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      Feb 11, Feb 12, Thank you, very great article. Feb 13, Feb 14, Feb 15, Feb 16, Feb 17, Feb 19, Feb 20, Feb 21, Feb 23, Feb 24, Feb 26, Feb 27, Feb 28, Mar 1, Mar 2, Mar 3, Mar 4, Mar 15, Mar 16, Mar 18, Mar 19, I am surpised the industry has survived. Prioritising home viewing would be no bad thing as with a more diverse audience we can expect better film making. I cant be the only one bored with most of the output. I'm old and curmudgeonly and I think this is pretty awesome.

      If the showing is well-labelled, I think this could be great fun for people. But then again, I like going to sing-along showings of musicals, too. I don't get the hate. This isn't a case of being distracting by fapping about rather than watching the show, it's an enhanced experience of the show that you can feel free to stay home from since it's no secret it's going on. Sure, people can be dicks without the electronic devices.

      The devices just make it many times easier for them, and amplify the effects of their dickishness. I don't understand the problem. If everyone knows what it is before they buy their ticket, then it's okay. We all have the option not to buy the ticket. I'm just glad Roger Ebert isn't around to see this. Leave the lawn. In theory this sounds really cute and fun.

      Yes please let's do the Rocky Horror thing with the Little Mermaid. Everyone can bring forks to comb their hair and pipes to blow bubbles out of and yell "Mermaid off the port bow! Down here it's terrible-- people not only think, like you, it's acceptable to text, even when the cinema makes a point of asking everyone to be respectful and turn off their phones but that's just for other people, right? Surprise, you're not! I'm one of those people that really tries to be polite-- to the point I won't open a chocolate bar, or snarf a big handful of popcorn at a quiet point during a movie, I'll wait for the music or action to kick in.

      Watching someone use their phone in the cinema gives me the same feeling as watching someone littering on the street. It's noisy in here, so I'm totally being discrete. This is more than about just politeness towards other patrons in movie theaters. It's about teaching children to watch movies attentively, gaining an understanding of the story, receiving the full force of its impact, recognizing that a film is a carefully-constructed whole with the power to impress and move the audience, instead of treating it like a bunch of moving images on-screen that's entertaining if you happen to be looking at it.

      Watching and appreciating movies is not an automatic thing. It is a skill that has to be learned. Communal sing-alongs are great in theory, but in practice, I find the experience varies considerably. Trained choirs, singing familiar songs, yes. A marching band, used to being in sync, and following pitches, sure. A bunch of geeks in a room, singing through a Whedonverse production, out of tune asynchronously, drives me up the wall.

      Training people to use tablets in theaters can come to no good end. Not sure if you guys caught that bit I swear to god if this doesn't happen my five year old self will go on a rampage. Also: I'm pretty sure the dissenting opinions in this thread are why we don't currently have flying cars too. Don't want to fly into the future with the rest of us? Stay at home, or, you know, just go to the showtime that's advertised as "Non Interactive" or whatever they opt to call it.

      I will not get used to it. Phones can auto-adjust brightness, but people disable it. It's incredibly distracting, as was the ultra-bright blue LED on the back of the guy's bluetooth earpiece that he left on for the entire movie that one time can't even remember the movie, but I sure do remember that asshole.

      Then let me go ahead and have you hear it. I don't want to hear your music. Turn it down; your ears will thank you. As far as the "crisps" comparison, light travels a hell of a lot farther than sound , and the movie can usually much more easily mask the latter although I admit, I do get irritated by the crinkling noise of someone repeatedly going into their candy to stuff their maw during a movie, too.

      So it's a waste of money my memory of seeing Cars in the theatre was that our then 4-year-old wanted to go home about 30 minutes in You blame your 4-year-old's attention span, but honestly, I'd just blame Cars. Your child clearly exhibits better taste than most children of that age. Er the dissenters did see that it was interactive, thanks. The problem we're seeing is that the actual five-year-olds who go see it may start expecting everything to be interactive, and then grow up into people whose inner-five-year-olds will act as if everything is interactive, even when it isn't.

      And no one said that interactive movies is "the future". Rather than us being the ones to stay home, maybe the "future" is supposed to be the eternal-five-year-olds staying home in your own houses where you can customize your own viewing experience with everything and even watch naked if that's what you want. We already have interactive movies. They're called video games.

      The problem we're seeing is that the actual five-year-olds who go see it may start expecting everything to be interactive, Sorry That's the part that is still befuddling. If you don't like the other people in the theatre using their "devices", don't go. The same as you would NOT go to the 3D showing of Sharknado, or whatever it is they show in those places now.

      The problem we're seeing is that the actual five-year-olds who go see it may start expecting everything to be interactive Dora the Explorer. Clapping to save Tinkerbell. More seriously, I know for a fact that most of the stuffy old people getting upset about the sanctity of moviegoing in this thread would throw their precious arguments on the ground and dance around them in gold underpants doing The Time Warp if we were talking about a different movie.

      Instead of this children's movie none of them are going to go to anyway. There is a quantity of hypocrisy in this thread, and it's just a jump to the left. I try not to. But somehow I end up sitting two rows behind the kid who keeps Tweeting outh is favorite lines from The Worlds' End to his buddies throughout the first hour of the film.

      Dora the Explorer. Those are kids' shows where these things are accepted. If a kid turned up at a production of Romeo and Juliet and tried clapping to save Romeo, they'd be stopped. But kids who try to Tweet during movies? Y'all are saying to just let 'em do it. Singing along isn't the problem. Teaching the kids to be bad multitaskers when they should learn that undivided attention is needed IS the problem. I know for a fact that most of the stuffy old people getting upset about the sanctity of moviegoing in this thread would throw their precious arguments on the ground and dance around them in gold underpants doing The Time Warp if we were talking about a different movie.

      Enforce the time and place aspect and I have no problem. But when I speak up for that one "keep it out of regular movies" point, everyone tells me I'm just overreacting and that it can't possibly be that distracting and what's the big deal and I should get used to it. If a kid turned up at a production of Romeo and Juliet and tried clapping to save Romeo Those things are made, not given. When it was originally performed there would have been people in the audience shouting, throwing fruit, and picking up hookers.

      I actually did go to a Romeo and Juliet production that got "interactive" on me for a second - I was in the front row during a college production and Mercrutio accidentally swung his sword wrong and almost hit me. What does this even mean? Yes, I'm aware of that, thanks. When it was originally performed people also avoided regular bathing, but I'm not seeing anyone advocating a return to the tradition of one-bath-a-year. Not sure what any of that has to do with the bathing habits of anybody. Thinking more, I'm starting to see the precedent problem here.

      I mean, I remember how many movies my dad ruined for the entire family when he insisted on wearing his ratty old coonskin cap and bringing a toy musket to the theatre just like he did when he saw Davy Crockett, King of the Wild Frontier in It's really obvious from the lame trailer that the "interactivity" is going to be a paint-shallow gimmick.

      How could it possibly be anything else, really? What happens on the big screen happens for everyone, by definition, so it can't in principle be customized for individuals regardless of how much technology you've got to throw at the problem. The sing-along idea is the only one that has any appeal at all, but there are older, cheaper, simpler, lower-tech ways of encouraging the audience to sing along.

      Ways which wouldn't divide the audience into classes of the gadget-haves and the gadget-have-nots. Just like 3D, the "Second Screen Live" showings will probably have higher ticket prices justified by the "enhanced" experience, yes? I think that's really all that's going on here; an excuse to get revenues-per-screen up. Time will tell if its successful or not, but it seems to me that if you've already got a tablet computer and you're after an interactive experience, the whole movie theater aspect is just a big expensive distraction.

      This looks to me like a backfire in the making: "Let's teach kids that movies are dull and video games are engaging! Incorrect, I hate both of them with equal passion. I think I like this. The last film I went to see was the One Direction movie and I was genuinely disappointed at the more or less total lack of singing, screaming, dancing, tweeting, texting, bootlegging or whatever else.

      A lot of kids are actually pretty crushed by adults telling them how to behave, even in their leisure activities, it would seem. We're not talking about "the rise of technology". Technology is not some neverending aspiration straight out of apes reaching for the obelisk on We're talking specifically about the fact that interactivity, AKA "letting people do shit other than pay attention", is always going to be more surface-level engaging than requiring people to focus on anything ever.

      And about how "engaging" is what makes companies like Disney money. And about how "focus" is what allows works of art to do inspiring and wonderful things. Fuck singing in movie theaters. Sing in a car. Sing at home with your best friends and your bottle of cheap red wine.

      That's fine and great. But don't take your fucking stupid interactive fucking bullshit and inflict it on people that aren't you. Because some people, when they see a movie, are actually there to watch the fucking movie , and that means paying it enough attention that you're able to be affected by, like, what's happening on screen.

      It's not "technology", it's Disney's complete lack of respect for artistry, and their love for the sort of cheap "communal experience" that can be mass-produced and easily repeated and has no depth or significance to it whatsoever. Disney's the company that's completely anti-people making other art with their characters—even the ones which existed long before Disney slapped a copyright on them.

      They don't support the REAL interesting development in technology, which is how easy it is to repurpose and remix art, turn it into something new, become a creator simply by playing with the things you once loved. They shut down Pogo's excellent song tributes to their films until some marketer came to his senses and hired Pogo as an official promotor. Disney is a brilliantly-run corporation, which means it specializes in generating as much drivel and lowest-common-denominator bullshit as it can and saying "fuck it" to anything that doesn't immediately add to their astonishing bottom line.

      Technology is great. It allows for the sorts of unique experiences that people could never have before, by offering tools to people which never existed before. But singing along to Disney movies? That's not fucking technology. That's something people've been able to do since before Disney started making movies. And now Disney's realized that they make more money out of you if you go into a movie theatre and pay for your ticket instead of putting on a DVD that you already grossly overpaid for.

      It's crass and it's cynical, much like the rest of Disney's oeuvre. I'm part of the "current generation", as opposed to the "previous" one you're sneering at. I love technology. I love open-source game engines and modding communities; I love fanfiction and remixes; I love that it's possible for me to turn my love of somebody else's art into new expressions of love that enrich the original piece.

      I love technology! All hail its rise! This is cheap gimmickry, crude exploitation, disguised as "all hail technology" for the idiot fucking parents and don't-know-better children who aren't well-versed enough in the 21st century to know the difference between an awful non-innovation that just serves as an excuse for a company to bring back practices which theatre and film have been fighting against for decades and the sort of innovation that actually leads to exciting new things, of the sort which Disney will fervently oppose because it interferes with their policy of total control and complete submission on the part of its audience.

      It's nothing new. This is pretty much the only thing Disney's any good at anymore. Cell phone photography is a perfect example of why "the rise of technology" is such a bullshit fucking nonsense idea, and it's worth bringing up because it's the exact opposite of the phenomenon happening here. When you go to a Lady Gaga concert and nobody on the floor is dancing because they're all determined to shoot a hundred photos of every single song before they leave the stadium and buy the same goddamn photos as shot by the actual professionals, it makes you want to murder somebody.

      Surprisingly few people jabber on excitedly about how people being awful at concerts is proof that technology is on the rise, and now we should "get used to" all concerts being geared towards providing as many photo ops as possible. Because that would be stupid as shit. Preceded by a Fuck singing in movie theaters. So this isn't for you. Don't go. But don't ruin it for those of us who still think this is an advancement in movie technology.

      Disney's complete lack of respect for artistry, and their love for the sort of cheap "communal experience" that can be mass-produced I haven't seen the app, but isn't it theoretically possible for an app to be created that includes 'artistry', just like all that cell animation that Disney has been doing for decades that absolutely nobody thought was 'artistry' in the 40s or 50s?

      From what I've heard, the issue isn't so much that people are interacting with the movie as it is they're interacting with their ipads and ignoring the movie. Sing-alongs are one thing and I'm all for that sort of thing, as long as I know beforehand that's what it is , but this is playing games while the movie plays in the background. Apparently, audience response to this has been pretty negative. You'll notice the Youtube link above has its comments disabled. Cartoon Brew has a very Cartoon Brewy article about it.

      Not to pick on you, colie, but this is something that happens a lot, and I don't really get it: 1 lots of people complaining often hyperbolically about some dickish behavior 2 contrarian comes in to say my hyperbolic paraphrase "ha, you pathetic fools, complaining about this perfectly normal behavior! Nobody's claiming this is the only dickish behavior humanity has ever displayed; people are complaining about one particular form of dickish behavior, as is their right.

      Why is it so important to establish the general principle that people are frequently dickish? If someone complains that the guy next to them at the ballgame dumped beer on them, would you say "get over it, that's normal behavior"? If so, I'm not sitting next to you at the ballgame.

      No - but neither would you call for beer to be banned at ballgames, lament that people who drink beer at ballgames are 'not doing it right', and indulge violent fantasies about killing people who drink beer at ballgames. You underestimate us, sir. Having worked in a rep cinema for much of my misspent youth, I have seen every possible range of reaction by audience members in reaction to Rocky Horror. When it first played in my part of the world around , it was in the now-defunct Upper Canada Place Cinemas , six minuscule auditoriums attached to a tiny mall so sad that it makes you want to burst into tears to walk through it.

      I had never seen RHPS before that night and I knew vaguely that there was some audience participation. My companion and I were there as interested onlookers, eager to see what happened. The rest were conservative middle-aged moviegoers in this sleepy bedroom community who were pleased to learn that a musical was playing at the cinema, I can only imagine they were thinking of something pleasant like The Music Man or Gidget Goes Hawaiian , and they were confused and angry that the ushers weren't coming to put a stop to this shocking behaviour by the young hooodlums.

      Years later it was played two weekends a year at the rep place I worked at, and I recall a similarly out-of-place lovey who had come to see what it was all about. Her research did not extend to the rain and the confetti, and she had worn a hilariously expensive silver fox coat which was ruined in a spectacular fashion. The owner laughed her complaints away. The staff were pretty much all twentysomething vegetarians and activists, so we had little sympathy for her jacket crisis.

      Good times. How are you qualified to tell what's more or less disturbing to other people? It's like I was saying in the Debrett's cell phone etiquette thread, "My phone screen doesn't bother people at the movies" is a lot like "I don't drive any worse when I'm drunk," or "I'm not obnoxious with the PDA's when I first start dating someone. Are you assuming people aren't bothered because they're not repeatedly asking you to shut it off?

      People are saying here that the screens DO bother them and you're not taking them seriously. They're probably not going to approach you in the cinema to complain because they've been blown off, or worse, too many times by stubborn users. Silence is weariness or self-protection more than it is assent. Not caring whether people are bothered is another thing altogether. It may be more antisocial, but it seems more ingenuous. Of course you don't hear it. Okay, but there are going to be regular screenings too, right?

      I can see The Little Mermaid on a big screen? That's what I'm taking from this, mostly. On the drive to Dragoncon a couple of weeks ago, we cued up the soundtrack and all four of us in the car found, to our surprise, that we were all still word-perfect on every song.

      I think part of the issue that people have with this app is that bone-chilling fear when Ariel nearly drowns or Ursula zaps Triton or Eric stabs Ursula? That's important. That's part of the movie going experience. As sanitized as the Disney Little Mermaid is, there are still scary bits. And being scared sometimes is OK. That was an experience. I'm not saying it made you the fine whelk that you are today, but I can't think that you're the worse for it.

      I mean, you certainly retained your love of sea creatures. If it's a big deal when you see gasp TITS, the sheer power of the female breast can drive teenage boys mad. Don't underestimate the importance of body language. This whole thread comes down to "The men up there don't like a lot of chatter. Yeah, a sing-along or kids-only screening sounds fine Let me get this straight: we need to have "kids-only" screenings of "The Little Mermaid"? I was unaware that this movie draws a large number of adult moviegoers who must watch it in silence.

      I hope to god one of those people is Werner Herzog.

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