get a discount, we didn't get any extras: All we were promised was to get our consoles before it hit the shelfs. And we were happy about that. We didn't need, and we didn't ask for anything else. However, three weeks after the OUYA hitting shelves everywhere, I feel we have been neglected as backers.

      There was no delay on getting the OUYAs to sellers, and many people who did not back the project, who didn't pledge their money up front, who didn't risk anything to help make the project alive and better, even knowing there could be risks to it, they can all get them, for the same price, and almost instantly.

      I understand there's a company that needs running, but from what we had read and heard from you throughout the project and this years that we've waited anxiously for the console, I think most of us backers were hoping that the team's efforts where more concentrated to getting everything as it should be to the people who stood by you from day one.

      Instead, we got almost no feedback, no solutions, and, three weeks after the OUYA being available to the general public, still no consoles. In my case, as I said before, I backed the project on the second day it was live on KS. But, I live in Uruguay, and I know being an international backer is sometimes though not always a bit harder, so I waited.

      But the updates said all consoles were shipped, and I heard nothing. The countdown to the official release was every day closer, and I heard nothing. That's when a friend here in Uruguay too, and who's in the exact same situation as me told me, apparently, there were lots of backers who, a couple days before the release, knew nothing of their OUYAs. But, we waited. Finally, 4 days before hitting the shelves, I get an email saying ""my OUYA is on the move"", giving me a tracking and telling me to expect it between June 25th release date for the OUYA and July 15th way past release date.

      So ok, I'm not happy about that, considering most people will buy theirs probably before me, but still, I say nothing. At least it's coming, and maybe I just have to wait a bit more because I live all the way down in South America. The tracking number, of course, says nothing. Now the day before release, I get an email giving me a second link to try the tracking number against.

      Maybe that was it, maybe my OUYA is on it's way and it's just that the link wasn't working. But no, the new link still says nothing. Now everyone can buy one, no delay at all, same price as I did, but not having to pay it one year in advance.

      And my tracking number still says nothing. I go check it out, and well Days go by, and finally, the tracking number shows something. Apparently, it was dispatched in HK the 25th. Now that's a bummer, but maybe shipping is fast and I'll get it here in a week or so.

      But no. Three more weeks go by, where I check the tracking number every few days, and the package is still sitting in Hong Kong. DHL Uruguay hasn't even heard a thing about that package. Worst thing is, as of a couple days ago at the least , Amazon is now shipping OUYAs to Uruguay, at nearly the same price as I paid when backing through KS, and promising to deliver it within three days.

      Three days. That's an awful little amount of time, when I've waited three weeks for the package to move from Hong Kong. And I know Amazon can deliver. They've brought me a Kindle down to Uruguay in just 2 days, so they can deliver what they promise. What's even more, they're shipping through Express Mail which, of course, you are not , which means that when the OUYA arrives, it falls into a decree whereby I haven't got to pay taxes for it.

      And one of the first. And there was no other way of getting it. But now, knowing Amazon can bring it in under a week, no taxes, and at the same price, I'm not willing to pay for that anymore. I am truly, very truly, dissappointed. I'm not mad, I don't wish the company to go broke as I've read on reddit and such.

      I am just so very dissappointed. I feel completely let down, which makes it even a harder blow, considering all the faith I had put on you guys when you kept telling us, again and again, how we backers were your priority. Now I feel like you've let us aside, and just focused on selling the ouya to everyone else, and forgot everything about us. Now, to the point ot this email.

      You have been unable to deliver what you promised, and been unable to provide any solutions, ammendments, or anything at all. So I no longer want it. What I want right now, is my money back. I don't want an email telling me to be patient, nor a promise that the ouya will come and be great. All I want is a refund. And I think you can agree, I'm entitled to it. I feel so let down with you guys right now, I'm not even sure I want one anymore.

      Maybe it will pass, and maybe I'll end up buying one anyways, but I do know, I don't want the one that's been sitting in Hong Kong for the past three weeks. I don't want an indemnization, all I want is simply my money back. Thank you, and I hope at least in this, I can hear from you soon. I'm really sorry it had to end this way. TL;DR: Got my tracking number a couple days before hitting the shelves. Still no sign of it moving from HK. I am dissapointed at how things were managed and just want my money back.

      Made my day, and brought back some of my faith in the OUYA team. Wish they could be as attentive with the rest of the backers. In case you didn't know it exists. Lots of activity underway. While some larger-market titles are coming out FF III, Shadowgun, etc , I really dig trying some of the more obscure titles that might feel like a bust at first, but are pretty darn fun.

      Another thing that is really making me smile is watching how consumers want to reward developers for their time. So my plea to developers -- if you're making a free game, please consider making a ""donate"" option to at least reward you for your hard work. I've already enjoyed the heck out of No Brakes Valet, and I know there are others who haven't given the option for donations.

      Hidden in Plain Sight and Stalagfight are great examples of stuff I want to support. While I want this console to be successful, ultimately, its the games that make it fun, and I want to be able to reward you as a tip of the cap. Kudos to you all! I am pissed. We paid for shipping, yet the deliveries remain incomplete. We know everyone is getting their OUYA, but it is taking longer than we expected.

      We are working hard to get you answers, and more importantly, to fix this. We are working with our partners to resolve any administrative issues related to undelivered boxes errors in shipping addresses, customs holds, etc. We will resolve this as quickly as possible. Ken, our Special Ops lead, can give you more detail. This post is personally addressed to our early backers who have not yet received their OUYAs.

      As we hit store shelves tomorrow, it is very important that I try my best to explain why your units are behind schedule from our commitment and when we anticipate delivery. As you may be aware, we manufacture OUYA in mainland China with our fulfillment partner in Hong Kong who is responsible for the individual shipments to you all.

      Over the past few months, we encountered and conquered many challenges spanning both hardware and software in order to bring the best product we could to market. We have tried to make sure that the challenges we faced did not impact our early supporters, but unfortunately we came up short. On average, shipment processing--from fulfillment center to product delivery--runs 20 days, end to end.

      It takes 3 to 5 days to pick, pack and ship the units out -- and then 15 to 17 days of transit time. Therefore, if you received your tracking number with your shipping confirmation email, your unit is on its way. I know that many of you are frustrated with the DHL tracking system.

      While we are working hard to get this issue rectified, I am sorry to say this is still causing problems. As a result, you could have a period of up to 10 days within which the product appears in limbo. This, we all agree, is very frustrating. Additionally, we have seen a lot of cases where the unit will be delivered to your door without the product ever getting an arrival scan.

      This also unfortunately happens when dealing with the local postal systems. It just takes a lot longer to ship to some countries. So, based on the date of your shipping-confirmation email, your OUYA will arrive within 15 to 17 days from that date. Please accept my personal apology for not yet delivering on our promise.

      Ask us anything! Honestly though, the ouya should have a Worms title. Growing up it was the best game to play with friends at the house. Basically what the ouya was built for. I sideloaded Worms 2 Armageddon, but basically unplayable without button mapping the touch screen controls to the controller.

      I know i could do it if I root the system, but I have already dumped so much time into making my ouya the system I want it to be, that i don't feel like losing all that and having to start over again. At least this is what I've read about rooting. Any new updates?

      Is it safe to do yet? While I got my unit only a few days ago I'm really enjoying it. Of course I remind the wife that we have got the unit before it hit the stores and there are currently games in development that aren't ready. I love the try it before you buy it model and have just purchased my first game, bombsquad. My daughter and I are having a blast with that game and we had to keep playing when the demo time ran out. And for 5 bucks I had it purchased within a minute after the expiration time.

      I am also really enjoying the Pinball game on my large screen TV. At 41 years old I dropped a lot of quarters into these machines and I played the table they gave me free a lot. There's many I haven't tried yet and many others that I won't try again. But the Ouya is living up to my expectations. Keep in mind I also had reasonable expectations.

      My Ouya is a vessel that brings me little games by Independent game makers. In my mind Indy games fall into two groups. I look forward to the latter. I'm sorry for the people that's had trouble with their system. Give them time. Remember there are larger and more established companies that have horrible customer service.

      Ouya is small and overwhelmed right now.

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