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      If you like music that's complex, melodic and powerful at the same time then you should check this one out. Aside from the afore-mentioned chorus, Change also boasts Arabic motives, as well as pleasing slide guitar, warm organ sounds, a fascinating acoustic guitar solo about 12 minutes in from Kim Stenberg, followed by Gilbert Marshall's electric piano. Indeed, the band pull off the trick of mantaining high energy levels for 20 minutes.

      The title track is another highlight with a very nice synth solo from Marshall and Full Circle Poetry rides on an excellent "fanfare" style riff, some tasterful reggae inflections and ballsy guitar work, although the unmistakable stench of Euro-cheese tinged hair-rock occasionally intrudes. I'm pretty sure that the switching around of lead vocalists hurts this band, as it deprives Magic Pie of the opportunity to express a little bit more personality.

      Without Knowing Why, the heaviest track is generally a little bit too much like a Zakk Wylde or Steve Vai track, although thankfully Marshall steps in halfway and saves the song with a nice interlacing melody that leads to a well-paced synth solo. While the running time of 75 minutes certainly does see the band overstay its welcome, I still consider Motions Of Desire to be a very listenable record, and is hopefully the harbinger of more exciting things to come.

      As I said though, I'd recommend that a newcomer to the scene start with Wobbler's Hinterland or one of the two Anglagard classics Hybris and Epilog first. This one is a difficult one for me to enjoy unfortunately. Heaven knows what they are trying to tell us here, but it's obvious that Magic Pie will need to go through a few CHANGES before they're actually playing the music of the future.

      The album opens with a 'cascade' of fast notes played by lead guitar, organ, bass and drums in perfect unison - a figure that will be repeated so often it soon becomes tiring. On at least two other tunes the band make extensive use of the same technique of playing rapidly in unison , and this inevitably distracts the listener from the tunes themselves.

      Another defect is the band's habit of singing no less than THREE of the anthem-like climaxes to their tunes in chorus, with an extra vocalist belting out variations on the main melody in the background. All vocals are meant to be Highly Earnest - about 'hope for a better tomorrow', learning to distinguish between 'illusion and reality' and such. Apparently I was wrong.

      Someone should also inform the band that some of their lyrics do not exactly mean what they're expecting them to mean, e. These words may be set to one of the catchiest melodies on the album, but didn't a single soul in that recording studio realize that 'showing someone the door' means kicking them out?

      The title song, for example, is truly majestic and almost Springsteen-like in its sweep; it carries the listener away. Something similar could be said about the final tune, 'Dream Vision' in spite of those pedestrian vocals : great power chords, infectious rhythm.

      All over the album you'll find exciting, truly inspired keyboard solos by Gilbert Marshall. But someone should beg Kim Stenberg, the leader of Magic Pie, to chuck out his over-the-top 'heavy' guitar embellishments! The result is pleasing to the ear, without being overly challenging to the mind. Older '70s progheads, in particular, will be able to reminisce to this music. I hope that helps those trying to decide whether to lay down their readies for this record. But there are problems.

      Foremost are the lyrics: perhaps there are problems in translation, but they are twee at best and downright appalling at worst. Second, they have not built an album carefully enough: it takes many listens to distinguish the songs with any certainty. And finally the vocals are average at best. My favourite track, 'Full Circle Poetry', is one I include on any showcase of modern progressive sounds for my jaded '70s friends who no longer listen to music, and many of them report an immediate bond with the track.

      If you like this song, chances are you'll love the album. Nearly a four-star album, then: if only it had better lyrics, I'd plump for four stars without a doubt. I look forward to 'Circus of Life' with a deal of anticipation. In the second part of Change, fro exemple, the harmonies remind of the complex structures of Gentle Giant.

      They are not novices and do a great job without ego battles. Here everything falls into place at the right time. A real group that plays for the music sake. I hope they keep it that way. Motions Of Desire is a fantastic debut, with lots of organ runs, moog solos and great guitar melodies.

      The track list is smooth from start to finish, with no filler or weak parts. I probably should give them 4 stars, but I find it to be too good even for that. With a mixture of beautiful, simple melodies and intricated arrangements, the music is original, yet familiar, complex, and still accessible. Maybe the best release of Highly recommended for any prog lover. Although it's the very highlight for me the other tracks are very much worthwhile too.

      There is Full circle poetry another tremendous Epic and Illusion and Reality, hardly any less. The other 3 shorter tracks stand out less though they are not bad at all. This band is a great asset to prog music particularly where the symphonical compositional aspect is concerned and is definitely a match for the great ones in symphonic history social review comments Review Permalink Posted Thursday, November 1, Review this album Report Review In they signed with the Swedish label ''Progress records'',which published their debut CD ''Motions of desire''.

      Although this min. Reminds you of another band? The album is dominated by smooth vocals,also some nice vocal harmonies,strong guitar work,and there is also tons og great Hammond organ,for all those who love the classic prog sound of GENESIS,E. This is an absolutely satisfuing release for all fans of both vintage and modern prog rock. The low is also very well played highlight, the song is beautiful with keyboards and guitars.

      The 'balance' final is nice. Full Circle Poetry The beginning is pure David Gilmour Pink Floyd at the time of The Division Bell it seems that this disc is reference to the whole new generation progressive , but then has a footprint martial, with a melody legal. Guitar as a legal basis for the song and then I remembered the keyboards Asia.

      Santana and change everything comes in a good moment to increase the groove. The chorus of the song is one of the most exciting things I have ever heard for sure! Then an infernal riff and powerful. The martial hit is back, a feeling of wellbeing is attached. Then the coral in the world in a more legal refrain almost the chapel, are the coolest voice I've ever heard.

      Without Knowing Why It starts very well, all playing together, then a clever riff that fits the vocals perfectly. It has a footprint very interesting, with duplicate guitars and melody sound. Still the bottom row as many lines magistral. Beautiful sounds and vocalizations and parties and make an interesting and heavy tone interesting rhythmic variations in exchange.

      She is in constant nuances of sound and rapid exchanges over the song. With a final and cool once again the vocals are cases to the party! Strangely part III of a trilogy which has a fourth part, but not the second will understand. Only repeats the track 5 without any problem. Dream Vision When we think over. Dream Vision enough to get one last cheer, with a body of substance and sometimes heavy guitars now full of melody.

      Low battery and a chronic pattern, but a little, because as I commented earlier, the band is not for a long time in one part laughter. After a long instrumental voice comes from the chaotic way in the midst of a melody almost classical, baroque. Strange things that only the great Progressive Rock can find.

      This band deserves to be heard more, I hope for the new disc to the middle of next year leaving soon, you can hear one more beauty, but because after a debut that the second will certainly be great. After then we get theme of this album. Famous riff which appears in maybe 20 minutes of total 74 here, present on three different tracks. He's right, but beware, this is a world of past times or, if you want, history. Another good work of joining 70s with modern prog rock.

      Maybe something from heavy metal, because guitars here are quite heavy. Particulary this song is very unique in one this. It's very long, but has also taken heavy burden of also heavy sound. It's nothing like normal prog, this is unique style which you won't heard often. And it's not collection of, for example four of five shorter songs as ussual , this contains just two. And to blend them together and stretch them to 20! Or maybe there is more songs, depends on what you rate as song he in bigger composition of 20 minutes.

      Something may be connected, some parts divided and scattered through the song. It doesn't matter much to be exact sure about number, more important thing is the change. Or The Change if you please. Overall feeling is that after many changes which you'll do in life, you want to return to your home, which is symbolized by theme melody can in prog album be theme?

      I have to admit that for few first listens, I've listened just this theme really bad term, but what else, title melody maybe. I'm quite glad that finally, I found one of the most melodic songs or song parts, as it's on more than one songs, sometimes only touched a little bit, sometimes full song. As I see, there are two types of songs.

      Firs one, heard in Change and Illusions except part 3 - of course, where the heck it part 2 is interesting question, but I take this as just nice joke and then other one's, Motions Full Without Dream. Which are good, but different. And it's important thing here, because I had to get over Theme, to fully appreciate other ones.

      But can I blame it for being so catchy? In fact, it's not the crime, nor it makes it less interesting and qualified to be masterpiece. Everything in me screams that this is the right choice. Traditional sound of 70s is very prominent here and this is something I can really enjoy. And appreciate. And after all, there's nothing bad about this music sounding like 70s.

      To have music as some genre is not bad at all. Five stars for reminding good old times with new style. It's heavy, it's melodic, it's intelligent. If there's any place in the world which has been keeping symphonic prog going, it's been Scandinavia. It is arguably the most definitive 'prog' sound, and as such, is quick to attract and inspire likeminded musicians to make their own stab at the sound. Magic Pie is now one of the most talked about acts in Scandinavian prog rock, and since its release, their debut album 'Motions Of Desire' has stirred some controversy.

      That may not be so surprising, due to the genre's devoted fanbase; the notion of a band attempting to reinvent a classic sound is sure to inspire curiosity in some, and hatred in others. I tend to fall somewhere in the middle of this. While symphonic prog could use a fresh voice in the new millennium, I am not sure that Magic Pie offers anything that moves beyond what the old giants innovated.

      What I imagine Magic Pie started off as is a group of musicians that were bound by their love of vintage prog, and sought to pay tribute to the music they love. The result is a very keyboard-dominant brand of prog that thirsts for twenty minute songs, complex instrumental passages, and everything that people love or hate about the style of music known as prog.

      While I have never found Magic Pie to be particularly inspiring of a listen, their talent goes without saying. Especially on this debut, the keyboard work of Gilbert Marshall is a real highlight, focusing on a rich vintage organ sound that's sure to titilate a fan of classic prog. The vocals are strong, but not so well integrated into the instrumentation, which is most certainly the highlight of the band.

      For a band that certainly aims for the more pastoral, organic prog sound, their production sounds a little too polished, and this very precise execution may scream 'masterpiece' for some, but it robs some of the excitement that I would have felt from a warmer sound.

      Throughout 'Motions Of Desire' and especially on the opening epic 'Changes' and cornerstone 'Illusions Of Reality' , Magic Pie also create some very convincing instrumental passages. Often driven by the keyboards, this band certainly knows how to play together, and while they cannot be lauded much for their originality, there are moments here that bring new life to the symphonic progressive style.

      On the other hand, taking these massive compositions holistically, Magic Pie never makes these epics as effectively as they should. While the parts and pieces here are sometimes downright incredible to listen to, the way they are stringed together is lackluster, and I think that much of the music here may have benefited from more concise compositions.

      Take the analogy of stacking a bunch of solid bricks on top of one another; a taller tower may make the mason proud, but shorter stacks would have made for a more intriguing listen. But at a certain point along the roller coaster it becomes hard to avoid the suspicion that the song's title is a little misleading, and that every headlong 'change' in musical speed, style and direction is actually more contrived than natural.

      The explicit aim of the new band was "to create progressive textures in the spirit of the '70s" quoting the CD notes , which would seem to offer an invitation to rehash the old, ongoing Progressive vs. Prog debate. In this instance the Magic Piemakers followed their mandate to the letter, and with a concentrated focus bordering on tunnel vision.

      That's the good news. The downside is that despite all the vintage Prog embellishments - rapid cycle time signatures; florid soloing; hyperbolic melodicism - there's a conservatism to their method at odds with their stated ideals. Unlike the band's pioneering role models, these guys aren't young kids trying to 'change' the world there's that word again through a revolutionary bridging of musical and cultural barriers. As seen in the portrait inside the CD booklet, this is a capable group of seasoned professionals, following a retrograde creative impulse: Mainstream Prog, in other words, which ought to be an oxymoron but too often isn't.

      None of which diminishes the album's cosmetic pleasures, which are considerable. Ignoring the sometimes heavy-handed Neo Prog schmaltz of the title track thankfully the shortest song here , and some occasional cod-reggae riffing in "Full Circle Poetry", you'll find a surplus of upbeat instrumental showmanship, presented with real skill, if not much subtlety.

      But the group never succeeds in translating the homage into a style of their own. You might never guess, from their Anglo-Symphonic sound and fluent English lyrics, that Magic Pie actually hail from northern Scandinavia. The bottom line is minutes of second-hand Prog Rock mimicry, twice removed from its musical taproot. But the silver lining, to listeners of a certain age, is that a false memory can sometimes shine almost as bright as the real thing.

      Each musician is a master of his respective instrument with Kim Stenberg leading the way with his crafty guitar oriented songwriting structures feeling equally at home on both happy-go-lucky rhythmic chord strumming or sizzling face-melting solos. Another prominent feature of the MAGIC PIE experience is the prominent use of the dreamy keyboards which emulate organs, mellotrons and all the atmospheric aspects of classic 70s prog. There are also many sections that would feel right at home on neo-prog albums as the textures often are superimposed on the band to augment a heightened melodic counterpoint.

      Both Erik Hanssen and Allan Olsen complement each other as they sing in unison or cleverly craft madrigal polyphonies that offer nods to Gentle Giant without sounding like total ripoffs. The opening track "Change" is a truly ambitious monster of a prog track clocking in at over twenty minutes and zigzags through many moods, textures and musical parades, however like the rest of the album is based in melodic rock that is more heavy than not that to me sounds like it inspired by some of the 70s classics like Mott The Hoople, David Bowie and other melodic rock giants, at least in compositional structuring.

      MAGIC PIE doesn't just stop with their melodic roots as the template but its how they build upon these different riffs and rhythms, tones and timbres and construct some of the most emotional drenching meets technically demanding tracks that have both the ability to weasel their way into your consciousness with their hooks but also bedazzle with their technical wizardry that not only delivers frenetic guitar and keyboard solos but run the gamut of completing the prog lover's workshop course by including crazy time signature change segments as well as polyphonic visions of 70s prog perfection.

      Overall i find MAGIC PIE has that post-Morse Spock's Beard or Flower Kings symphonic prog sound as they carry out sprawling melodic segments that morph into different ones at least for the mellow and dreamier aspects of the album such as the neo-prog sounds of the title track and "Dream Vision. There are also parts such as the alternating rhythms in "Change" that display a rather flamenco rhythmic flare as well as ska rhythms emerging periodically. MAGIC PIE seems to catch a lot of flack for seemingly being "souless" and "insincere" as they unapologetically borrow riffs and rhythms that pinpoint to a time in the past but i can't help but to really love this one.

      Every track flows with the perfect amount of all ingredients finding their way into the mix. While the music isn't designed to create a new direction in prog, it certainly succeeds extremely well in stitching all of the ingredients together and making a bona fide retro prog sound that i find pleasing from beginning to end. I enjoy all the musician's idiosyncratic plays on the past masters as well as the more sophisticated approach of adapting them to the modern age.

      Both vocalists work in tandem and it's usually impossible to distinguish that there are indeed two vocalists participating. With a knack for interesting compositional zigzags through stylistic changes that intuitively keep the tracks exciting, i find MOTIONS OF DESIRE to be an excellent piece of modern prog that straddles the perfect fence that divides the dreamy folk placidity and the heavy energetic rocking side of their style. MAGIC PIE are genii at melodic flow as they manage to create a super lengthy album a feature i usually shy away from and keep me entertained on repeated listens.

      Strong melodies, strong compositions with respectful reverence to tradition. My kinda album! Ten years has passed since the release of this album and still sounds great for me. Perhaps the listening after all this time includes another elements and comparisons, this promising debut still surprises with their fine work on keyboards and guitars, epic moments and the balance of 70's's m Magic Pie is kind of a Norway's answer to the Swedish band Flower Kings, who brew a stew of all the popular 70s prog ingredients and make it as pleasant as possible.

      If you dislike Flower Kings for these attributes, stop reading right here. If you like them, then by all means give Magic Pie a tr This is a clear example of "progressive rock happy", bu I grew up listening to Prog in the 's. I found that my favorite albums were the ones that improved with each listen. Pop songs can sound good, but quickly get boring.

      I've listened to Motions of Desire about 10 ti Magic Pie seem to be a band that is well versed in the prog giants of the past, and they have learned wisely. Their skill is best exhibited on this disc, Motions of Desire, a 75 minute romp of bombastic keyboard lines, soaring vocal melodies, commanding guitar, and epic songwriting.

      In my opinion As a debut this album is good. Very eklectic rhythms and styles, very percussive approach with very tight drumming and guitar work. Perhaps a tendancy towards overdoing things at times, certainly the listener initially has little idea what to expect next I mean this in a positive way.

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      Hyra - Political Program Eskimo - Eskimo Kiss Extended Axel Bauer - Cargo Extended Version Tony Labriola - Bleccaut Extended Version Cinnamon - Hey, Everybody Extended Sissy Taylor - Woman In Love Dreamtime - Purple Twilight Space Synth Release date: April 9, Mini Album. Breakthrough Release date: July 17, Japanese Single. Fanfare Release date: July 8, Japanese Single. Release date: August 21, English Single. Eyes Wide Open Release date: October 26, Cry For Me Release date: December 18, Doughnut Release date: December 15, Japanese single.

      What is your favorite Twice release? Feel free to comment below. I am sorrysweetie aka Jess! I love sharing kpop with others! I hope you all enjoy some of my posts! February 28 Update: Hey loves! I just wanted to update that school and work have still been kicking my butt and I just cannot post on the website at this time.

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